Ass generally pointed out throughout Scripture. Of the domesticated species we check out of, The she ass (Heb. "athon), so called from its slowness ( Genesis 12:16 ; 45:23 ; Numbers 22:23 ; 1Samuel 9:3 ). The male ass (Heb. hamor), the prevalent working ass of Western Asia, so referred to as from its red colour. Issachar is compared to a solid ass ( Genesis 49:14 ). It was forbidden to yoke together an ass and an ox in the till ( Deuteronomy 22:10 ). The ass"s colt (Heb. "air), discussed Judges 10:4 ; 12:14 . It is rendered "foal" in Genesis 32:15 ; 49:11 . (Compare Job 11:12 ; Isaiah 30:6 .) The ass is an unclean animal, because it does not chew the cud ( Leviticus 11:26 . Compare 2Kings 6:25 ). Asses comprised a significant percentage of wide range in prehistoric times ( Genesis 12:16 ; 30:43 ; 1Chronicles 27:30 ; Job 1:3 ; 42:12 ). They were listed for their soul and also their attachment to their understand ( Isaiah 1:3 ). They are frequently spoken of as having been ridden upon, as by Abraham ( Genesis 22:3 ), Balaam ( Numbers 22:21 ), the disobedient prophet ( 1Kings 13:23 ), the household of Abdon the judge, seventy in number ( Judges 12:14 ), Zipporah ( Exodus 4:20 ), the Shunammite ( 1Samuel 25:30 ), and so on ( Zechariah 9:9 ) predicted our Lord"s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, "riding upon an ass, and upon a colt," and so on ( Matthew 21:5 , RSV). Of wild asses 2 species are noticed, (1) that called in Hebrew "arod , mentioned Job 39:5 and Daniel 5:21 , noted for its swiftness; and (2) that referred to as pe"re , the wild ass of Asia ( Job 39:6-8 ; 6:5 ; 11:12 ; Isaiah 32:14 ; Jeremiah 2:24 ; 14:6 , etc.). The wild ass was distinguiburned for its fleetness and its excessive shyness. In allusion to his mode of life, Ishmael is likened to a wild ass ( Genesis 16:12 . Here the word is simply rendered "wild" in the Authorized Version, yet in the Revised Version, "wild-ass among men"). These dictionary topics are fromM.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Scriptures Dictionary, Third Edition,published by Thomas Nelchild, 1897. Public Domajor, copy freely. indicates this enattempt was also uncovered in Smith"s Scriptures DictionaryBibliography InformationEaston, Matthew George. "Enattempt for Ass". "Easton"s Scriptures Dictionary". .

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Ass. Five Hebrew names of the genus Asinus occur in the Old Testament. Chamor denotes the male domestic ass. Athon , the prevalent domestic she-ass. Air , the name of a wild ass, which occurs ( Genesis 32:15 ; 49:11 ) Pere , a types of wild ass stated ( Genesis 12:16 ) Arod occurs just in ( Job 39:5 ) but in what respect it differs from the Pere is unspecific. The ass in eastern nations is a really different pet from what he is in western Europe. The a lot of noble and also honorable amongst the Jews were wont to be installed on asses. (With us the ass is a symbol of stubbornness and stupidity, while in the East it is especially amazing for its patience, gentleness, intelligence, meek entry and great power of endurance."--L. Abbott. The color is typically a reddish brown, but there are white asses, which are much prized. The ass was the animal of tranquility as the steed was the pet of war; thus the appropriateness of Christ in his triumphal enattempt riding on an ass. The wild ass is a beautiful animal.--ED.) Mr. Lavard remarks that in fleetness the wild ass (Asinus hemippus ) equates to the gazelle and to overtake it is a feat which just one or two of the the majority of commemorated mares have actually been recognized to achieve. indicates this enattempt was additionally uncovered in Easton"s Scriptures DictionaryBibliography InformationSmith, William, Dr. "Enattempt for "Ass"". "Smith"s Bible Dictionary". .

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