Many kind of Individuals approximately the human being have a photo Buddha’s decorating their homes and businesses. It seems innocent enough, however having actually a Buddha as decoration is considered poor luck and bad karma by Buddhists roughly the civilization.

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Buddha supplied as Art in a Home

Buddha’s photo is being offered so frequently, due to a lack of knowledge about what Buddha’s photo really represents. Many world have actually forgained that Buddhism is a faith and also Buddha’s image belongs in a holy place, not as decoration in Hotels, Bars, Spa’s or people’s homes.” says Knowing Buddha Organization of Thailand also.

To aid educate the people on the ideal method to treat the Buddha, The Knowing Buddha Organization, organized a march yesterday at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand.



“ Soptimal offering and buying the image of Buddha and also using it as decoration” exclaimed the marchers.

Shoppers quit to read signs and also listen to KBO speakers explaining why is WRONG to use Buddha’s picture for decoration in homes, gardens, hotels, bars, restaurants or spas.

“We had actually no idea that buying or utilizing Buddha’s image was offensive to Buddhists or disrespectful to the Buddha” said many type of foreigners visiting the sector.

Market merchants who’s shelves were filled via statues and various other images of Buddhas for sale as decoration, hid in their shops, as nearly 1000 marchers passed by their stores. “The atmosphere was choose a bideal light shining through the sector exposing the wrong and also protecting our hero the Buddha” said Patt Pattana a spokesperchild for the Knowing Buddha Organization. Thai also ast the Thai sellers are mostly Buddhists, and they know they are doing wrong by offering Buddha’s statues and images as art to unsuspecting tourists . Today we can watch the shame in their faces. Also those in charge of the industry felt sorry that Buddha was so commonly merchandised” ongoing Pattana.



Earlier in the day the Knowing Buddha Organization was invited to sheight at Wat Arun Temple (the Temple of Dawn), to international tv around the enormous merchandising of Buddha around the human being.

“The World is waking approximately the knowledge that it is a sin and bad Fate to use Buddha’s image” said Sucheewa Sangduen a member of the Knowing Buddha Organization.

“As the people is being educated and also reminded that Buddhism is a religious beliefs and the photo of Buddha is not just a item of art that should be provided to lug calm to our dwellings or a business” shelp Sangduen.

The abbot of Wat Arun pelevated the Knowing Buddha Organization for it’s work-related via his holy place and also others approximately Thailand to educate tourists around correct attire and also perspectives as soon as visiting temples. The abbot bemoaned exactly how in the past travellers would arrive in shorts and tank tops and also some women also posed shirtless in front of Buddha statues.

“The Knowing Buddha Organization assisted to change all this via indicators and also brochures teaching tourists exactly how to behave actually and also treat Buddha” according to Pat Pattana, “ it is all around education and also teaching the human being around this issue via kindness and also compassion. We uncover that many foreigners had no idea that they were doing somepoint wrong by decorating through the image of Buddha. And when we describe to them that this is wrong and also negative karma, world are even more than willing to resolve their mistakes”. Sassist Pattana.

The Knowing Buddha Organization started by Vipassana Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon. Acharavadee who had actually saw the Buddha Bar in Paris a decade earlier, was devaproclaimed that the Buddha Bar had actually replicated a Thai temple and installed a dance floor and also Bar hijacking the Buddhist religious beliefs in order to make money. Acharavadee went back to Thailand also wbelow put up an organization to educate the world around respect and also principles and the correct use of Buddha for worship.

The Knowing Buddha Organization website describes the do’s and also don’ts of using Buddha’s Images. The Organization have the right to additionally be contacted to assist individuals and commercial institutions learn exactly how correctly rerelocate Buddha art from their residences or commercial venues.

“We have actually functioned with many kind of high profile carriers roughly the people to settle their misuse of Buddha’s image” shelp Sangduen. The overwhelming majority of cases take place innocently as artists and also consumers with great intention, provided the Buddha’s picture as it represents tranquility and calm.

“However before as soon as they learned that this is wrong to usage Buddha’s images for anything various other than worship, these people really wanted to correct their mistakes” explained Pattana. One such a situation was a resort in Bali which had huge murals of Buddha sculpted in stone. The KBO organization verified the owners just how to re-carve the murals into angel heads. Other situations learned just how to correctly and respectfully dispose of undesirable Buddha decoration.

“Respect is Typical Sense” is the motto of the Knowing Buddha Organization. The Knowing Buddha Organization hopes to knock at the hearts of world around the people to wake their principles and also not disrespect Buddha by making use of his image as decoration.

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