The Last of Us 2 is an incredibly violent game that kills off a variety of characters throughout the story, and also right here is everyone that dies.

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the last of us 2 all deaths
The original Last of Us starts through a shocking fatality, as Joel has to cope via the fatality of his daughter ideal at the begin of the outbreak that would certainly go on to lug about the end of the world as we recognize it. Death has actually been a regular layout throughout the series since the beginning, but The Last of Us 2 takes points to the following level, killing off major personalities left and also right in some of the the majority of shocking, grisly methods feasible.

Obviously this post will have MAJOR SPOILERS for The Last of Us 2, so anyone that has actually yet to play the game and also doesn"t desire spoiled need to turn earlier now.

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Here are all the significant character deaths in The Last of Us 2, in order of once players view them occur in the game.


Within the initially few hours of The Last of Us 2, Joel, the protagonist of the initially game, suffers a grisly finish at the hands of Abby. Throughout the course of the game, players learn that Abby"s father was the surgeon that was going to operate on Ellie at the finish of the initially game, and also he was murdered by Joel. While her friends organize him dvery own, Abby beats Joel to fatality making use of a golf club. It"s a shocking, horrific minute and also sets the tone for the rest of the game.


It"s not just essential human beings that wind up dead in The Last of Us 2. Ellie"s equine Shimmer dies while she and Dina are trying out Seattle. First Shimmer is hurt by a WLF explosive gadget, and also then she is shot in the head by a WLF member.

One of Abby"s friends that assisted kill Joel, Jordan leaves Jackboy with a svehicle thanks to Ellie"s knife. Ellie is later on caught by Jordan and other members of the Washington Liberation Front (likewise known as Wolves), yet she is able to stick a shard of glass into Jordan"s neck, killing him and saving her girlfriend Dina in the procedure.

Nora is a clinical worker for the Wolves that is found by Ellie at a Seattle hospital. Ellie pursues Nora throughout the hospital, through the two of them inevitably finishing up in a spore-ridden section of the building. Without a gas mask, Nora starts to succumb to the virus. Ellie tortures her to get indevelopment on Abby"s whereabouts, and it"s unclear if Nora dies from the spores or at the hands of Ellie.

Nora"s indevelopment leads Ellie to the aquarium in Seattle that Owen has made into his second house. Ellie is attacked by the group"s dog Alice upon arrival, that is then sadly stabbed to death.

Ellie confronts both Owen and also Mel, and also while Owen battles for Ellie"s gun, she punches him in the face and also shoots him in the torso. A few moments later on, Owen bleeds out from his wounds.


Enraged by Owen"s death, Mel lunges at Ellie via a knife. After a short struggle, Ellie is able to pin Mel to the ground and then stabs her in the throat. Owen then supplies his dying breath to point out to Ellie that Mel was pregnant, leaving her mortified.

After Ellie exacts revenge on virtually all of Joel"s killers, minus Abby, it"s chose that the group will be returning to Jackchild. However, Abby reflects up unexpectedly, attacking Tommy and shooting Jesse in the head.

Manny is one of Abby"s closest friends in The Last of Us 2, and he helps her throughout the game. He additionally spits on Joel"s corpse soon after he"s killed by Abby, however Ellie isn"t actually the one that gets revenge on him. Manny and also Abby finish up pinned dvery own by a sniper attacking the Wolves, later on reveabrought about be Joel"s brvarious other Tommy, and he winds up gaining shot with the head. More particularly, Manny is swarm via his eye, a parallel to how Tommy"s eye ends up being permanently damaged after being swarm by Abby.

Even though the Wolves and also Seraphites (additionally well-known as "Scars") are at battle in The Last of Us 2, Abby befriends Yara and her brvarious other Lev, and attempts to lead them to safety. Yara first has actually her arm broken by an angry Seraphite looking to punish her and Lev for breaking the rules of their religious beliefs, and also she has to have it surgically rerelocated. Yara"s troubles don"t end tbelow, as later she is swarm to death by Wolves.


Wolves leader Isaac runs into Abby and Lev on the Seraphite island, and is incredibly almost around to gun her down simply to kill Lev. However before, Yara, that is barely clinging on to life, manages enough toughness to shoot Isaac in the ago, presumably killing him. Isaac"s fatality isn"t confirmed through 100% certainty in The Last of Us 2, yet till we have actually confirmation otherwise, it does seem as though he is in fact dead.

The Last of Us 2 is out currently, specifically for PlayStation 4.

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