Why yes, Kylie Jenner, your lip gloss color is "So Cute." Kylie Jenner"s new Kylie Gloss, called "So Cute," is a pinky peach nude —the type her substantial sis Kim Kardashian favors. It uses blinding shine and also is the lightest of the 3 brand-new gloss colors that Jenner debuted in a music video. It"s also the color that she herself wore in the clip.

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The glosses are apparently collection to go on sale this particular day, April 1. While her mega matte Lip Kits remajor a hot building, the truth star is presenting a new product to her cosmetics selection. She is kickstarting a trfinish as opposed to adhering to it.

While the super shiny lips trfinish of the at an early stage "00s has waned as matte texture asserted its prominence, Jenner is bringing gloss back with 3 neutral shades. Similar to her initially trio of Lip Kits —Candy K, Dolce K, and also True Brvery own K— were suede-like neutrals, her first trifecta of glosses is the exact same in regards to shades. But absolutely not in texture!

I expect the Kylie Glosses to break the Net as soon as they go on sale, because that"s what happens eexceptionally single time Lip Kits are restocked. Yes, it"s easier to discover a super shiny, added wet gloss formula than a stay-put yet moisturizing matte on the mass sector. But these colors are majorly legit.

If you try and also shop the pretty and also pale "So Cute" and also are met through a sellout or an Internet overfill, don"t worry. Turn that frown upside down and also paint it with any type of of these seven equivalent shades. They are not exact dupes, yet they come cshed.

These So Cute subs may differ a little bit, based on your natural lip and also skin tones and the amount of coats you use. But they all come really close and also are gorge in their own means.

1. NARS Chelsea Girls


NARS Lip Gloss in Chelsea Girls, $26, Sephora

Chelsea Girls is pinky x peachy perfection... favor So Cute.

2. Armour Beauty Edie


Armour Beauty Opaque Collection Lip Gloss in Edie , $24, Beautylish

This indie, gloss-just brand supplies an opaque, creamy, peach x beige. Plus it smells like vanilla and grapefruit. Mmm!

3. MAC Mineralize Glass Lap Dog


Mineralize Glass in Lap Dog, $23, MAC

So Cute so mimics this milky, pale, and pinky nude.

4. MAC Lustreglass Love Nectar


Lustreglass in Love Nectar, $15, MAC

You will be "so cute" once you shimmer and shine via this pbeforehand apricot shade.

5. MAC Lipglass Signs of Spring


Lipglass in Signs of Spring , $17, MAC

The point about So Cute is that it"s pretty pale, favor Signs of Spring.

6. Too Faced Melted Sugar

Too Faced Melted Lipstick In Sugar , $21, Sephora

The intense, powdery shade will perform the trick prefer So Cute would do the trick.

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7. NYX Butter Gloss Fortune Cookie

NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie , $5, Ulta

This true nude will certainly melt right into your lips!

If you miss out on the premiere of the Kylie Glosses, specifically So Cute, you deserve to substitute with these shades. Yes, the intensity varies based on the previously mentioned tones and the "exactly how many type of coats" aspect. That sassist, these need to obtain you on your method to super pale, peach x nude x pink glosses lips.