Kelly Clarkson kicked off her brand-new daytime talk display in style, by covering a nation classic.

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The pop hero has now end up being a bonafide TV organize by launching her very own series The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC in the States, and also she started her first episode by taking on the Queen of Country: Dolly Parton.

The previous American Idol winner perdeveloped a cover of '9 to 5' as part of a hilarious skit which also featured a cameo from Steve Carell.

Kelly commemorated functioning woguys in the clip, appearing as building and construction workers, waitresses, and also various other day-to-day employees to Dolly's iconic song around the mundanity of tasks.

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The 'Kellyoke' segment has actually become a favourite with fans currently after a week of shows, through Kelly also performing versions of Kelsea Ballerini's 'Miss Me More' and also Sia's 'Chandelier' among others.

Watch the full performance of '9 to 5' below:






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