Do you have actually any type of good theories for seakid 5? What carry out you think will certainly occur to each character and will certainly we have any new ones?


Who JR Shot - I'm a firm believer before that the blackmailer is Raf's ex, Abbey. She left reasoning Petra had actually backstabbed her with Raf (I intend they were exchanging I love you's and were around to relocate in together. Then with one chat via Petra, they break up??) She's likewise read the burn book and also knows all sorts of awful stuff Petra has actually done and wants her to be punimelted for something. The "forgettable" gag appeared to be hammered as well hard to have its just payoff being her finding the burn book. And people have detailed that Petra didn't desire her assailant to be swarm... and also Petra preferred Abbey and probably had actually no concept that Abbey saw the book or possibly blamed her for Raf. AND the card Abbey left for the police sassist "Surprise!"... simply favor the seakid finale title.

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Raf's parents - I think we will uncover out that Raf's mom is. My first watch with seaboy 5 I thought it was going to be a mhelp to parallel with Passions of Santos. But rewatching the totality show I didn't uncover one of note. Second watch with seakid 5 though I gained stuck on the scene wbelow Petra and JR had dinner through Jane and Raf... and also just how much Raf and JR had actually in common... even ethnicity. Petra and Raf couldn't fairly job-related... however maybe Petra and Raf's sister could. And then JR would certainly have a blood tie to Petra's kids. And exactly how convenient that her mother has memory concerns... Could we also perhaps have actually a twins separated at birth plot? I certainly think JR's mom could be Raf's.

Sin Rostro Plot / Michael's return - I'm still not certain what's going to happen below. But I think it's possible that if Michael is in truth alive, that perhaps the perchild they buried was his brvarious other. It would certainly assist define his lack in the series. Also, I think Dennis is involved someexactly how. It was really fishy that he was digging with Michael's stuff after he died...

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because why? They thought Michael was in league with the perkid who killed him?? The narrator said Michael would go on to have "an illustrious detective career" so I'd somehow doubt that. Also, must Dennis have actually done it on the sly? Why wouldn't he be actual with Jane? Something is up right here.