The Hamilton star moves to the significant display in Kenneth Branagh"s starry remake of the timeless mystery, out this month.

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Leslie Odom Jr. stars in the remake of Murder on the Orient Expush, out November 10. The original, released in 1974, was nominated for six Academy Awards.
Leslie Odom Jr. doesn’t seem like the kind to obtain phase fright. After all, he has released two albums, performed with full symphony orchestras, and had actually functions on TV series including The Good Wife and Law & Order: SVU. And his revolve in Hamilton—he originated the part of Aaron Burr—won him a legion of fans as well as a Grammy and a Tony.

Still, the 36-year-old says it was daunting to join Murder on the Orient Express, a star-studded remake of the 1974 film based on Agatha Christie’s mystery classic, out November 10.

“It was favor being back in college,” he says of his role as the stuffy Dr. Arbuthnot—a function initially played by Sean Connery—in the movie, which was directed by Kenneth Branagh and also likewise stars Johnny Depp and also Judi Dench. “You step on a soundstage via a pen and also paper and also you take notes.”

Branagh, that cast Odom as among a group of strangers that become suspects in the death of a fellow passenger, claims his star had actually no factor to feel intimidated. The director describes him as “charming, cool, and martini-dry witty.”


Today, however, Odom is trying to hide his fatigue. Besides working on an inspirational book based upon lectures he has actually provided to students (Odom is himself an alum of Carnegie Mellon), he has just went back from the collection of an upcoming film directed by the pop singer Sia. He sinks right into a leather club chair in his Culver City residence, sighs, and also takes stock of his success, professional and individual. Movie stardom aside, Odom and also his wife are paleas to newborn daughter Lucille, and he breaks into a smile at the point out of her name.

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“I look at images of me looking at her, and I don’t acknowledge myself,” he states. “I make a giddy face I don’t frequently watch.” Thanks to his high-profile projects, though, Odom, whose work was honored by the Princess Grace Foundation in 2016 with the Princess Grace Statue, isn’t in danger of going unknown by others. And when the conversation transforms to the unavoidable film adaptation of Hamilton, he’s as enthusiastic as any type of fan.

“I hope I’m not as well old to throw my hat in the ring,” he states. “Burr was the role of a lifetime, and if that just happens as soon as in a career, you’re blessed. It might never take place aget, however I’m going to save trying.”

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