1 : a item of paper, fabric, or comparable material that is attached to somepoint to determine or describe it The name is prominently shown on the label. You have to check out the warning label prior to you take any type of medicine. (US) a mailing label <=a piece of paper with a mailing attend to currently published on it>

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2 : a word or phrase that defines or identifies somepoint or someone Words was offered the label "obsolete." Some human being describe him as "selfish," yet he doesn"t deserve that label. Once you provide human being labels, it"s difficult to view them as individuals.
3 : a agency that produces musical recordings a major/independent document label The band has actually made documents for/on/through several various labels in their career.
1a : a slip (as of paper or cloth) inscribed and also afsolved to something for identification or description The name is prominently displayed on the label.
b : written or printed issue accompanying an short article to furnish identification or other information Read the warning label prior to taking any type of medicine.
(2) : a word or expression supplied via a dictionary interpretation to provide additional information The label obsolete is abbreviated obs.
b : the brand also name of a retail save selling garments, a apparel manufacturer, or a fashion designer She just buys garments via a designer label.
labeled or labelled; labeling or labelling ˈlā-​b(ə-​)liŋ
b : to define or designate via or as if through a label labels his photos with the day and area they were taken
2a : to differentiate (an aspect or atom) by utilizing an isotope (check out isotope feeling 1) distinctive in some manner (as in mass or radioactivity)
b : to distinguish (somepoint, such as a compound or cell) by presenting a traceable constituent (such as a dye or labeled atom)

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labelable ˈlā-​bə-​lə-​bəl adjective
labeler ˈlā-​b(ə-​)lər noun

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Noun The name is prominently displayed on the label. You need to check out the warning label prior to you take any kind of medication. The word was given the label “obsolete.” Some world define him as “selfish,” however he doesn"t deserve that label. Once you provide civilization labels, it"s difficult to see them as individuals. The band has actually made records for several various labels in their career. Verb Be certain to very closely label the switches so that you do not confuse them. He labels his photographs through the date and location they were taken.

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Recent Instances on the Web: Noun One application usually gives good control, following label instructions. — Tom Maccubbin, orlandosentinel.com, 21 Aug. 2021 Note that every one of the chemicals may not be available to homeowners, and also, assuming all other mechanisms are not effective, should be used only in accordance through label directions. — oregonlive, 21 Aug. 2021 Even much better yet, there"s also a sustainable angle to the label, as Johnrock upcycles vintage Carhartt or Dickies and also then offers them a brand new, one-of-a-sort feel. — Christian Allair, Vogue, 8 Aug. 2021 Long, unannounced hiatsupplies seem commonplace with TDE artists; Lamar likewise went ghold after the release of his 2012 significant label dehowever great son, m.A.A.d. city. — Cydney Lee, Vulture, 30 July 2021 The prize has cash, career assistance, publicity, performance engagements, an artist-in-residence short article at the University of Indianapolis and a recording contract via the Steinmeans & Sons label. — Domenica Bongiovanni, The Indianapolis Star, 16 July 2021 All will certainly be contending for a prize package that has $75,000, a New York recital, management solutions, and a recording on the Steinway & Sons label. — Zachary Lewis, cleveland, 4 July 2021 Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep is their initially release with the label Transgressive documents, which Mykki signed to previously this year. — Jeff Ihaza, Rolling Stone, 28 June 2021 Wegovy is equivalent to the diabetes drug Ozempic, which is currently being prescribed off-label for weight loss. — Jonathan Lapook, CBS News, 10 June 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Biegel will clearly be sidelined for an extensive period, but the Dolphins label him day-to-day. — Omar Kelly, sun-sentinel.com, 17 Aug. 2021 Investigators attempt to identify and label funds on the blockchain to save track of them. — Washington Post, 9 July 2021 Founded by Verona Marie around the 3 Fs — Fierce & Fearless Females — Malionne is a hair accessories label dedicated to trying out each personality via accessorizing and utilizing its platform to inspire all and to make the civilization a much better area. — Angela Lei, Forbes, 12 May 2021 Hubbard was absolutely grandiose, but to label him just a fraud is to disregard the intricacy of his character. — Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, 9 Aug. 2021 Brewing within the storm is a draft via the appropriate rotation, size, depth and duration for Doppler radar to label it as a mesocyclone: the precursor to a tornaperform. — Leslie Nemo, Scientific American, 3 Aug. 2021 But even some researchers that are enthusiastic about the importance of studying mitochondrial interactions still hesitate to label them as social. — Quanta Magazine, 6 July 2021 This series impeccably mixes the funny through the tragic in life and also in an effort to label it terms such as dramedy, tragicomedy and traumedy have actually been supplied. — Dana Feldguy, Forbes, 23 June 2021 Thompchild has previously been open up around her attraction to multiple genders, declining to label herself. — Zoe Haylock, Vulture, 25 May 2021

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