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It Do Go Down refers to a viral prank video in which guy in a fishing boat tries to warn his friend that their watercraft is about to reach a weir, through the various other guy telling him that the river "perform not go dvery own." Starting March 2020, the video obtained popularity in memes complying with a viral modify.


On August 29th, 2015, Facebook<1> user RaShaun Grey uploaded a prank video in which he travels down a channelized river in a fishing watercraft through his frifinish. Upon noticing that they are approaching a weir, Grey repeatedly tells his frifinish that the river goes down, through the friend dislacking his warnings right until they virtually reach the weir. The video got over 30,000 likes and also 110,000 shares on Facebook in 5 years, via an August 30th, 2015, YouTube<2> reuppack gaining over 2.9 million views in the exact same period (presented below).

- Nuh-huh. It"s a bridge. It simply goes around the corner.- Robin, that don"t look like this. Robin, it goes dvery own.- It don"t. It do not go dvery own.- Robin, it goes down!- No it don"t.- It do go down!- Oh! Soptimal, stop!


On November 10th, 2016, YouTuber<3> Chumbo posted a To Be Continued… edit based upon the video, noting the first known meme based on it. The video got over 360,000 views in 4 years (presented below, left). On July fifth, 2019, YouTuber<4> the cable turned off cade posted a Minecraft edit of the video that built up over 1 million views in eight months (shown below, right).

The format did not watch a pronounced spcheck out till on march ninth, 2020, YouTube<5> and also Instagram<6> user Jonkari P posted a The Incredibles edit of the video (YouTube upfill presented below). The edit received over 58,000 views on YouTube, being featured on the Instant Regret Clicking This Playlist, and also over 15,700 views and also 5,500 likes on Instagram in ten days.

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Following Jonkari P"s write-up, the format obtained a significant presence on Instagram, through notable edits by thugbobs,<7> retry.mp4,<8> bepis.guy,<9> blip.mp4<10> and other Instagram users posted in the adhering to days.