One thing that you have the right to always count on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to lug to the table is drama. And while points might come to blows between the woguys (and also periodically the men) on the present, it provides for great fact tv. The leading ladies make the present what it is, yet their intimate circle of friends and employees also play a duty too.

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If you’re a committed Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, then you recognize that DonJuan Clark — close friend and general manager of Kandi Burruss’s Kandi Koated Entertainment — makes a fabulous enhancement to the show. Not only is he funny, quick-witted, and hardworking, he’s been a genuine friend to Kandi. While there have actually been talks over the years around his sexuality, fans want answers. So, is DonJuan gay?

It’s no surprise that many kind of fans wondered about DonJuan’s sexuality. After all, many kind of of the males who have actually showed up on the Real Housewives of Atlanta who were not romantically linked to the women are gay. Think Dwight Eufinancial institutions, NeNe Leakes’ former sidekick, and also Miss Lawrence, Sheree Whitfield’s hairstylist.


That shelp, when it concerns DonJuan’s sexuality, he is right. According to Wikibioage, the star is rumored to have a girlfriend, although no confirmations have actually been made.

However before, many type of fans of the display think otherwise. Many viewers think that considering that he's always in the organization of the woguys on the display, he have to be gay. While he does have an opinion based upon what Kandi tells him, that doesn’t necessarily suppose that he’s gay. 

donjuan coming out seaboy. Girl we kbrand-new you was gay yet damn you the female in the situation. #RHOA

— 9thWardPrince (

Other fans also believe that he’s gay bereason he hasn’t carried a love interest on the show. But it’s essential to note that DonJuan is not a primary actors member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. So, his appearances on the display mostly consist of him tfinishing to Kandi’s businesses or being a sounding board to the housewife.

Not to cite, DonJuan likes to save his personal life under wraps. A quick scroll with his social media web page will certainly display you that he is all around organization. And there is nopoint wrong through him maintaining his personal life out of the public eye.

Sooooo y'all still saying DonJuan (Kandi's sidekick) ain't gay huh... #RHOA oh ok... 😶

— Tron (

It’s always excellent to see celebrities share their connections with close friends and also enable them to make a name for themselves. However before, while Kandi has actually been important in the success of DonJuan’s career, he is a talented young guy that has actually made waves in the industry on his own.

DonJuan initially made his start in the music industry as a songwriter. In reality, as a teen, he was a finalist in Def Jam’s Rep Yo City dispute. But, after connecting through Kandi by producing an digital fan webwebsite for the star, the remainder was history.


Per DonJuan’s Instagram bio, he is an entertainment manager and consultant. He has actually operated through many kind of musicians, stylists, and also makeup artists throughout the tenure of his career. Thturbulent his agency — The Don Entertainment — he manperiods Kandi’s makeup artist Latasha Wbest (that likewise functions via celebs La La Anthony and Kelly Rowland), and blogger Funky Dineva, whose YouTube channel alone has over 340K subscribers.

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So, while DonJuan’s sexuality has actually been a warm topic for many viewers, it truly doesn’t issue. He has actually done an amazing project structure his own businesses and his difficult job-related continues to open up doors for him. And, although DonJuan pdescribes be tight-lipped about his love life, that shouldn't be synonymous through him being gay.