Tbelow are salso different kinds of literary tools and they all have the right to be discovered in “There Eyes Were Watching God”. The seven various tools are: Irony, Symbolism, Point of View, Metaphor, Simile, Sensory Imagery, and Foreshadowing.

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Irony – An instance of irony that I came throughout remained in Chapter 2 once Nanny is informing Janie about the moment that Janie’s mommy was raped by the college teacher that Nanny had actually sent out her to. “Ah was ‘spectin’ to make a college teacher outa her” … “Dat school teacher had actually done hid her in da woods all night lengthy, and he had actually done raped mah baby and run off just before day.” The irony in this deserve to be discovered in just how Nanny wanted Janie’s mommy to be a school teacher which was a respectable position to have actually, yet yet her teacher went and also raped her which isn’t exceptionally honorable.

Symbolism – Tea Cake provides a good instance of symbolism in that he is a comforter and protector to Janie. Tea Cake is her love and protector; He keeps her safe and also helps support their marriage by gaining a job, house, and money. In the end he also sacrifices himself to defend her from a rabid dog. Tea Cake is likewise extremely symbolic of a savior in just how he shows up and take Janie ameans from Eatonville wright here it shows up that she is stuck in the stormy of the people. She still is running the save and also still has actually the reputation of being the previous mayor’s wife. Even though Jody was dead, he was still controlling her from the grave and also this is what Tea Cake saves her from.

Point of View – The point of watch in “There Eyes Were Watching God” seems to switch from First Person to Third Human at various times throughout the whole story. At times, Janie is telling us the story first-hand as she knowledgeable it (initially person). But at other times the story is being told through Janie’s thoughts and also offers her perspective on things (3rd person). It also switches from first-person to third-person and earlier to first-perboy also within the paragraphs.

Metaphor – A excellent instance of a metaphor I discovered in Tbelow Eyes Were Watching God was the very initially line of the book where it states, “Ships at a distance have actually eextremely man’s wish on board”. Hurston is using the idea of a ship out on the horizon representing a man’s dream; periodically it comes right into the harbor and at various other times it remains out on the horizon to ultimately sail away.

Simile – In Chapter 11, a simile have the right to be found once Tea Cake is combing Janie’s hair and he tells her that her hair “feels jus’ lak underneath uh dove’s wing beside mah challenge.” Tea Cake is comparing Janie’s hair to the underside of a dove’s wing bereason of just how soft they both are and that’s why Tea Cake cannot save his hands out of her hair.

Sensory Imagery – At the end of Chapter 7, Hurston offers an instance of sensory imagery. “Then Joe Starks realized all the interpretations and his vanity bled like a flood.” We all have the right to relate to this statement because we have actually all bled and we have actually watched what floods look choose so as soon as we review “bled prefer a flood” we can virtually check out Joe Starks vanity just rushing amethod from him.

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Foreshadowing – An instance of foreshadowing I came across was when Janie and Nanny were talking after Nanny had seen Janie kissing Johnny Taylor. Because Nanny raised Janie considering that she was an infant, it was her prayer the the Lord would allow her to live long sufficient to check out Janie come to be a womale. (“Ah ast de Lawd as soon as you was uh infant in mah arms to let me continue to be below till you gained grvery own.”) It was not quite a surprise then that a pair of months after Janie was married, Nanny passed away (Because marriage is a authorize of womanhood in many kind of cultures).