Celebrities acquire tattoos for plenty of various reasons. Some are commemorating a lover or a boy. Others celebrate turning points in their stays, choose marital relationship, recoincredibly, or also divorce. But in the case of Jamie Foxx, fans wonder, what warranted a tribal head tattoo?

It clearly wasn"t Katie Holmes" influence that pushed Foxx to obtain a head tat. Plus, fans speculate that their connection was fake, to begin with; they definitely wouldn"t acquire tattoos (let alone equivalent noggin ones) if that"s the instance.

And though Foxx has actually experienced some intense personal trauma, it does not seem prefer that"s the reason for his tattoo, either. In truth, Jamie got his head tatalso even more than a decade back, and it was for a certain factor, sources say.

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Multiple sources agree that Foxx actually gained his tatalso once he turned 40. Due to the fact that the actor is now 53, fans can do the math. But his 40th milestone expected reason for celebration. As fans understand, Jamie is the type of celeb who"s happy to be doing what he loves and appreciates the methods his fame has actually afforded him. He"s no stranger to giving earlier, either.

But some say that Jamie"s 40th birthday wasn"t the just motivator for his tattoo. They suggest to the reality that the tatalso has some certain features. For one thing, it"s a tribal tatalso, a crvery own of sorts, that wraps about the ago of Foxx"s head.

Instead of selecting somepoint small or specific, Jamie instead chose a wrap-roughly tat that appears to be a little bit out of place on the earlier of his head, simply over his ears.

Of course, Distractify has actually the answers. The publication argues that Jamie determined this particular tatalso bereason it"s a cover-up for something else. That something else? A hair transplant.

Pointing to before and also after photos of Jamie"s tatas well and subsequent hair cuts, Distractify claims that not only did Foxx shave actually his head and also gain tatted up at age forty, however he also readjusted his hairline.

Jamie Foxx head tattoo by means of Celebrity Toob
The procedure that fans and also the media speculate Foxx underwent involves taking donor hair from the exact spot wbelow his tattoo wound up. Basically, such a hair transplant constantly leaves a noticeable scar; at least, if the world who opt for such a transplant store their hair close-cropped.

So, Distractify states, Jamie may have liked such a loud tatas well to cover up a sautomobile that would certainly otherwise be extremely noticeable on his close-shorn hair.

Whether he truly got the head tatalso bereason of a svehicle is debatable, yet it is true that Foxx has changed his hairline over the years. That"s not an indicator of a hair transplant, necessarily, however.

But of course, Foxx is maintaining mum, so there"s no telling what the truth really is.

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