One of the greatest blowouts that developed in the time of the many recent seachild of Love & Hip Hop was in between Raqi Thunda and also Jen The Pen. The blowout ultimately finished through Raqi calling Jen a racist and Jen referring to Raqi’s promiscuous reputation. Although bitter feuds are exceptionally widespread and probably even a staple for many kind of truth television shows, Jen made a statement the caused many kind of viewers to question whether or not they’d heard her appropriately. “I’m White honey, I’ll gain it done,” Jen told Raqi in the midst of their feud. While Jen has considering that come forward to apologize for her statement, once words are released, it’s really hard to take them back. During a current intersee through VH1, Raqi revealed that this wasn’t the first time that Jen has sassist questionable points about race and made offensive allusions to White privilege. Check out some of what she had to say.

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On woguys of color being scrutinized more than White women:

“Listen, the difficulty I have actually with her is – also in her rebuttals on Twitter– she sassist something favor, ‘Raqi was trying to usage my race to get put on’ which is basically the exact same thing she shelp, yet just in various words. I would certainly never think a white perkid can get a task over me in metropolitan radio. I was trying to extend my hand also, I was trying to execute somepoint various, I was trying to acquire 2 various perspectives from two entirely various women, 2 totally different societies. I offered the statement ‘she can white my wrongs.’ What I expected by that was that White woguy or just uncolored woguys have a high-end of saying whatever before it is they wanna say, for circumstances, in among the episodes she shelp, “Oh, you might be a hoe. I’m a hoe. We’re all hoes.” Nobody batted an eyelash, yet if I sassist it as a woguy of shade then I’m hit via the stigma and also I’m stoned. There’sJenny McCarthythat now has actually a display on VH1 – she might stick her tongue in someone’s ear, and no one would certainly think anything of it.Meek Millhas a song: “white girls, we don’t judge ‘em we don’t judge ‘em.” So, what I was trying to perform was current the various other side of the coin by bringing her to Hot 97 and also I think I went approximately the question.”

On Jen wanting a “Black rapper” so that she could have a “Black baby:”

“I spoke to the producers around not wanting to address her, and also not wanting to do the Hot 97 thing with her because she said points favor, ‘Oh, Raqi, are you constantly this brown? Because I go tanning. That’s why I acquired with a Black rapper so I deserve to have a Babsence baby."”

On various other “racist” comments allegedly made by Jen:

“Then through the Hot 97 ordeal the first point she shelp to Vaperform once he walked in was, ‘I didn’t know who you were, but you look choose a f—-g Black rugby player.’ I almost choked on my tongue. She had supplied the black card numerous times prior to dropping the white card. If you research her online she has a video with Young Berg who shelp he doesn’t resolve darks butts and her response to that was, ‘I can obtain in his pool ’cause I’m lightskin.’ She goes on to say, ‘Oh, I’m 50 Cent’s favorite White girl.’ So, she’s extremely entitled. I think Consequence is reproduction a unstable dog.”


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