Ja Rule and Ashanti are preparing to make a long-awaited comeago through their new single ‘Encore’.

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The pair, who overcame airwaves in the 2000s with hits such as ‘Always On Time’, ‘Mesmerize’ and also ‘Down 4 U’, are back through new music.

Picking up wbelow they left off, Ja Rule and also Ashanti have actually ongoing to screen their unmistakable chemisattempt on a 90s-motivated song they have been teasing during their live performances together.

“Don’t get me started please, I can make all these b*tches speak and also freeze,” raps Ja Rule on the feel-good track.

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While Ashanti handles the chorus, singing: “Your excellent love deserves an encore.”

Ja Rule also renders recommendation to JAY-Z’s timeless 2003 song of the very same name, rapping “Can I acquire an encore? Do you want more?”

After the song leaked online, fans took to social media to disclose their excitement at hearing new music from the iconic duo aobtain.

I prefer the fact that Ja dominion and also Ashanti retained it old institution on their new tune

— P. (
perrykey) August 14, 2018

You’re not a true 90’s baby if you don’t jam out to Ashanti or Ja Rule

— Tee