Why review evaluation after review when you have the right to just check out one? We’ve “combed” the internet to acquire the verdict on Jane Carter’s Solutions Wrap and also Roll.

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Channel your inner retro bombshell (Dorothy Dandridge maybe?) à la Jane Carter’s Solutions’ Wrap & Roll. Ready, collection, GO!

Wave au revoir to frizzy and much from perfect roller sets through the remarkably smoothing powers of Jane Carter Solutions’ Wrap & Roll. A significant upgrade from the typical establishing foams, Wrap & Roll guarantees a flake totally free, poliburned complete and also enviable shine through eincredibly curl. Accurately measured with a user friendly pump, the water based blend of glycerides and also proteins froths to a mousse favor texture, encouraging specific usage, styling and an expedited dry time – product construct up, no more!


Perfectly paired via rod, curl previous and also roller setsProvides ample shineFlake and also residue freeAccelerates dry timeMeasure friendly pump

Perdevelops poorly as soon as coupled with WNG (wash and also gos)Not designed to be supplied as a principle moisturizer

what the manufacturer says

Wrap & Roll is the finest soft mousse, establishing and wrapping product easily accessible on the industry now. It dries clean and soft without leaving any kind of residue. Great for dry, color-treated or damaged hair, the herbal glycerides, essential oils and also moisturizers leave your hair soft and shiny. Cut dryer time in half by applying Wrap and Roll liberally to wet hair, then wrap/collection and dry as usual or let it dry normally.


what the bloggers say

As soon as I apply this product my curls simply pop and specify, yet my hair is not crunchy once it dries because of the reality this product is exceptionally lightweight. As it is exceptionally liquidy (if that’s a word also – maybe liquid is the word I’m looking for) I don’t must apply as a lot as I would if I were using a thick gel. This product also left my hair exceptionally shiny yet not oily to the touch.

– Kinkycurlycoilyme.com

Come to find out my hair LOVES this stuff. It smells phenomenal and goes on my hair well! When my hair dried and I took my flat twists my hair was soft and also incredibly touchable. I would extremely recommend this product! It’s worth trying for $6 and also you get a A LOT of product for your money.

– Asiliglam

I have the right to check out this being REALLY good for a transitioner or someone that does roller sets/rod sets a lot. It’s extremely light, so it won’t weigh your hair dvery own and collection favor the one I listed over is a good way to blend the 2 textures long(er) term transitioners have. For someone that doesn’t execute roller sets or is NOT transitioning, pass on this and also the Nourish and Shine instead.

– Alice in Nappyland

I have exceptionally kinky, natural hair (4B/C) and I have continued to be ameans from roller sets in the previous bereason my hair would come out frizzy, crunchy, or dry. I gained the setting lotion in a sample pack from Taracquire and also made a decision to give it a go. I am amazed at exactly how well my hair turned out! I supplied it on damp hair with satin-covered sponge rollers, and let it dry overnight. This product made my hair exceptionally smooth and also shiny, which is normally difficult for me to accomplish. It left my hair exceptionally soft however still had actually sufficient organize for my curls to last for days. No flakes, no crunch and no drying out my hair! I would certainly typically have to blow out my hair, and then roll it to attain this look. Needmuch less to say I’m extremely impressed and also I’ll be wearing roller sets even more often.

– Nicole

This is a delicate time in my life were I’m transitioning from relaxed to herbal hair and so I’m switching to all herbal assets. Right currently it’s a trial and error duration of assets for me and also I should say I’m VERY pleased via the results!!! It left my hair soft with a good, herbal organize, shiny and also so frizz free! I’m doing many rod sets so my curls are perfect now compared to Lottabody which I supplied to usage. The competition doesn’t come close. It’s worth the price and is currently happily a part of my herbal journey’s regimales.

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– Newly Napptural

Not favor the typical setting lotion offered for blow outs. This really assisted smooth my very curly hair before level ironing! I was surprised that it didn’t harden and flake, but exceptionally pleased. I will definitely purchase aobtain. So one more Jane Carter favorite included to the list!

– TJ


Water (Aqua), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, 11PEG-45 Palm Kernel Glycerides, Polyquarternium 11, Quinoa Protein, Salusing Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract, Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Extract, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol





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