In Lords of the Fallen, Special Weapons are Orange-rarity tools through Special Effects. The Special Weapons are dropped from bosses, provided that you kill them in a distinct manner or meet various other conditions.

For instance, beating the First Warden without taking any kind of damage will certainly reward you with Persistence Greatsword.

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Lords of the Fallen Special Weapons and Boss Weapons

Collecting 12 of these weapons will additionally unlock My Private Stash Achievement/Trophy. Read on to know even more about attributes of Boss Weapons and exactly how to obtain them:

Bosses Weapons

Persistence GreatswordHow to Acquire: Defeat the First Warden without taking a single hit.Special Effects: One-handed hefty assault will actors a tremor in the direction you are dealing with.


Damage: 50Power: 100Energy: 190Speed: 104Critical: 90

Commander ShieldHow to Acquire: Defeat the Commander without blocking with your very own Shield/Weapon.Special Effects: The Commander’s shield creates three projectiles in the form of minor shields.


Phys: 100Magic: 45Fire: 0Poise: 20Light: 0Defense: 12Poise: 12

Clawfinger GreataxeHow to Acquire: Wait until Worshiper has actually eliminated two Rhogar in the battle and then kill it.Special Effects: One-handed hefty assault will cast a demonic scythe in the direction you are encountering.


Damage: 42Power: 100Energy: 170Speed: 100Critical: 100

Uras PoleswordHow to Acquire: You need to defeat the Infiltrator before all fire-goblets over are totally lit.Special Effects: Heavy strikes from this weapon develop a healing pool approximately the player.


Damage: 33Power: 100Energy: 160Speed: 100Critical: 100

StainHow to Acquire: Do not step right into Poison Pools produced by the Beast.Special Effects: Two-handed heavy strike will cast a Poichild Pool which will damages enemies.


Damage: 94Power: 100Energy: 180Speed: 94Critical: 100

StingHow to Acquire: Do not let Champion enrage throughout the entirety fight.Special Effects: At low HP, the weapon will certainly deal additional fire damage.


Damage: 38Power: 100Energy: 135Speed: 90Critical: 350

Firewalker ShortswordHow to Acquire: Do not put out any kind of goblets and also defeat Guardian to unlock this weapon.Special Effects: You will deal fire-damages the majority of of the times.


Damage: 33Power: 100Energy: 150Speed: 110Critical: 100

Lightning HammerHow to Acquire: Use a light-damage to defeat the Annihilator.Special Effects: You will certainly obtain even more power to two-handed lunging assault.


Damage: 150Power: 100Energy: 230Speed: 94Critical: 100

Defender-IHow to Acquire: Do not kill the Fire Brvarious other first!Special Effects: You will reflect fire-damage for all blocked strikes.


Physical: 100Magic: 50Fire: 100Poise: 70Light: 0Defense: 32Poise: 23

Defender-IIHow to Acquire: Do not kill the Lightning Brvarious other first!Special Effects: You will reflect lightning-damage for all blocked assaults.


Physical: 100Magic: 50Fire: 0Poise: 70Light: 100Defense: 32

Special Weapons

BloodsickHow to Acquire: N/ASpecial Effects: This weapon tends to grow weaker each time you kill an opponent, thus complicated you even more through each kill.

Attributes: N/A

CurseWhere/How to Acquire: From a dead body situated in Old Quarters area.Special Effects: N/A

Attributes: N/A

StanceHow to Acquire: Provide Crippled Rhogar with 15x Human Skulls.Special Effects: Blocking all kinds of strikes will certainly replenish your Magic.


Defense: 14Block Defense: 100%Poise: 46

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