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The 38-year-old rapper and his pregnant wife Kim Kardashian craburned the Amerideserve to Idol auditions in San Francisco on Saturday. After a minute of shock, the judges proceeded to treat West simply like any kind of other perboy auditioning for a spot on the last seachild of the singing competition show.

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After being asked his name and wbelow he was from, West rapped an a capella version of his hit song "Gold Digger." Props to him on the song selection, as the lyrics name drop judge Jennifer Lopez.

ET was at the auditions and also caught up through the judges backphase to obtain their reactions on the rapper"s surpclimb appearance. Keith Urban said West was a "excellent sport."

"When he came on, he simply sort of came in prefer an audition," the nation singer revealed. "I sassist, "Tell us your name, wright here are you from?" And he went ideal with it, which was excellent. I meant to ask him, "Are you married? Tell us a little around your household.""

Harry Connick, Jr. told ET that he did a twin take when West gone into the room.

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"I was looking off to the side at my phone or somepoint, and I observed a man that looked a lot choose Kanye West come in, and it turned out it was him," Connick, Jr. sassist. "We didn"t hear him sing -- he just did a little rapping. But as Keith shelp, he looks favor he can have a promising career after every one of this."

Lopez also delighted in West"s drop-in, calling the endure "nice" and also "really fun."

"It livened up the entirety location. We provided him a ticket -- he have the right to concerned Hollyhardwood if he wants," she joked. "You deserve to come, Kanye! I don"t know if you could"ve ever before gained there on your very own, however you have the right to gain there now!"

If this all appears like a gimmick, think aacquire. Idol"s organize, Ryan Seacrest, told ET that West"s audition wasn"t planned.

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" were at Barneys across the street as soon as they heard we were doing auditions," he said. "The judges didn"t understand he was going to come. He put on a number, and he perdeveloped a song."

Seacremainder likewise provided that West"s wife was backphase watching the whole time.

"Kim was a little nervous outside the door as she was waiting to view exactly how he would certainly carry out," Seacrest joked to ET. "But that was a surpclimb to the judges. I actually wasn"t sure they were coming either, yet when they walked through it was rather a minute."

Seacrest posted a hilarious photo of him mid-high-5 through West. "See u in Hollytimber
kanyewest," he tweeted. "(You as well

Kardashian also took to Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes photo of the Idol minute, writing: "SURPRISE!"


— Kim Kardashian West (
KimKardashian) October 11, 2015

West was in tvery own to attend an occasion supporting the Democratic Hope Fund, wbelow President Barack Obama offered Yeezy some advice on running for the oval office in 2020.

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Here"s West declaring his run for presidency while accepting the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards in late August.

Kanye West Declares He's Running for President During VMA Video Vanguard Speech

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