We take a look at some of the prevalent problems that plague LG G4 owners, and also market potential services on exactly how to solve them.

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While the upgrades to the LG G4 have actually been greatly evolutionary in nature when compared to its predecessors, what LG has managed to accomplish by sticking to their winning formula is a flagship gadget that attempts to sell every little thing. The LG G4 retains aspects of both its previous flagships, the G Flex 2 and the G3, with its subtle curve to the screen, and of course, LG’s signature rear switch layout, in addition to the gadget continuing to come through attributes that are not available via rather most existing flagships such as a removable battery and expandable storage. LG’s attempts at uniqueness come in the form of a slew of earlier cover alternatives, including leather in a range of colors, making for a maker that really does seem to have it all.

That said, the LG G4, choose any other smartphone or tablet out tright here, is not without its concerns. Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the common troubles that torment LG G4 users, and market potential options on exactly how to settle them.

Disclaimer: Not every LG G4 owner will certainly face these worries, and also it is actually even more than likely that you won’t come throughout any kind of of the difficulties detailed below.


Touchscreen issues with the LG G4 are quite the widespread problem, through the device frequently not registering taps and also swipes, occasionally happening via a delayed response, producing difficulties through utilizing functions choose Knock Code. Some individuals have actually also complained of totality sections, largely up peak, not functioning at all, making it difficult to access the notice dropdvery own. Users have additionally discovered the default LG key-board to be very laggy.

Potential solutions

To watch whether you are dealing with any type of problems via the touchdisplay screen, open up the Dialer and also enter 277634#*# or 3845#*Model# (wright here version is the version of the tool, e.g. 811, 815, etc.) to enter the Service Menu. Go to Device Test – Service Menu – Manual Test – Touch Draw Test – Manual. Now you can touch, tap, and swipe on the test location and also watch for any type of missed touches, shown by the absence of a red note in that location.As much as the LG Keyboard lag is concerned, LG is rolling out a software application update to tackle this difficulty, and also this appears to have actually alleviated the worry. If you haven’t obtained this upday, you can attempt a third-party key-board from the Google Play Store, but some individuals have actually reported comparable problems via these also.Some customers have uncovered the concern to alleviate or go away entirely by utilizing “Force GPU Rendering” in the Developer Options. To unlock these settings, go to Setups – General – About Phone – Software Info and tap on the build number continuously till you view the “You are now a developer” message. Now go to Developer Options in the Settings food selection, and activate Force GPU Rendering.For some individuals that have provided display screen protectors, the solve has been as basic as just rerelocating it.For those users finding whole sections of the display screen unresponsive to touch, this is likely a hardware fault, and picking up a replacement may be your just option.

Problem #2 – Notification LED issues


Some individuals have reported that the notification LED of their LG G4 keeps flashing randomly, also when no notice has been received. Others have likewise found that it proceeds to bconnect even after dislacking the notification.

Potential solutions

Some individuals have uncovered the trouble to occur after receiving notifications from third-party messaging apps choose Whatsapplication. You can try removing any kind of such app and view if the problem persists. Of course, you will certainly require the application inevitably, so this isn’t really a resolve, however a way to test if that is the cause. A future upday from LG or the application creator have to then help resolve the problem.If nothing else functions, you carry out have actually the alternative to revolve off the LED entirely, by going to Setups – Sound & Notification – Notification LED.

Problem #3 – Performance issues


While most LG G4 owners are happy with the performance of the tool, some individuals have reported that the device takes a few secs to start when making use of double tap to wake or Knock Code, and tbelow is a noticeable stutter when switching between apps.

Potential solutions

A rogue app could be the cause for any stutter or lag. Boot the device into Safe Mode (you can uncover the instructions on how to perform so below) and see if the difficulty persists. If not, an application is the concern. You deserve to then either delete the last few apps you have may have set up prior to the trouble began, or percreate a factory reset and also begin over, even though that is recommended only as a worst-situation scenario, considering that you will certainly lose all your data.LG packs a lot of functions right into the software program endure like Dual Window, the QSlide apps, Smart Bulletin, Smart Notice, and more. Disabling these, just if you don’t use them often of course, can carry out a boost in performance.

Problem #4 – Charging issues

Some customers have actually uncovered the LG G4 to be charging a lot slower than intended, and also others have actually had actually problems finding the right charger to take advantage of the device’s quick-charging capabilities.

Potential solutions

The charging seems to sluggish dvery own substantially as soon as the display screen is on, so it can be ideal to not usage the tool while it is plugged in, and also rather wait for it to be fully charged.

Problem #5 – Overheating issues

While not as common as is the instance via devices out tbelow that are powered by the Snapdragon 810, some customers of the LG G4 have noticed the gadget acquiring uncomfortably heat, also while not performing any type of processor-intensive tasks.

Potential solutions

Using a power saver mode when the device is heating up helps to cool it dvery own faster.If you have actually a instance on, it could help to take it off before doing anypoint processor-intensive, such as gaming.Let the tool cool down for a while as soon as it starts to gain uncomfortably warmth, before proceeding anypoint you might have been doing.A rogue app may be the reason for worry. Boot into Safe Mode and also see if the trouble persists. Uninstall the last few apps you have actually downloaded prior to the trouble started, and view if that fixes it. Otherwise, in excessive cases, you may need to perdevelop a factory recollection.

Problem #6 – Connectivity issues

Connectivity concerns are rather prevalent as soon as acquiring a new tool, and also listed below are the basic actions you deserve to follow as soon as dealing with difficulties through connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

Potential solutions

Wi-Fi Issues

Turn off the router that you’re using and also the phone, and wait for a while before turning them ago on.Go to the Wi-Fi settings on the gadget and forobtain the wanted netjob-related, prior to entering the details aget from scratch.Disable Power Saving Setting via Setups. Find the MAC resolve for the phone by going into Settings – About Phone and also ensure it is known by your rexternal.

Bluetooth Issues

Make sure that no power conserving mode is allowed.Start by turning the Bluetooth on your device off and also ago on again.If the trouble continues, clear the cache for Bluetooth by going to the Bluetooth Settings.Restart the phone after clearing the data and cache.If the Bluetooth tool conserves multiple prodocuments, you might have actually got to the limit for the variety of prorecords it have the right to conserve. Delete old and also unoffered prodocuments, and also try establishing up the connection as soon as aacquire from scratch.

Soft and also tough resets, booting in safe mode, and more

When all else stops working, occasionally troubleshooting needs additional actions like booting into safe mode, soft reestablishing the tool, or even doing a difficult reset. Below are the guides on just how to percreate some key attributes on the LG G4, including soft reset, factory recollection, booting right into Safe Mode, and also just how to access the hardware key regulate mode.

Soft reset

When the screen is not responsive, press and organize the power button for 10 seconds, till the gadget restarts.Alternately, you deserve to additionally pull the battery to shut dvery own the phone.

Hard reset

Turn the device off.Press and host the power button and the volume down key simultaneously, and also when the LG logo is shown, release only the power button, and then immediately press the power button aget, and wait till the factory recollection menu comes up.Press the power switch to continue, or the volume keys to cancel.

Booting into Safe Mode

Turn off the phone and also rebegin it. When the LG logo shows up, push and hold the volume down key till you see the home display screen, which have to take it right into Safe Mode.When the phone is on, press and also organize the power button till the shutdvery own alternatives appear. Press and also organize the “Power off” alternative till a confirmation pops up and also tap OK. This will certainly boot the device right into Safe Setting.

Hardware manage mode

If the screen of the phone is damaged or damaged, you deserve to still perdevelop some fundamental features utilizing the hardware butloads.

Turn off the phone.Press and host the power switch and both volume keys together for more than 10 seconds to permit the hardware essential manage mode.Press the volume keys to scroll to the option you desire, and push the power button to confirm.To answer a call, you have the right to currently press both volume keys at the very same time to carry out so.to end a contact, press the power switch during the contact.To stop the alarm, push and host the volume secrets together as soon as the alarm rings.

So, tbelow you have it for this roundup of some of the prevalent difficulties that plague LG G4 owners, and some potential solutions on exactly how to settle them. Do let us know if these solutions have actually functioned for you, or if you’ve had any other troubles come up, and we will certainly update the list over.

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If you require even more assist with troubleshooting your LG G4, or have actually any kind of inquiries concerned the tool, you’ll likewise want to be certain to examine out our official forums!

For those on the fence about acquiring an LG G4, don’t let any kind of of the above difficulties deter you. Many of these issues are rare, and also have the right to often be fixed through a small patience. It’s likewise worth noting that you might run right into comparable scenarios via simply around eexceptionally new device you gain, as these kinds of issues are regularly widespread, especially quickly after an equipment first launches.