“Two weeks earlier, I posted a task for my corpoprice executive assistant function (pays $90,000-$115,000). Well, while I was out visiting stores yesterday, they got a truck with 473 boxes on it and had actually 3 people speak to out. Immediately, I aid them unfill the truck and also I was on the floor placing up merchandise.

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When I visit stores, I don’t wear a suit. I dress prefer my team. My pants and also shirt were dirty from lifting boxes and stocking, but I was obtaining the project done. All of a sudden, my first candiday for my EA role walks in and also asked for me. She heard me talking and also began laughing.

The cashier asked her what was funny? She sassist, ‘OMG that male (pointing at me) talks so country/funny!’ The candiday began tiny talking and also then shelp ‘Hey, are you having fun stocking those shelves?’

I sassist, ‘YEP!’

My cashier IMMEDIATELY put her face in her palm.

The candidate asked me what perform I do? I looked at her smiling and also said—I’m a cashier. She sassist yea, you would NEVER SEE ME ON THE FLOOR doing that.

My REAL cashier spoke up easily, trying to SAVE HER, and also shelp Lauren, fulfill John Moore, the President of Store Operations. Her face turned so red and also she apologized.

Needless to say, she literally simply talked herself out of a $100,000 project. My point? Leaders, we are called to serve our people and groups regardmuch less of our titles. Guess what? There will certainly be times we gain really dirty doing it as well! Also, don’t you ever before think you are too HIGH to obtain LOW once necessary!

Lastly, as soon as going on an interwatch, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! You NEVER know that you are talking to! If you want to know why I think everyone is necessary (regardless of who they are), it’s because 15 years ago, I was homeless, sleeping in shelters, on a park bench, and nobody believed I was important.”

John Moore

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