Our Hearthstone Frozen Throne guide has the height decks for the meta, mission walkthroughs, cards and more!

In simply a week or 2 from now we"ll have the ability to begin acquiring stuck into Knights of the Frozen Throne, the 6th expansion for Hearthstone. This is a brand-new expansion with a decidedly frosty feel to it, and actually brings back quite a couple of memories of Naxxramas from what we"ve checked out of the 135 incoming cards so much.

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Not only is Deathrattle making a large appearance in the new collection, we"re additionally gaining undead versions of each and also eextremely hero - completely via new hero powers - via a distinct set of Legendary cards. Ever provided cards that converted damages into self-healing? This now has a proper keyword - Lifesteal - and also you have the right to suppose to check out the mechanic sprinkled liberally throughout the set.

In our enormous Knights of the Frozen Throne overview, you"ll discover a finish breakdvery own of every little thing that"s so much been confirmed by Blizzard. Eexceptionally card and eextremely last scrap of information about the obstacles ahead of us is being added as it"s revealed, so make sure you examine ago for everyday updates!

UPDATE - 10.08.17

We"ve obtained almost a dozen deck guides prepared for the launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne, and while they"ll adjust a great deal in the coming days and weeks they will certainly nevertheless carry out an excellent jumping off suggest. There"s a good mix of aggro and manage, old and also new in tbelow, and also we"ll keep updating these just as fast as we deserve to - have actually fun!

Frozen Throne: Decks

In this area of our overview you"ll be able to uncover the latest Frozen Throne deck guides, as and once they"re publiburned. Check back regularly for updates throughout the launch home window and beyond:










Frozen Throne: Missions

Our Frozen Throne Mission guide web page, through beginning dates for each of the 3 wings, is live now. To protect against cluttering this article we"ll be including walkwith and methods for eexceptionally enrespond to on that exact same page.

Frozen Throne: FAQ

Here"s a just-the-facts look at the announcement, via every one of the core details around what to suppose from the next expansions. After this we"ve acquired a closer look at some of the finer details:

The following Hearthrock development will be released on Thursday 10th August.Tbelow will certainly be a complete of 135 new cards to collect when Knights of the Frozen Throne goes live.Eextremely hero in the game will acquire a brand-new Death Knight version of themselves! After transcreating using a Legendary Hero Card, you"ll acquire accessibility to a brand-new hero power.Tright here will certainly be an adundertaking component to the expansion which is set in the Icecrvery own Citadel. Tbelow will certainly be 3 wings to check out, finishing in a showdvery own via the Lich King himself! Completing each wing will reward you via a card pack, and you"ll additionally acquire one of those Legendary Hero Cards for completing the Prologue.A brand-new mechanic - Lifesteal - is being included to the game. This is rather a familiar result and also converts damage into healing, but it now has actually a correct name and also many new associated cards.

Here"s the reveal video itself if you missed it the first time about.

Frozen Throne: Cards

Here"s a hero by hero look at all of the new cards coming in Knights of Frozen Throne:

Neutral cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsAcherus VeteranDeadrange KnightWretched TillerFallen Sun ClericTuskarr FishermanTainted ZealotDeathspeakerVrygoulHyldnir FrostriderGrave ShamblerWicked SkeletonNight HowlerGrim NecromancerBloodwormCobalt ScalebaneSkelemancerSunborne Val"kyrVenomancerNecrotic GeistSpellweaverBonemareHappy GhoulMindbreakerShenable GravediggerKeening BansheePhantom FreebooterSaronite Chain GangTicking AbominationCorpse RaiserBone DrakeDrakkari EnchanterCorpsetakerDeathaxe PunisherMeat WagonRattling RascalTomb LurkerFurnacefire ColossusNerubian UnravelerSkulking GeistPrince KelesethPrince TaldaramArfusPrince ValanarThe Lich King
Snowflipper Penguin

Druid cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsCrypt LordStrongshell ScavengerDruid of the SwarmFatespinnerHadronox
Spreading Plague
Ultimate Infestation
Malfurion the Pestilent

Hunter cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsBearsharkStitched TrackerExploding BloatbatCorpse WidowAbominable BowmanProfessor Putricide
Play Dead
Venomstrike Trap
Toxic Arrow
Deathstalker Rexxar

Mage cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsColdwraithIce WalkerDoomed ApprenticeGhastly ConjurerSindragosa
Breath of Sindragosa
Frost Clone
Glacial Mysteries
Frost Lich Jaina

Paladin cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsRighteous DefenderHowling CommanderArrogant CrusaderBlackguardBolvar, Fireblood
Dark ConvictionLight"s Sorrow
Chillblade ChampionDespeprice Stand
Uther of the Ebon Blade

Priest cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsAcolyte of AgonyShadow AscendantObsidian StatueArchbishop BenedictusShadow EssenceShadowreaping machine Anduin
Spirit Lash
Eternal Servitude
Devour Mind
Embrace Darkness

Rogue cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsPlague ScientistRunecreate HaunterSpectral PillagerLilian Voss
Leeching PoisonShadowblade
Bone BaronRoll the Bones
Valeera the Hollow

Shaguy cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsBrrrlocVoodoo HexxerSnowfury GiantMoorabi
Ice FishingIce Breaker
Drakkari DefenderAvalanche
Thrall, Deathseer

Warlock cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsSanguine RevelerHowlfiendDespicable DreadlordGnomeferatuBlood-Queen Lana"thel
Drain Soul
Unwilling Sacrifice
Bloodreaver Gul"dan

Warrior cards - Frozen Throne

MinionsSpellsWeaponsAnimated BerserkerVal"kyr SoulclaimerDeath RevnantRotface
Forge of SoulsBlood Razor
Mountainfire ArmorBring It On!
Dead Man"s Hand
Scourgelord Garrosh

Because the main disclose, we"ve had some clarifications on just how some of these new cards will certainly work:

Hero cards will certainly be available to draft in Arena.Hero cards are not classified as spell cards and so cannot be blocked via cards prefer Counterspell.Any class in Hearthrock deserve to make use of any kind of Hero card although we imagine synergies will be sub-optimal as an outcome.All Hero cards will certainly provide you five points of Armor once put into play.

Here are a couple of added clarifications regarding Deathstalker Rexxar in particular:

Any Beast you played earlier on that expense even more than 5 Mana will not form component of the Discoincredibly process, as this would certainly bring about a minion that cost even more than 10 Mana.You have actually an equal possibility of getting a Neutral or Hunter Beastern course of card to select from.Keep in mind that you just receive the bonus message from the first Beastern you select. For the second you just get the bonus stats.Frozen Throne: New heroes

The rumour mill had actually it that we"d be gaining a brand brand-new and also original hero for the summer growth, but it transforms out that eincredibly existing hero is receiving an undead makeover instead.

Hero Cards permit your continual hero of alternative to revolve right into a Death Knight version of themselves. Your hero portrait and also hero power is reput, a specific Battlecry will certainly be actors - different for each hero - and you"ll obtain a big old dollop of armour also.

Malfurion the Pestilent

The Druid"s Legendary Hero card is Malfurion the Pestilent. This is a 7 Mana spell which transforms your hero and also additionally grants five points of Armor. You"ll additionally have to pick in between summoning 2 Poisonous Spiders (through 1 / 2 of stats) or 2 Scarabs (via 1 / 5 stats) with Taunt.

Your brand-new hero power is referred to as Plague Lord. It prices 2 Mana, and allows you to either obtain +3 Attack on the present rotate, or 3 permanent points of Armor.


Deathstalker Rexxar

Deathstalker Rexxar is the first Death Knight hero to be revealed. It expenses 6 Mana to play this card and when you perform so you"ll dish out two points of damages to all enemy minions and also get five points of Armor also. It is a Legendary quality card and also it seems reasonable to assume that the various other hero cards will additionally share this rarity.

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Your Hunter hero power becomes Build-a-Beast. This starts a Find Out process wright here you"ll need to item together the stats of two former friendly minions. The resulting card is then added to your hand, all set to be played. The Mana costs of the resulting card have actually yet to be revealed.


Here"s a video of Deathstalker Rexxar actually being played - skip to about 0:50 to acquire to this hero. This have to give you a far better principle of exactly how the new hero form plays out!