Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth

Hello, this mod add 4 craftable jackets for you to wear: – Bomber Jacket – Highschool Teddy G&Y (Green and Yellow) – Highschool Teddy W&R (White and Red) – Winter Jacket

Optional:I have created an optional plugin to make them compatible with the Crafting Workbenches mod. You’ll find them in the clothing category. They will require some component:

– Bomber Jacket : 5 leathers + 3 adhesives – Highschool Teddy G&Y (Green and Yellow) : 5 leathers + 3 adhesives – Highschool Teddy W&R (White and Red) : 5 leathers + 3 adhesives – Winter Jacket : 5 scrap of clothes + 3 adhesives – Maxon’s coat : 10 leathers + 5 adhesives – Maxon’s cape : 2 scrap of clothes + 1 adhesives – Kells’s coat : 10 leathers + 5 adhesives

if you don’t use Crafting Workbench, you can add them by console command:

– Bomber Jacket : XX000803 – Highschool Teddy G&Y (Green and Yellow) : XX00080B – Highschool Teddy W&R (White and Red) : XX00080C – Winter Jacket : XX000808 – Maxon’s coat : XX00080D – Maxon’s cape : XX000814 – Kells’s coat : XX000812

(replace XX by the plugin’s load order)

Because they are replacing your upper armor part, i make them a little bit better than their vanilla items.If you have any suggestion, feel free to post them in the comment section.

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Install:Drag and drop “jacket.esp” and the “meshes” folder into your data folderDrag and drop “Crafting Workbench – Jacket.esp” only if you use the Crafting Workbenches mod

Uninstall:delete “jacket.esp” and “Crafting Workbench – Jacket.esp”delete the “JacketMod” folder located in data/meshes/clothes

Known bugs:Jackets and coat only display the upgrade mods you have in your inventory. You can still craft one for a leather chest armor and then apply it to the coat you want.

History:v1.10 – Fixed Maxson’s battle coat not appear on male character – Fixed incorrect 1st person arms – Railroad’s ballistic weave should be usable on all coat and jacket (need test) – Maxson’s cape now don’t use any clothes slot

v1.04 – Added mod for all coats and jackets

v1.03 – Added Maxon’s coat and cape + Kells coat

V1.0 initial release

This mod is made with FO4Edit

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