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Bungie, High Moon Studios/Activision Destiny 2: Forsaken and Destiny 2’s 2018-2019 Annual Pass come in a $24.99 bundle called the Destiny 2: Forsaken – Complete Collection.

Locked content

Several of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s content becomes free for all via New Light’s launch. Even Guardians without Forsaken deserve to land on The Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City, do patrols, and also play Strikes. But some things are still locked behind a paywall.

Here’s whatever you’ll get accessibility to when you buy the Destiny 2: Forsaken – Complete Collection:

ActivitiesThe Last Wish raidThe Scourge of the Past raidCrown of Sorrow raidForsaken campaignNew Supers and also abilitiesExoticsWish-Ender bowAce of Spades hand also cannonMalfeasance hand cannonOne Thousand also Voices fusion rifleThe Last Word hand also cannonLe Monarque bowJotunn fusion rifleIzanagi’s Burden sniper rifleAnarchy grenade launcherThorn hand also cannonThe Chaperone shotgunTruth rocket launcherTarrabah submachine gunLumina hand also cannonTrinity Ghoul bowWavesplitter trace rifleLord of Wolves shotgunTwo-Tailed Fox rocket launcherBlack Talon swordThe Queenbreaker straight fusion rifle6 Exotic armor pieces per-classIs buying Forsaken it worth it?

The short answer is yes.

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Forsaken and the Annual Pass retained Destiny 2 fans busy for a complete year. Several of the content below won’t last you practically as lengthy, however it opens up the majority of new construct opportunities and a chance to test yourself versus challenges favor the Shattered Throne dungeon and the three raids.

Forsaken was a revitalizing growth for Destiny, and the story is rather crucial for where Destiny 2 appears to be going. The consisted of Annual Pass additionally offers some of the finest weapons in Destiny 2.

If you’re enjoying your time in Destiny 2, it’s certainly worth going back and playing Forsaken, and the Annual Pass will certainly fill some gaps in your arsenal.


Image: Bungie Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is a stand-alone development choose Forsaken and expenses $34.99. It comes bundled with the currently active Destiny 2 seachild (depending on as soon as you buy it). At launch, that’s the Season of the Undying.

Locked content

Some crucial functions — the Moon area, finishing moves, Strikes, and Armor 2.0 — are obtainable for all Destiny 2 players. But Shadowstore likewise comes with plenty of activities and also weapons locked behind the expansion wall.

Shadowkeep exclusive activities

As of this writing, Shadowstore isn’t out yet, however here’s what we know that it will certainly include (so far):

New campaignNightmare HuntsGarden of Salvation raidNew dungeonExoticsXenophageDivinity

Is it worth it?

Without severe manual time with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, it’s challenging to make a worth assessment.

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If you’re enjoying your time with Destiny 2: New Light, hold off until players have actually a much better principle of the expansion’s content.