While watching The CBS George Strait one-of-a-kind, I experienced Jamie Foxx provide a Tribute to George Strait by singing his song “you look so great in love”. Before Jamie Sang the song he discussed an suffer once he was younger about trying to go watch George in the tvery own following over to his hometown. He talked about as soon as he uncovered out that George was coming to his town to precreate, that he was going to view him no issue what also if he had to go over the tracks to view him. As Jamie sassist, unfortunately he wasn’t able to view him yet no one thought him that George strait had actually performed tright here until he met George Strait and he verified his story.

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I took pleasure in watching the tribute for one bereason I love that song yet likewise it shows exactly how much George Strait has influenced nation music artist yet also other Genre Artists favor Jamie Foxx who is an R&B artist. It amazes me exactly how a nation artist might affect an artist who isn’t also in the exact same Genre. This truly reflects just how country music has actually shaped music this particular day and also how George will certainly be well-known as one of the greats for all time.

While Jamie was singing the tribute, I experienced some similarities and some distinctions in just how he sung it and how George sings it. In Jamie’s variation, it has more of a gospel and R&B sound to his voice; whereas with George, it has a deeper tone and an extra rustic feel to his voice. The many profound similarity is the means the music flows through lyrics showing that side of Nashville sound and also being elegant and smooth in both of their versions of the song.

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Although Jamie wasn’t the only perboy that sung a song in tribute to George i think that his was the many prouncovered as a result of the truth that exemplifies that country music deserve to cross all borders also various other genres. As I finished watching the remainder of unique I started to look back to my previous to remember points around George Strait and just how a lot his music has affected me and I am not even a nation singer so I kbrand-new that some of the human being prefer Jamie, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackchild, Blake Shelton , Miranda Lambert, and also Taylor swift that are singers, how much he has actually influenced their lives in a remarkable means by either influencing their music or allowing them to be the opening act in his concert for their first concert. George Strait has actually and also will always be an iconic figure in the music business no matter what genre it is and this tribute listed below reflects just how this is true.


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