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Re-Up Gang Pusha(Looking for trouble, trouble, trouble)But you found it muthaf-ckerYesAll I watch is black roses, drug dealer posesShoveling that devil’s angel up they nosesNever let jail turn my Shyne right into MosesCouldn’t cleanse my spirit through them civil civil liberties sposesPanoramic roof, under glass choose a coasterBackseat driver, racial slurs at the chauffeurKillian loafers, Mikimoto chokes herPhoto-op this pricemuch less, framework our wanted postersThe audacity, war brings casualtyBitch have my son prior to I face that tragedyUgh, I order hits, she orders mahiR.I.P. Vivian Blake, shout out the shower posseGone!!!(You seek out problems)(Looking for trouble, trouble, trouble)But you uncovered it m-therf-ckerI’m right here, it’s the misogynyBad bitches massaging meSometimes we lowered our requirements at the collegesSo please don’t judge me, ugh, for the followingFat bitches swallowing, skinny bitches modelingTake of that Givenchy and let’s gain raunchyI have your face looking all Captain CruncyThe adversary continue to be testing’reason as soon as you chase the pussy it’s a sinBut if it drops in your lap it’s a blessingSoon as I acquired salad, I invested it all on dressingFrench, to be exact, that Balmajor was impressiveHad offered the major leathers (leathers, leathers, leathers)Cyhi, Cyhi, YeahBoy, we looking for troubleMaybe if we wasn’t black then we wouldn’t have struggledPlayer, all I acquired is trap n-ggas and also crooks in my huddleThey cook and also I smuggleGot twenty pounds of kush in the duffleSo I’m running with them circles,Boy I’m looking favor KnucklesLook at my knuckles, obtained the hook in ’cause n-ggas was lookingI’ve tooken some whoopings, so trust me, dog I’m good for a scuffleDon’t be mad I whooped your ass ’reason I’ve tooken a coupleFeds asking n-ggas inquiries but I wouldn’t rebuttal‘reason I’m Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m in the hood via the bubbleWith a tall design wide like I took her from RussellDidn’t play the cards I was dealt, I made the dealer re-shuffleRoyal Flush, so kiss my royal nutsAin’t nopoint silver spooned, I came from the soil, bruhBut currently I’m eating off of quite yellow goldExquiwebsite ravioli through some happy yellow hoesBut don’t acquire it puzzled when I rap these mellow flows‘reason all my Titos acquired bricks like a yellow roadGood, I carry out itB. I. G. Sean Don n-gga(But you found it mutherf-cker)BitchI’m in, that no-smoke sec’ rolling motherf-cking ouncesMarijuana mountains, drinks you’re not pronouncingThree chains on, I don’t need no bouncersNothing much less than a G stack’s in my trousers(Boy)New double-D’s smaburned in her blousesF-ck a hotel, my n-gga we rent residences (houses)My n-gga, we rent housesSo many wedding rings lost in them couchesI’m just a Westside loverI leave females in my sheets and also all my feelings in a rubberThis is showtime, showtime, boyI hope you collection the dvrStacking money challenge to challenge, dish it, look like cpr‘Ye invited me a seat to sit at the throneSo now I’m snapping favor yo’ ass just finimelted a poemDoes he sound choose ‘Ye, Jay, or Drizzy Drake?At the same time, I’m chilling with all these n-ggas, counting all this money you ain’tConsider yourself lucky to see a legfinish before the primeA killer before the crime, a huge before the DimeGreet me wit a middle finger as soon as you check out meIt’s cool, ’reason I can’t see yo’ ass from this side of the tv muthaf-ckerHey, Cole World, make method for the chosen oneWhat you now hear is putting fear in all the older onesDown played me to downgrade me choose they don’t alert sonYour shoes also significant also fill? I deserve to badepend squeeze my toes in ‘emF-cking hoes while teaching n-ggregarding host your sonsThis the rap Moses, scrape that, Mary and Joseph’s sonHigh as f-ck with a cold circulation and a loaded gunNever before say I’m much better than Hov, however I’m the closest oneHeard you trying to find trouble, what, I’m supposed to run?Yo’ bitch invited me inside her, ain’t I expected to c**?Got n-ggas that’ll blow your tee off, put a hole in oneNow you exterior of heaven’s gate, fronting choose you know someoneTalking difficult, however y’all still ain’t press meThey say you are what you eat, and I still ain’t pussyF-ck it, everybody deserve to gain itWhen you’re this warm, everybody’s a criticBut as soon as you’re this high everybody’s a midgetAll this intend mugging from n-ggas that mean nothingCould it be my place is one that you dreamed of?Went from quarter to broke to fifty percent past richWith my badass bitchAnd you don’t want no problems on some math class sh-tSo inspect the young genius outF-ck the World, bust a nut, and let my semen sproutI believed that real sh-t is what you been fifinishing ’boutWhat you been praying for? What you been screaming ’bout?Ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreaming ’bout