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The post-lab questions gave are SIMILAR to questions you may encounter in your lab hand-operated. These questions will provide you with a step-by-step overview on just how we approached the trouble. You can usage this overview and the data you recorded to help answer the questions. Any offered examples through worths will be with mock worths. Use of these worths will certainly practically assuredly offer you nonsensical calculations. They are just meant to illustrate the logic.

question 1a

You are asked around the source of the light from neon signs.

Understand also where the source of the energy is coming from to exmention the electrons. These electrons that fall earlier down to their ground state power releasing pholoads.

Remember that the light you see are pholoads with different colors being the various wavelengths of light. These different wavelengths correspond to various frequencies and energies complying with c = λv and also E = hv.

question 1b

You are asked if light resource from the flame test is the same as the neon signs asked in question 1a.

Aget, think around wbelow the energy resource of the neon sign and also the energy resource of the flame test. Are these the same?

Question 2a & 2B

You are asked what the specific part of the spectroscope that separates the light to different wavelengths. The adhering to inquiries ask wbelow this component is located and also for you to attract a sketch.

See the diagram in your lab manual (link) which is comparable to the provided image. For details, see the overwatch page (link). Remember to information in finish sentences and not simply one word responses. Points might be deducted from one word responses relying on the TA.


Concern 3

Asks you the wavelength from photon emitted from n = 3 to n = 1 by a hydrogen atom. Since it is hydrogen, you have the right to use the equation provided in your lab hands-on (link). Plug the offered worths in and also solve for the frequency. This frequency can then be used to calculate the wavelength. Remember that the totality number n worths need to follow n2 > n1

Frequency (v) = R(1/n12 - 1/n22), R = 3.25e15 Hz Speed of light (c) = Frequency (v) x wavesize (λ) --> c/v = λ

Concern 4

Asks what shade you mean to watch from an incandescent lamp if you initially put a red and green filter before observing.

Understand also that these filters absorb all light except the color of the filter. For instance a blue filter will certainly absorb all light EXCEPT the blue light. Use this logic to answer the question.



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