Before tackling this dungeon, be certain to bring alengthy bombs; the truth you have to use a bomb to uncover the entrance is a clue they’ll be vital. Upon stepping inside, the first point you’ll realise is that it’s dark. Well, it is the “Dark” Palace after all… Flash out your lamp so you have the right to view even more ahead. In the initially room (1F south), there’s a chasm ahead and also many kind of unlit torch blocks throughout the room. In typical Zelda fashion, you would certainly light all the torches and mean somepoint magical to occur, like a platform bridging the chasm. Not right here though! In truth, in the future, you will want to put out torches also.

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To start via, make your means to the top-right edge and bomb the cracked wall ahead; then go with (to 1F centre) and collect 5 rupees from the chest, prior to returning. Next off (1F south), head for the top-left corner, all the way across the room and also drop a bomb beside the round switch. Run back to the entrance and action on the platcreate via a circular pattern ahead.

When the bomb activates the round switch, the platform will relocate up across the chasm; at its location, gain off prior to it retransforms down. Should you must rerevolve down, walk left and also strike the round switch through the wall.


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Helmasaurs are defended by a steel mask and charge at Link. You can wait for them to charge, then sideaction out of the means, before hitting their ago. For an much easier time, fire the hookswarm at their mask to pull it off, making them fragile from all sides. You can likewise stun them through the Hammer’s shock wave or Tornacarry out Rod or use a bomb to blow up their mask.

On the other side you’ll be in front of a tightly-shut door, with a disturbing eyesphere to the left and also some kind of black circle to the appropriate. You can’t perform anything with the eyesphere, so clearly you need to do somepoint to the black circle. Look up and also you may notice there’s a beam of light shining from a home window and also onto the eyeball; on the appropriate, there looks to be a closed home window through a hint of light coming with. Stand also facing the closed home window and also cast the Fire Rod ahead to burn the planks blocking the window–light will shine listed below, activating the eyeball to the appropriate. The door ahead will now open.

In the next room (1F centre), there’s a narrowhead route ahead and also platcreates to the left and right–the right platcreate has a chest that you opened up previously. Light the nearby torch and also something strange will certainly happen–the platform to the left will certainly vanish.Put out the torch flame through your sword and also the platcreate will certainly return.

For now; store the torch lit so you deserve to view ahead. Walk up, throughout the narrow path and watch out for a Helmasaur approaching. At the finish is a locked door; it’s extremely likely somewhere in this room is a crucial you have the right to usage to progress.

Head for the top-left corner and step on the floor switch to make a Small Key appear in the bottom-left corner. Before going all over, plant a bomb on the cracked floor tiles below to ruin them, especially the tile where the beam of light is falling.

At this point; you may not realise the definition of this activity, yet it will certainly save you time later. Wait a couple of moments and the torches will go off, plunging the room back into darkness. Still at the top-left edge, you have to alert eerie wave trends on the wall surfaces moving in a addressed direction.


With luck you will land on the platcreate through the Small Key; go ahead and also grab it. Next, merge earlier right into the wall and continue left to go back to the entrance of the room. From right here, head up towards the locked door and thrust the key inside to open up it.

The next room (1F north) is dark and tbelow aren’t any type of torches instantly nearby. From the entrance, head dvery own the stairs to the appropriate and light the torch at the finish prior to the darkness drives you insane. Next off, walk left a few paces and speak prior to gaining flattened by a huge cannonround coming from over.

If you haven’t currently noticed, this room is basically the same to the third room in the Eastern Palace dungeon, at the incredibly beginning of the game. In reality, all the rooms bear some resemblance to the Eastern Palace rooms, although for some it’s greatly just the shape of the room.


Merge into the wall above and walk all the way left, previous the cannonball passageway. At the end, head through the door leading appropriate. The following room (1F north-east) will lock and you’ll be stuck to three creepy monsters, well-known as Goriyas, which mimic Link’s motions. Defeat them to open up the door and also activate a lowering and climbing platcreate in the room. Wait for the platdevelop to lower, then walk dvery own past it to enter an enigma passagemeans leading down to the room below.

Here (1F east), you’ll be standing below a metal railing. To the left is a chest containing a Monster Tail ; in the top-right edge is a cracked floor tile that you deserve to bomb to develop a hole leading below. For now, prevent dropping through the hole–down listed below (B1 north-east) is a chest containing a Monster Horn , which isn’t important enough to warrant backtracking all the way below aget (besides you get tons from killing monsters). Instead, go back to the previous room (1F north-east) and ride the platdevelop as much as better ground.

Face the bottom wall at its middle and strike at it to hear a “clink” sound–the tell-tale sign that you can blast the wall with a bomb. Go dvery own through the gap in the wall to go back to the room through the steel railing (1F east), except this time you’re on peak.

Cautiously make your means down, being cautious of the two ghosts floating around in the dark, and also open the chest in the bottom-appropriate edge to insurance claim 50 rupees. Head back to the previous room aget (1F north-east) and take the door to the left, which leads ago to the cannonsphere room (1F north).

From the entrance, stand up a little and challenge dvery own, then actors the Fire Rod down to light the torch lower dvery own. Next off, head left across the overpass and also go via the door leading left. In the following room (1F north-west), there’s a lowering and climbing platcreate in the centre, via round switches to its left and right

Step on the platform and wait till it just begins climbing, then location a bomb facing the wall listed below to reveal a mystery passagemethod resulting in the room listed below (1F west), where you deserve to nab three fairies to replenish health and wellness.

Return to the platcreate (1F north-west) and location a bomb on the floor, then–through the A button–quickly pick it up and throw it appropriate, in the direction of the round switch on the right. Immediately, set another bomb and also throw it at the round switch to the left. If you obtained the timing best, you will cause the two round switches within the time limit and also a chest will certainly appear in the bottom-left corner; inside the chest is the Compass . Additionally, if you action at the exceptionally edge of the platcreate, you have the right to use the Ice Rod to hit the round switches.

Note: Ghinis

are spectres via a large eyeball that silently hover roughly in pitch babsence rooms. Dark Ghinis are invisible in the light–turn out all the lights, including your lamp, to make them visible. Light Ghinis are invisible in the dark–light your lamp to check out them. Either method, slice them with your sword to sfinish them back to the netherhuman being.


Go via the door in the top-ideal edge to return to the cannonround room (1F north). This time, head all the way appropriate, throughout the stairs and pass the 2 doors. At the finish, go dvery own and left, then take the narrow corridor leading dvery own. Bomb the cracked floor tile listed below and drop via the hole to land also alongside a Small Key (B1 north).

Light the adjacent torch and drop down ahead, then head left and take the door leading up, to go back to the cannonround room again (1F centre). Along the means, be mindful of the Dark Ghinis–you can only watch them in the dark.

Next, open the locked door automatically to the best and also go upstairs to Floor 2F. This following room (2F north) is fairly clever. Hit the round switches and also the middle part of the leftward and rightward walls will certainly flip sides. If you hit the round switch and attempt to run for a wall prior to it flips, you won’t make it in time.

Place a bomb next to the round switch, then merge into the leftward wall, wright here the mask pattern is. After the bomb triggers the switch, the wall you’re on will certainly flip to the various other side, carrying you via it. Additionally, stand also in front of the mask pattern and fire an arrow diagonally down-right at the round switch.

On the other side, watch out for the fire-breapoint Kodongo surrounding. There’s a round switch on this side as well, if you have to go back. For currently, take the door leading left. Next off (2F north-west), hastily make your method dvery own the corridor and also drop a bomb alongside the round switch along the method to the best.

The floor tiles even more dvery own will certainly collapse and if you’re not quick, your path will be blocked off or worse you’ll autumn off and take damage. If you’re also late, simply merge right into the wall to continue your means dvery own. After the bomb sets off the round switch, rush with the door leading down before it slams shut.

In the following room (2F south), tbelow are 2 Dark Ghinis that hide in the light (to the much sides of the room) and one Light Ghini that hides in the dark (close to the middle); be ready to switch on/off the torches and also your lamp to banish them all. When the lights are off, save close to the eerie wave trends so you don’t fall into the chasm and also don’t hesitate to take out the lamp aacquire to gain your bearings. Once all the Ghinis are gone, light the torches aget so you can watch where you’re going.

From the entrance, head down; to the left, there’s a boarded-up home window in the middle–cast the Fire Rod in its direction to burn the planks and let the light in. Next off, make your means to the round switch close to the optimal of the room. Stand on the rectangular tile simply over and also strike the round switch to raise yourself up. Go up and merge into the wall over, then walk all the means right. At the finish, use the Fire Rod to liberate the nearemainder closed window (close to the top-right). Drop dvery own over and merge right into the wall listed below, then walk right to discover a chest containing one Monster Guts .

From below, merge earlier into the wall aacquire and continue ideal to cross the gap. Head left to find one more round switch; disregard it for now. Return to the top-the majority of round switch and also hit it to deactivate it. This following part stumps the majority of adventurers and also we spent a great hour or so prior to sussing out the solution.

Study the dungeon map–in the middle of this floor there’s a chest in a room through no entrance to it. Look nowright here else, because the means to reach that room is in this incredibly room. Here’s hint: look ahead from the top-most round switch. Keep staring and also you could just number it out.

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Go all the way dvery own and also plant a bomb on the bottom-many round switch, then easily run up and strike the top-a lot of round switch to lift yourself up; finally merge onto the wall with the masked pattern and wait. Once the bomb triggers the bottom-the majority of switch, the wall will flip over, taking you to the trick room (2F centre).

Emerge to uncover a big chest containing a Master Ore . To rerevolve (to 2F south), plant a bomb next to the round switch in this room and also repeat what you simply did. If you ask us, this is more than likely the cleverest puzzle in the game, so props to you if you figured it out yourself!

With this floor conquered, head best and also exit the room via the top-best corner. In the next room (2F north-east), go up the edge and also exit via the top-left edge. Like in the room oppowebsite, the floor tiles ahead will collapse; if you’re not quick enough, merge right into the wall to cross the gap. Back in the room through the rotating walls (2F north), watch out for a Helmasaur surrounding. Bomb the cracked floor tile in the bottom-appropriate corner; leap with the hole to the cannonround room below (1F north), wbelow you’ll land also on a ledge with a chest containing 50 rupees.

From right here, head left and stop after crossing the wire mesh overpass. Merge into the wall above and walk all the way appropriate to reach a secluded location. At the end, blast the cracked floor tiles and also leap dvery own listed below (to B1 north) to score yourself some nice rupees. Drop down over and also take the door instantly to the left.

This next room (B1 north-west) is a little mind-boggling. With the lights on, attempt to walk and you’ll be obstructed by invisible wall surfaces. Instead, swipe your sword at the torch ahead and also put away your lamp too. While in complete darkness you deserve to see a maze of glow-in-the-dark wall surfaces, via little gaps in the wall here and tright here.


Make your way through the maze, first passing through the gap to the appropriate. Avoid the fire-breathing Kodongos and the lines of fire relocating along the walls. Bring out the lamp aget if you should gain your bearings or uncover it simpler to navigate via.

Make your means to the top-left edge and smash the skull at the finish to find a covert floor switch–step on this to reveal a chest in the bottom-left corner. Head for the chest and also open it to achieve an elusive Small Key . Finally, take the exit in the bottom-appropriate corner; thereafter, you can flash out the lamp again.

The next room (B1 south) includes the massive door, which leads to the boss, however you can’t reach it bereason there’s a gruesome obstacle in the means. Besides you don’t have actually the significant essential. Head for the top-right corner and take the door over to the room. Here (B1 north-east), the whole floor is pitch babsence, conveniently masking the perilous chasms.

Placed out the torch ahead and put away your lamp too. Despite the finish darkness, you can currently check out clearly thanks to the glow-in-the-dark platdevelops. Carefully navigate the platcreate, watching out for the Helmasaurs, and make your means to the top-right corner to collect a Small Key .

Rerotate to the previous room (B1 south) and go with the locked door in the bottom-left edge (to B1 south-west). Just before the chasm, pick up a bomb and also throw it left to activate a round switch. Next off, step onto the relocating platdevelop and throw two more bombs at the remaining round switches to the left.

Once all three switches are hit, a large chest will certainly show up in the top-right corner–open it as much as uncover the dungeon’s Big Key . Head back to the previous room (B1 south) and also this time go with the locked door in the bottom-appropriate edge.

Inside (B1 south-east), the doors will certainly lock and you’ll have to slay some Goriyregarding continue. However before this time they’re on height of the steel railing, while you’re standing below. Luckily there’s a gap in the railing in the centre, so just walk around till all 3 Goriyas loss dvery own to your level and then pummel them favor last time.

Afterwards; the doors will certainly open and also a warp zone to the entrance will certainly appear better up. In addition, a lowering and also rising platdevelop will certainly appear in the centre; ride the platform upstairs and also go with the door to the left.

Back in the room through the massive door (B1 south), merge onto the wall simply below the door and also walk all the method appropriate, following the hearts and also rupees. At the middle, there’s a platdevelop you can usage to rest the energy gauge. When prepared, merge back right into the wall and proceed right. At the end, strike the round switch to reveal a hidden eyeround. At this suggest, offered you complied with this guide very closely, all four eyeballs will currently be lit and also the barrier to the big door will open up.

Wait for the boss to sheight and also grunt–it will attempt to shoot spikes at you with its tail. Immediately plant a bomb in front of the boss and action away; raise your shield to deflect the spikes. With luck, the bomb blast will shatter the boss’s mask slightly and also rupees will come flying out.

After a couple of blasts, the boss’s mask will certainly come off and a ton of rupees will fly out. In this form, slash the boss’s head as soon as it pauses or strike while perpendicular so you don’t acquire stampeded over. Raise the shield to deflect its spike assault favor prior to. Once its taken a couple of hits, the boss will scream and the lights will certainly rotate off. Now the boss means business; it will certainly quickly dash around the room. Run to the corners and also light the torches again; merge into the wall to stop obtaining hit.

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Once both torches are lit, the boss will certainly become vulnerable again; use the very same strategies as before. Keep the hits coming and also the boss will croak prior to long; when it’s dead, pick up the heart container and Gulley’s Painting .

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