After experimentation them for a month, I’ve figured out that JBL Charge 4 is much better than Bose SoundLink Color II due to premium sound, battery life, and also durcapability. Bose SoundLink Color II has actually excellent sound quality, however the volume is too low and also the price also high.

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Read on to learn even more around JBL Charge 4 vs Bose SoundLink Color II and also just how they compare in sound, design, durability, power, and software.




There’s really no compariboy right here. JBL Charge 4 is vastly remarkable when it pertains to sound quality and volume.

Charge 4 sounds exceptional for its price and also create variable. Plus, it has actually a deeper bass and also brilliant sound that beats the majority of various other similarly priced speakers. While the highs acquire turbulent over 70% volume, Bose’s sound distorts at much reduced volumes. Speaking of volume, Charge 4 is twice as loud and offers a much better listening experience.

It has a strong 30W driver along with two radiators on the side. They bounce as the music plays and it looks excellent. If you desire a more affordable speaker that sounds nearly similar, then consider the JBL Charge 3.

While Bose SoundLink Color II sounds better than some various other portable speakers, it doesn’t have actually sufficient bass for a lot of human being. It’s made with dual 40mm motorists. The sound is level, prefer there’s somepoint spanning the speaker.

It’s not simply the sound quality. The volume is around half of the Charge 4. For recommendation, the SoundLink Color II at 85% is the very same as Charge 4 at 40%, that’s a shame and it doesn’t warrant the high price tag. If you desire a similar Bose speaker that’s even more affordable and also additionally more long lasting, then consider SoundLink Micro.

For better top quality and also volume, the win conveniently goes to JBL Charge 4.

Sound winner: JBL Charge 4

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Check Price: Bose SoundLink Color ->


The Charge 4’s design is nopoint one-of-a-kind, yet it’s much much better than SoundLink Color II, which I found to be sindicate ugly.

Change 4 weighs 2.1lbs and is 8.7 inches. It has a base for sitting horizontally. While the style isn’t the many attrenergetic, it doesn’t look devastating like SoundLink Color II. If style is a priority, then I urge you to think about Boom 3 or Megaboom 3.

This speaker comes in 10 colors: Black, Blue, Forest Green, Grey, pink, Red, Sand, Teal, and White.

Bose SoundLink Color II is simply disappointing. It’s 1.2lbs and 5.25 inches. Tright here are 4 colors: Aquatic Blue, Cdental Red, Polar White, and also Soft Black. The shape is poor and the aesthetic is ugly. It’s tough to pinpoint why. Part of it is the cheap silicone casing. Yet, it’s a similar casing as Bose SoundLink Micro, yet it looks better there.

Another negative design option is battery life. There are no LED indications or voice readouts. Even the app isn’t specific. When you power on the speaker it will certainly say high, medium, or low. The application just mirrors the battery life as 100% or 40% in my suffer. However before, there is a 3.5mm port for outside audio tools favor iPods. The multiattribute button can play, pausage, sound songs, or activate your phone’s smart assistant.

The style is nothing special for either of them, but Charge 4 is exceptional via a better look, better attributes, and also even more colors.

Deauthorize winner: JBL Charge 4

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Check Price: Bose SoundLink Color ->


Both speakers have the right to take some hits, however I put even more trust in Charge 4 as it has a better waterproof rating and also feels even more solid.

Charge 4 is listed as IPX7 waterproof. This suggests it deserve to be sublinked for 30 minutes in a meter of water. While it isn’t detailed as shockproof, it can take a few drops without lasting damages.

SoundLink Color II is water-resistant, so it deserve to take a splash. However, submerging it in water also for a couple of seconds will probably ruin the speaker. It can also take a couple of drops without much damage.

The IPX7 waterproof pushes Charge 4 right into the lead right here, making it the more durable speaker between these two.

Durcapability winner: JBL Charge 4

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Check Price: Bose SoundLink Color ->


While I don’t favor exactly how JBL overmarketed the battery life, you still acquire more battery life than SoundLink Color II, and it has an added feature that’s handy.

Charge 4 is listed as having actually a 20-hour battery life, but my tests confirmed that it’s closer to 8.5 hrs at 60% volume and also 6.5 hours at 85% volume. It has actually an external battery that can additionally charge your tablets, phones, and various other gadgets. Charging using the USB-C port takes around 4 hours. Considering the exceptionally low volume of the SoundLink Color II, this battery lasts about 3 times as long.

SoundLink Color II is noted as having actually 8 hours of battery life and takes 3 hrs to charge. Unlike JBL, Bose does live as much as the battery life. It lasts 9 hrs at 60% volume and 4 hrs at 85% volume. However, remember that you’ll need this at a high volume simply to hear it. You deserve to recharge it through the micro USB port.

While the hrs might seem equivalent, the reality that you deserve to run JBL Charge 4 on reduced quantities indicates that it supplies much longer playago times.

Power winner: JBL Charge 4

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JBL creates great speakers, yet here’s one area wbelow they all suffer. JBL’s software is bad and Bose easily wins this category.

Charge 4’s software application is bad, has actually no benefits, and also is tough to affix. JBL has promised firmware updays, however I’ve yet to view any type of. You can store 2 tools paired concurrently. You can attach Charge 4 with various other present generation JBL speakers by means of Charge+. It works well, however the documentation is poor. Ssuggest press the Connect+ button on both speakers to pair them. It’s a steady link compared to various other Bluetooth speakers.

You can’t usage your phone smart assistant, yet this must be fine bereason smart assistants regularly don’t work-related well through portable speakers. The Bluetooth appears more dependable than SoundLink Color II, and I obtained an added five feet.

SoundLink Color II has actually Party Mode and this permits you to quickly pair a number of SoundLink speakers. Pairing is easy as long as only one tool is linked. You have the right to customize the auto-standby timer. You have the right to connect as much as two energetic devices and also eight tools in total. All gadgets have the right to be regulated through the Bose app.

Bose updays the firmware often, yet the updays are lengthy and are susceptible to failing.

Neither is perfect, but Charge 4 has awful software application while SoundLink Color II is advantageous and also straightforward.

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Software winner: Bose SoundLink Color II

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Check Price: Bose SoundLink Color ->

Final Thoughts

Except for software program, Bose SoundLink Color II stops working in many respects. Its volume is too low, sound top quality is negative, durability is OK at best, and also the battery life is low once you think about the volume difficulty. JBL Charge 4 is the much better portable speaker below for its better sound quality and also battery life.