This all started when I witnessed Grammarly offering me a red line on the verb has. My sentence, as I remember approximately, was...

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Social media has all potential to make your commodities and services popular

The Grammarly tool says "have" and provides me a reason:

The singular verb has does not appear to agree through the plural subject media. Consider altering the verb create for subject-verb agreement.

It offered me surpincrease bereason I have actually, at many type of places, checked out the consumption of Social media is... I then explored on OALD which has actually an enattempt for this two-word word

social media (uncountable, plural) ~ Social media is a big component of my life

Kindly help me learn.



Tright here is no such a point as a plural non-count noun. If there have the right to be a plural form, it can be counted.

Strictly speaking, media is the plural of tool, simply as data is the plural of datum. But with media and also data we regularly usage a singular verb. Purists disagree and also urge on a plural verb.

Media and also data are regularly used as cumulative nouns, hence the choice between singular or plural verb develop.

The term “social media” is both singular and also plural in contemporary English consumption.

The word “media” is traditionally a plural bereason “medium” is the singular.

However before, in reference to points choose the news media, social media, etc, the consumption frequently becomes singular bereason the nuance (shade of meaning) is taking the entirety civilization of ‘media’ as a solitary unit.

Many kind of of the contemporary stylepublications and also dictionaries have “news media” and “social media” as both singular and also plural in conmessage.

If you belengthy to the grammar camp, then it’s plural.

If you belong to the usage camp, then it’s both singular and plural depending upon context.


Tright here is no denying the truth that practically all the dictionaries explain that social media is an uncountable plural noun, which takes either a singular verb or a plural verb. I think if somebody says otherwise, he is forcing his favor or dislike on others. We have to stick to what our authentic publications say.


The Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries current the term as both uncountable and also plural.

Technically, the word "media" is the plural of "medium", so "social media" must be plural. However, I believe that the term "media" (in general, not simply in this instance) has actually progressed and also become uncountable once used to describe the conglomerate of interaction outlets as its own entity, and also not simply as the sum of its parts.

So it looks prefer the answer is: Whatever floats your boat!


Agreed that "media" can be singular or plural (and the plural usage appears even more and also even more minimal to grammar purists. The question then is, if it is singular, is it non-count, that is, are "a media," or "medias" impossible forms? Without a doubt for the simple word "media" the answer is "yes, it is non-count." But what about compound words, which is fundamentally what "social media" is, also if it is spsteustatiushistory.orged with two words. Compound words have the right to certainly behave differently than the straightforward creates. I haven"t researched a lot, yet a small little bit of Googling renders me think no, you do not watch "social medias" supplied by the good majority of writiers who are more than likely aboriginal speakers. This is as of early on 2019.

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