Also recognized asJay Jay (for short)First episode date2 November 1998Program creatorDavid MichelNetworksPBS Kids, TLC, Nick Jr.

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GenreChildren"s television seriesCreated byDavid MichelDeborah MichelWritten byJohn SemperEleanor Burian-MohrVoices ofMary Kay BergmanGina RibisiChuck MorganMarie DanielleDee Dee GreenJulie RenickC.W. WalkenDonna CherryAshley Alvarez WhittakerMichael DonovanCastMary Kay Bergman, Eve WhittleSimilarBarney & Friends, Make Way for Noddy, Seexact same Street, Sid the Science Kid, Peep and also the Big Wide World
Jay Jay the Jet Plane is an Amerideserve to children"s tv series based at the fictional Tarrytown Airport. It has 73 episodes. The series is centered on a team of aircraft that live in the fictional city of Tarrytown. The episodes are frequently distributed in 25-minute-lengthy (as without commercials) pairs, through one header sequence and also one end credits for each pair. Each episode consists of one or more songs.



The template song and the majority of the other songs were written by well-known children"s singer/songwriter Stephen Michael Schwartz and also sung by his famous musical group, Parachute Expush. Created by David and Deborah Michel, the series is intended to be educational and to teach life and moral lessons to kids (and also sometimes additionally to parents).




In 1994, a short live-action series was created at AMS Production Company kind of in Dallas, Texas, with genuine design aircraft characters and animated crafted human characters; they did not talk but had actually the very same characters as in the later series. This original series was narrated similarly to the initially elalso periods of Thomas and also Friends or Theodore Tugboat. It contained three videos: Jay Jay"s First Flight, Old Osautomobile Leads the Parade and Tracy"s Handy Hideout. These 3 episodes were well-known as the "pilot series".

On November 2, 1998, the CGI/live-activity series premiered on The Learning Channel. Debi Derryberry took on the function of Jay Jay after Bergman"s fatality in 1999 via no new personalities voiced by her. The Learning Channel removed the series in March 2000. On June 11, 2001, all episodes began broadspreading on PBS Kids; the end credits have readjusted and extra episodes were created in 2001 and 2005. Home video editions were released by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment with 2003 as component of their "Columbia TriStar Family Fun" repertoire. Further distribution was included with Tommy Nelkid, the children"s division of book publisher Thomas Nelboy, although the series is not overtly "Christian". Voice actress Mary Kay Bergmale offered the original voice of Jay Jay and also numerous various other personalities. After her fatality, Debi Derryberry reinserted her.

In 2005, new episodes were developed featuring added personalities, including the red Latino plane Lina. Each episode begins featuring a "Jay Jay"s Mysteries" segment in which Jay Jay and Lina check out such points that may be mysteries to the intended age team, such as exactly how planes fly and just how the five senses are provided. The mysteries segment is complied with by a story that comes from the original episodes of the series so in result the brand-new series repackages formerly broadactors content.


The planes and also ground vehicles are CGI characters, while the people are live action actors.

Relationship words for the plane characters refer to being in loco parentis for functions of upbringing and also education, not to organic parenthood. The story says that (some of) the aircraft characters were made in factories.

A few of the stories explain personalities as doing actions off-screen that would certainly need foldamethod arms (e.g. Big Jake digging holes), yet those arms are never before checked out on display screen.

Young airplane characters

Jay Jay. Male. Small blue and red jet airliner; the titular character and primary protagonist. Originally voiced by Mary Kay Bergman, then replaced with Debi Derryberry after Bergman"s fatality.

Older aircraft characters

Ground vehicles


Mrs. Blue: is Brenda Blue"s mother that occasionally visits Tarrytvery own Airport.Other human personalities show up from time to time.Tarrytown Airport is run by a tiny firm dubbed E.Z. Airlines.


The lightning bugs at Lightning Bug Lake.


Tarrytown is in a hilly location with sufficient rain to keep the land also green, and also frost and also scurrently periodically in the winter. Forested mountains and a desert are adjacent.Tarrytvery own Airport is wbelow Jay Jay and his friends live and also Brenda Blue works.Key HangarKids" HangarRevvin" Evan"s FirehouseHerky"s HangarObservation TowerOld Oscar"s BarnTarrytvery own National ParkSmiling MeadowSandy Landing has a waterfront area.Pangabula IslandTarrytown QuarrySunshine DesertTippy Toppy PeakFrosty PinesEcho CanyonCherry Tree LakeCrystal CaveLightning Bug LakeMichael O"Tarry SchoolAndy"s Donut ShopFarmer Dale"s Ranch

Tarrytown and its airport are never viewed in moving-electronic camera shots, and therefore are most likely real miniature sets which were photographed and also those photographs were provided as backgrounds in the CGI imeras. The airport runway may be a CGI ground airplane texture mapped with a photograph of real full-dimension or miniature tarmac. Sometimes, the planes taxi on the town streets.


The series was developed by Modern Cartoons in Oxnard, California, United States. Unlike Thomas the Tank Engine, this series used a selection of animation techniques:

The backgrounds were miniature sets (generally constructed on 2 4 by 8 feet (1,200mm ×2,400mm) sheets of plywood).The planes were computer models produced in Maya and a proprietary software program.

The complex mathematical and also CGI worries were resolved by Frank Ford Little, PhD.

A variety of proprietary software program units were used:

Data/audio recording and also smoothing were done on a Windows machine.

10 new episodes

The Mystery of PlantsThe Mystery of WeatherThe Mystery of Size and ShapeThe Mystery of FlightThe Mystery of the Five SensesThe Mystery of WaterThe Mystery of BugsThe Mystery of TimeThe Mystery of Stars and also PlanetsThe Mystery of Dinosaurs

New characters

Lina: Jay Jay"s brand-new friend.Captain Bob: Firefighting plane.Solar: Yellow. Long wide wings. 6 propellers pushed by electricity from solar panels extending the tops of his wings.

United States

The series was broadactors over many type of of the 379 member stations of PBS Kids in the USA.


In foreign versions of the show, the huguy characters are regularly reput via different actors. For instance, in the Oriental version of the display, a Oriental actor takes the role of Brenda. Unnormally, the Irish variation of Jay Jay the jet airplane mainly provides non-indigenous speaker actors from Belfast (although some minor components are played by native-speaking actors from the Gaeltacht).

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United Kingdom FranceThe series is well-known as Jay Jay le Petit Avion ("Jay Jay the Small Jet") SpainThe series is recognized as Jay Jay, el avioncito IrelandThe series was broadcast in Irish Tadhg an t-Eitleán ("Tadhg the Plane") and also English PortugalThe series is recognized as Jay Jay, o Jatinho ("Jay Jay the Jet") RussiaThe series is recognized as Реактивный самолётик Джей-Джей ("Jet Airairplane Jay-Jay").


MalaysiaThe series was formerly presented in original variation on TV2 in the early 2000s (decade). It was additionally called in Malay by Filem Karya Nusa and also aired on Astro Ria, likewise in the early 2000s (decade). It was later on presented via new episodes on Astro Ceria in 2009 where the Malay dubbing is made in-house. Singaporethe series previously aired on MediaCorp TV12 Central. JapanThe series is well-known as ジェイジェイジェットプレーン (Jei Jei Jetto Purēn)