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Is That Your Hand also on my Girlfriend refers to a series of lip syncing TikTok videos in which individuals act out the lyrics to Nickelback"s song "Next Contestant."


On October fourth, 2005, Canadian Nickelearlier released their fifth studio album "All the Right Reasons."<1> The song "Next off Contestant" around deffinishing a girlfriend is featured on the album (displayed below).

On February 28th, 2019, TikTok user
deanhasoffer uploaded a lip sync of a clip of the song "Next Contestant" (shown below). The video acquired 30,600 likes and 2,190 shares in 2 months.

sirglen uploaded their very own rendition which collected over 12,500 likes and also 800 shares in two months (displayed below, left). On March 27th,
noemisalghini upfill one more solo lip sync which acquired over 21,300 likes and 325 shares in a month (shown below, right).

tropiiczz uploaded a variation of the lip sync through his girlfrifinish (presented below, left). The video gained 97,700 likes and 28,300 shares. It additionally ended up being a famous video to duet . On April 10th,
M1ndcollection posted a duet in which they mocked the "boyfriend" in the video by waddling into their structure after he walks out of his very own framework (shown listed below, center). The parody obtained 173,700 likes and also 5,700 shares in two weeks. The following day,
TristenmacLean uploaded a duet parody in which they make it seem as if the "girlfriend" is stealing some of his Cheetos (presented below, right). The parody accumulated over 131,900 likes and also 1,300 shares in 2 weeks.




Tweak Seaboy is a TikTok account known for hosting the "Tweak Playoffs" in New York City. The account just began posting content in at an early stage September 2021 yet has already garnered a following of about 200,000 followers.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook the company will certainly be altering it"s name to Meta and also focusing on something that really matters: the Metaverse.

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