You have actually the hottest takes on the Hoblittle covers, and also now you have actually them for the Lord of the Rings as well! Chinese – Fake! :"( Image via Good eReader I usually just put ACTUAL covers, yet this one snuck up on me. Maybe just bereason I wanted to think. It’s easy, elegant, and look at the numbers. I don’t treatment if it’s actual, it’s pretty, and I need it. Literally simply take my money. Too good to be true. 11/10 Pencil Image using Reddit There’s a lot to favor right here, and not just bereason I grew up with …

Kali Norris – January 1fifth, 2020

You have the hottest takes on the Hoblittle bit covers, and also now you have them for the Lord of the Rings as well!

Chinese – Fake! :"(
Image through Good eReader

I generally just put ACTUAL covers, however this one snuck up on me. Maybe simply bereason I wanted to think. It’s basic, elegant, and look at the figures. I don’t care if it’s real, it’s pretty, and also I need it. Literally simply take my money. Too good to be true.

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Image via Reddit

There’s a lot to favor here, and not just bereason I thrived up via this edition of the hoblittle. They’re pretty, the style is consistent, and also you understand I choose a collection that looks like a set. Still not perfect – the color leeches over time, which can be tonally continual, yet visually it’s weird.


Image by means of The Literary Omnivore

These are pretty great. Dark, easy, have elvish and gold. Weird, old institution illustrations. I don’t recognize what the definition of the yellow, red, and also blue is, but it’s not objectionable, and we obtain the ring motif. I like it, but it’s not blowing my mind.


Image via WorthPoint

These are pretty! I prefer the illustrations, I choose the subtle colors, I prefer that the collection looks continuous, but the illustrations need to be different! Like, the exact same style, yet different illustrations. I want unity, however I don’t desire it to be boring.


Image through Tolkien Collector’s Guide

I choose the colors, I like the art, I favor that it’s retro. That shelp, it doesn’t have most character. It’s bland also. You have a stupid maybe eagle, it’s all pretty basic, and also it looks favor it was made by an algorithm. Ultimately? Meh.


Image via Adazing

I choose the bright colors, I prefer the really steel illustration of the equine and the wraiths, but the first one with Gandalf is so bbest, there’s just tonal dissonance. The middle one is perfect, bereason it’s vivid and menacing, however the others feel lopsided.


Image by means of Open Culture

This is a mess. I choose the first one so much – it’s easy, it’s thematic. We’ve gained elvish, fire, rings. The second one is ugly and also I don’t understand why you’d do that. That green is bad, idk if that’s intended to be an eagle, and also don’t gain me started on the third one. Pass.


Image by means of Adazing

We’ve gained the tricolor look aobtain, however all the pretty art is covered up. I’m pretty certain the tree on the 3rd book is just taken from a hobbit cover. I’m not even that right into the movie font. The range doesn’t play via the eagle. Disappointing.


Image through Adazing

I have actually eextremely question. The eagles look prefer crows. The last one seems to be an army of snakes. The first is simply a tree? All that purple doesn’t make any sense. It’s all so dark it looks like none of it is. No tone at all, just a heap of nonsense.


Image through Nerdalicious 

God I hate what they supplied to perform to fantasy publications. I hate it. Gandalf looks prefer he’s offerning you drugs, the winged hat looks very silly, and also I’m horrified that’s an elf with a mullet. The purple’s too bright. An elf via a mullet! Ffs.

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