The Fox News anchor joined Kelly Ripa to co-organize the ABC daytime show just hrs after Donald Trump surprisingly won the 2016 presidential race.

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Just hours after she spanned the 2016 election outcomes, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was earlier on TV, joining Kelly Ripa to co-hold Wednesday’s Live.

The blond duo, wearing a patriotic combicountry of red (Ripa) and blue (Kelly), first disputed the unintended election outcomes, via Donald Trump winning the race for president, and also Kelly offered some comforting words for a rattled nation.

“After all these elections fifty percent the country is sevecount disappointed and the other half is thrilled,” she shelp. “It all winds up OK. This is the USA and it’s the the majority of glorious place to live in the civilization.”

She shelp it was always helpful to perceive world via the “a lot of generous lens.” And “love him or hate him” Trump is the president-elect, Kelly said, including that he needs the prayers and finest wishes of the Amerideserve to people for a solid performance.

“We deserve to disagree still however we all share standard core worths as Americans,” Kelly shelp.

She added, “Do you feel favor singing ‘Kumbaya‘ or is that simply me?”

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Before that, though, Ripa asked Kelly the question many type of Americans were asking: “How did the pollsters acquire it so wrong?” Kelly shelp that tright here was most likely a “covert Trump vote” that wasn’t reflected in the polls.

So when pollsters called and asked if someone was a most likely voter, those human being might have said no bereason they didn’t vote in the previous and also weren’t sure if they would certainly make it out tbelow or felt “stigmatized” and didn’t desire to say they were sustaining Trump.

While she sassist what occurred last night was the “exact same thing” as as soon as leave polls predicted John Kerry would certainly win the election in 2004, Kelly predicted that it was unmost likely election results would certainly be that surpclimbing aget.

“I’ve never seen anypoint choose this and also I don’t think we’ll ever check out anything favor this in our life time,” she said.

She included that once Chris Wallace shelp last night that Trump can win, “a lightbulb went off.”

“Divine blank,” she shelp she thought, censoring herself. “Because it’s different from what any type of of us predicted.”

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They additionally talked around makeup and their excellent and also bad sides. Kelly believes her left side is her good side however thinks she looks awful from her best side and Ripa feels the oppowebsite.

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Ripa likewise confessed that a while earlier she had actually some poor Botox, which did somepoint to her great side. She’s founding to look choose herself again, she shelp, but tright here was a six-month duration where she might sense world assumed tbelow was somepoint wrong through her.

Later, as Ripa and also Kelly read viewer emails, one viewer wondered just how Kelly, that was on TV at 4 a.m. ET, was still tright here currently. Kelly said she’s “crashing appropriate after this.”