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The groups were at the midsuggest of Thrasher magazine’s acclaimed adventure series, King of the Road (KOTR) in Why’s America so Big? The teams all converged for midway meetup difficulties at Havasu CIty, Arizona in the Thrash-lympics, and also the arrival of the much-anticipated Mystery Guests.

Deathwish and enjoi knocked out a bunch of obstacle tricks for points at Tempe skatepark once enjoi rolled up in their team van. Teams have actually been watching their backs in anticipation of difficulties that affiliated hitting an enemy with vienna saintake (a meanie weenie) or giving a wedgie. Louie Barletta opted to go commando so that opposing groups will certainly only “grab butt hair.”

Creature was initially still in the Phoenix, Arizona location doing city obstacles through Jaws (Aaron Homoki) and his dad. They skated at the Wedge Skatepark trying to land five certain tricks which they did with ease for the many component. Kevin Baekkel took on the obstacle to acquire a trick dvery own the whole ledge from the top, which was just a preview of tricks to come.

When somebody does something they’ve never done prior to, that feeling of rolling amethod from a trick--that’s King of the Road. That’s what’s rad.- Louie Barletta (Team enjoi)

Challenge tricks were happening rapid-fire and some gave a nod to skate masters: darkside drop & roll and a frontside half cab sal flip. Text came via for all KOTR groups to satisfy up at the skatepark at Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the border of Arizona and also California for midmeans challenges, brand-new city obstacles, and to meet the mystery guests. Tright here were Thrash-lympic trials in honor skateboarding going to the Olympics via Andy Roy in full regalia as referee. Each team obtained a box complete through customized team onesies but Team enjoi came onto the concrete with singlets on over their street clothes. Creature won the scooter toss and also Jamie Foy took Best Trick on the rail, leaving all of the crews spellbound.

This year for the Mystery Guests we chose three of the the majority of badass girls on boards we might uncover. - Michael Burnett, Thrasher Magazine, KOTR creator

The Mystery Guests joined their teams: Lacey Baker, Team Deathwish; Nora Vasconcellos, Team Creature; and Samarria Brevard, Team enjoi. Andy Roy had actually to vomit; the anticipation as the women rode in on Jetskis was simply as well much. Once the Mystery Guests were on board, the Thrash-lympics resumed via a crazy relay.

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The antics at the skatepark continued through insane tricks banged out: board swap hippie jump, switch front crooks varial flip, and also back tail to inward heel to name a few. Neen Williams landed the Biggest Heelflip difficulty in signature Neen WIlliams style and ease. Andy Roy regaled everyone via his eponymous Roy-al Flush (540 eggplant on transition) If that wasn’t rad sufficient, Jackchild Pilz (Team enjoi) dialed in the Roy-al Flush himself, then Pilz and also Roy did the trick in stereo. Absolute poeattempt.

I think having been on King of the Roadway before is an benefit. I understand exactly how weird and awkward things have the right to obtain. - Lacey Baker, Team Deathwish

The groups gained their next destinations and alengthy the means, quit to go for significant tricks on a massive rail in Riverside, California. Creature gained to the spot initially and Kevin Baekkel slid dvery own the 36-stair rail offering all viewers vertigo and jaw-dropping rush as he rolled away. The revelry was interrupted by legislation enforcement officials. Enjoi made it to the rail later on, discovered evidence that Creature currently had succeeded tbelow, so Jackboy Pilz, going for MVP did a feeble grind down the rail. Louie Barletta encapsulated it: “We should’ve had actually a radar gun on you dude. That might be the initially time anyone got speed wobbles on a rail. That’s insane!”

There’s more Thrasher King of the Road as the epic unfolds. Watch on Viceland also Thursdays at 9:30p.m. ET— catch up or binge at Viceland also or Thrasher.





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