Jurassic World Evolution work you with taking control of a dinosaur-based template park. Since of this—and also bereason of just how cool it all is—it’s really easy to flood your park through an insane number of dinosaurs early. The good news is, you deserve to get rid of all these added dinosaurs by offering them. Here’s what you must recognize.

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How to Sell Dinosaurs

Regardless of well-known idea, even more isn’t always much better in Jurassic World Evolution, and also having too many kind of dinosaurs deserve to actually reason your park to shed worth, as you won’t have the ability to take care of the dinosaurs and you have to, which have the right to hurt your overall park rating. In order to even points out, you can market off unrequired dinosaurs and also recoup some of the cost that you’ve put into them.


Prepare Dinosaurs to Sell

The initially point you must perform if you want to market a dinosaur is to prepare for the carry. To execute this, carry up the ACU controls and taracquire the dinosaur that you desire to sell. You’ll have to “tranquilize dinosaur” on the dino or manage the helicopter and shoot the tranq rifle yourself. Once you have sedated the dinosaur, it is time to transfer it out of the park.

Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Once you have tranquilized a dinosaur that you want to sell, pull up the transfer team and also tarobtain the dinosaur on the ground. Once the carry team flies in and also secures the dino, you’ll be given the option of relocating it around or marketing it. To offer the dinosaur you can push the Triangle button on PS4, Y button on Xbox One, or R on the keyboard to send the dino off and confirm the sell.


That’s all tright here is to marketing dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. It’s not exceptionally tough to perform and also it can really pay off when you’re trying to construct up your park and engage more guests. You deserve to learn more around the latest park building game from Frontier Innovations by discovering our Jurassic World Evolution guides for more information on how to gain started, and also exactly how to make money rapid.

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We’ll have more Jurassic World Evolution guides as we dive deeper into the game, so inspect ago later for more indevelopment and also strategy-based content.