Taped in the Boyle Heights community of Los Angeles, California this is Lucha underground for Seakid 2 – Episode 10.

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The Mexihave the right to rock band also Chingon kick off this week’s episode as they play Dario Cueto to the ring. Cueto gets a nice ovation from the fans as he claims it’s great to be ago. He claims that Aztec Warfare was a spectacular event, but exactly how it is only the beginning. He announces that following week will certainly be the start of a Trios Tournament. Right when he’s around to gain to the news of who will certainly be facing his brother, the brand-new Lucha Underground Champion Matanza, for his championship, he gets interrupted by Pentagon Jr. He tells Cueto that the only factor Matanza won Aztec War is because he was not involved. Cueto tells Pentagon that he’s not championship product. Pentagon threatens to break Cueto’s arm, and also just as he’s about to, Cueto offers in and also grants Pentagon a LU Title match versus Matanza tonight.

Johnny Muncarry out & Taya vs. Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro

Taya takes down Cortez through a shoulder tackle, but Cortez catches Taya via a big boot. He goes for a quick pin, yet Taya kicks out at 2. Cortez tags in Cisco as they hit Taya with a dual bulldog. Taya gains control back through a hurricanrana and Mundo decides to tag himself in. He laces Cisco through punches to the face before going for the pin, however Cisco kicks out at one. Muncarry out then hits Cisco through Moonlight Drive, yet it’s still not enough as Cisco kicks out at two. Cisco rolls Munexecute up as he was taking too a lot time to erected End of the World. Munexecute gets up ideal amethod and also the 2 trade punches prior to Cisco hits a huge neckbreaker. Cisco provides the hot tag to Cortez as he hits Mundo through some chops prior to Munexecute conveniently tags in Taya. Cortez nails a DDT to on Taya and goes for the cover, but Mundo interferes via a knee strike. Cisco throws Mundo exterior the ring once Cage’s music hits and also The Machine gradually provides his method to ringside. Mundo avoids Cage as Cage stares down Muncarry out from the other side of the ring. The match proceeds as Cisco and also Cortez connect with a big double team move finishing in Cortez kneeing Taya in the chest. Cortez covers Taya for the 3 count after around 5 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Mr. Cisco and also Cortez Castro

Evaluation: Solid opening complement, but ultimately pretty forgetful. Nothing occurred after the match either; you simply witnessed Munexecute and also Taya easily making their departure before going to commercial. I’ve checked out better opening matches so much this seaboy, however this wasn’t bad. The initially complement of the night generally never goes over 5 minutes and also there’s commonly constantly an interference, so they need to make best via what they obtained. Also, although Cisco and also Cortez won, it didn’t feel prefer a huge win for them. The crowd really wasn’t behind them too much.


A video aired of Marty “The Moth” Martinez informing a story of just how “long ago” The Moth people ruled the Aztec Realm. The Moth’s were known for their Aztec pride and also their riches. The Moth tribe kbrand-new the envy of the various other people would certainly carry battle, but they had actually an enigma weapon. Mariposa, the greatest warrior the Aztec’s have actually ever before seen. She ruined anyone that tried to take their people gold. Her viciousness came to be legendary. The Mariposa mask was passed dvery own over generations and now the most dangerous Mariposa of them all wears it. “Beware my sister. Beware Mariposa, for she will lead The Moth tribe… to dominance aget.”

Evaluation: I really preferred that video package. It provided us some interesting insight right into The Moth people and their family. I loved the method the video was put together as well. As Marty told the story, you experienced Mariposa snapping the necks of and ruining other luchadores in masks. There was some good score playing in the background also. It felt choose a really good horror movie trailer.

Dario Cueto is in his office having actually a drink until the lights flicker and Catrina appears. Cueto many thanks Catrina for taking care of The Temple while he was gone and also says that he is the rightful owner. Cueto tells Catrina that if they occupational together they can be unstoppable. Catrina mirrors no interest in Cueto’s sell as she states that shortly Mil Muertes will be LU Champion and The Temple will when aacquire belengthy to her. The lights flicker, and she’s gone.

Evaluation: It have to be exciting to view what feud new LU Champion Matanza will certainly be heading right into initially. Although he has a title complement versus Pentagon tonight, I don’t think it’s a irreversible plan as it appears like (especially after Aztec War last week) a Muertes/Pentagon routine is in the prompt future.


Trios Championship Elimicountry Match: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico vs. The Disciples of Death (w/Catrina)

Angelico and also Barrio Negro start off this dispute. The 2 guys conveniently profession a collection of reversals prior to Angelico gets the upper hand also through an arm bar. He tags in Son of Havoc that hits Negro with a senton. Havoc easily tags in his ex-girlfrifinish Ivelisse who works on Negro’s arm some more. The babychallenge champions overcoming manage of the match so much. Negro lifts Ivelisse off her feet and walks over to his edge to tag in Siniestro de la Muerte. Negro and Siniestro try and also hit a dual team relocate on Ivelisse, but it stops working as they collide right into each other thanks to Ivelisse escaping their clutches at the last second. Ivelisse hits a northern lights suplex on Siniestro and holds a bridge for the cover, but Siniestro kicks out at 2. Catrina pulls at Ivelisse from ringside, illustration Ivelisse into a huge kick to the head from Negro. Siniestro goes for the cover and also the referee counts to 3 as Ivelisse is eliminated.

Havoc enters as Siniestro throws him to the mat and also keeps him tbelow via kicks to the face and gut. Siniestro tags in Trese as he currently starts laying into Havoc through punches and also kicks. Havoc inevitably counters and renders the hot tag to Angelico who starts taking out all 3 members of the Disciples of Death. Angelico hits all 3 males via huge knees to the confront. Angelico hits Trese with his Fall of the Angels signature relocate, and also covers him for the 3 count. Trese is eliminated.

Negro and Siniestro attack Angelico appropriate after the pinloss. Angelico fights ago and through the assist of Havoc, throws both men to outside the ring. Angelico and Havoc then hit significant dives (self-destruction dive from Angelico and springboard moonsault from Havoc) onto Negro and Siniestro simultaneously. I love once they perform that. Angelico gets Siniestro earlier in the ring and also has him in place for the Fall of the Angels. Siniestro fights out of it and also jumps on Angelico’s back, knees first, taking him dvery own. That didn’t look pretty, yet it obtained the project done as Siniestro covers Angelico for the three count. Angelico is eliminated.

It’s now 2-on-1 in favor of the D.O.D. Siniestro and also Negro team up on Havoc. They throw Havoc into the ropes, however he springboards off of them and also hits Negro and also Siniestro via a crossbody. As Negro and also Siniestro are crawling to obtain up, Havoc hits a springboard double foot stomp onto Siniestro and then Negro choose hopscotch. He then hits a big standing moonsault on Negro for the three count. Barrio Negro has been eliminated.

Right after the pinloss, Siniestro hits Havoc via a huge clothesline to the earlier of the head. Havoc gets to his feet and also gets nailed by an additional clothesline. Siniestro goes to the peak rope for a moonsault, yet Havoc rolls out of the means. Now Havoc climbs the turnbuckle, however Catrina knocks him off sending Havoc to the mat. Ivelisse comes back out and delivers a hard kick to Catrina’s head, sfinishing her down. Havoc throws Siniestro external the ring and hits 2 suicide dives onto him, earlier to earlier. He then rolls Siniestro earlier in the ring, heads to the height rope and connects with the shooting star press. He quickly covers Siniestro for the three count after 10 minutes.

Winners by pinfall and STILL Trios Champions: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and also Angelico

Post-complement, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico celebrate in the ring via their titles.

Evaluation: That was a fun complement. I’ve always favored elimination matches and also this one yielded. It got excellent time also which isn’t always the case for the first 2 matches on LU. I really favor the team of Havoc, Ivelisse and also Angelico. They plainly have great chemisattempt together and deserve that Trios Title. They’re feud through the Disciples of Death is over now, so I’m looking forward to this Trios tournament to hopefully recognize the next number one challenger for the belts.


Back to Dario Cueto in his office wright here he’s sitting throughout from Rey Mysterio. Cueto states how he’s a little star struck, yet Mysterio cuts to the chase saying that he wants to talk around his mentor, the original Dragon Azteca. Mysterio knows he’s dead and thinks that Matanza is responsible. Cueto swears that his brvarious other had actually nothing to carry out with Azteca’s fatality. He welcomes Azteca Jr. and also Mysterio to his Temple, under one condition; they leave the past, in the past. Mysterio agrees and also they toast to Dragon Azteca.

Evaluation: Black Lotus (the Eastern woman with Cueto) eliminated El Dragon Azteca (her mentor) in Seachild 1 bereason Cueto convinced her that Azteca killed her parental fees (also though it was actually Matanza that killed her parents). After Lotus killed Azteca, that’s when her and Cueto went on the run at the end of Seaboy 1. So, technically Cueto wasn’t lying as soon as he sassist Matanza didn’t kill Azteca. Mysterio’s currently suspicious, so their story have to be interesting going forward.

Sexy Star (w/The Mack) vs. Mariposa (w/Marty “The Moth” Martinez)

A third match and we haven’t even obtained to the main occasion yet? Neither this or the main event will certainly have actually too much time then. That’s just how Lucha Underground works once there’s four matches on an episode. Each episode’s just an hour long. Cut out commercials and that’s about 45 minutes of television time. Three matches per show is constantly the finest way to go.

Mariposa runs at Sexy, yet she dodges her each time and also easily escapes the ring. Sexy looks shook. She gets ago in the ring after Marty stares her dvery own. Sexy sought a tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a entry, however Mariposa falls ago and also drops Sexy to the mat. Mariposa hits Sexy through The Butterfly Effect for the 3 count after about a minute and a fifty percent.

Winner by pinfall: Mariposa

Post-complement, Mack comes in the ring to examine on Sexy yet Marty and also Mariposa easily take him out.

Evaluation: Mariposa’s finishing relocate, The Butterfly Effect, looks destructive. Not good for Sexy to shed clean that conveniently, yet Mariposa’s supremacy is being put over and also I guess the story is that Sexy was emotionally shook in the time of the match; so she wasn’t all tright here mentally for this one.

Dario Cueto walks right into some little secluded room wearing the LU Title over his shoulder. He talks to Matanza who is locked inside a cage. He tells Matanza that Pentagon’s made a name for himself by breaking arms. Cueto desires Matanza to break Pentagon’s earlier, so he deserve to never before come earlier to The Temple again. Cueto unlocks the cage, letting Matanza out.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Matanza (w/Dario Cueto) vs. Pentagon Jr.

As they carry out eextremely week, the El Rey Network’s YouTube channel uploaded this week’s major occasion in its totality. You deserve to watch the complete match listed below.

The bell rings and also we’re undermethod. Matanza throws Pentagon right into the ropes, but Pentagon counters with an enziguri kick. However, the kick had no impact on Matanza as he still stands tall. The very same happens after Pentagon hits a big superkick. No market from Matanza.

Matanza throws Pentagon outside the ring and keeps him dvery own through kicks and also punches. Matanza clears out the crowd as he throws Pentagon right into a bunch of empty set up chairs. Matanza tears at the mask of Pentagon for a tiny little bit. He throws Pentagon earlier into the ring and hits him with a Germale Suplex. Matanza picks Pentagon up again and also nails him through a big powerslam for the 3 count after 4 minutes.

Winner by pinloss and also STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza

Post-complement, Vampiro gets in the ring to examine on his mentee, yet Matanza boots him in the confront. He then throws Pentagon out of the ring and also powerbombs him with the announce table. Pentagon is taken out on a stretcher as Cueto and his brother celebprice at the height of The Temple actions.


Evaluation: Beating Pentagon clean in four minutes is a large deal. Matanza overcame the whole complement. His debut throughout last week’s Aztec Warfare was much better, yet this was an excellent way to assert his dominance also.

Video Game Ball goes to…

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico – They’re a team so they gain to share this one. I believed all three did an excellent job in the Trios Title enhance. It was the finest complement of the night and they made it a lot of fun. The crowd always gets behind these three. They’re doing a lot ideal.

Final Thoughts

– It wasn’t among my favorite LU show’s this seakid, however it was solid. Tright here was a lot of character advancement this week which is good, specifically for a show favor LU. You require week’s prefer this.

– I love how a lot of a beast Matanza is being booked as. The being locked in a cage segment was cool.

– All the backphase video packperiods and promos were great as usual. Tbelow was a tiny more this week than usual, however it was necessary as Dario Cueto’s back and also The Temple is being shook up aacquire.

– I took pleasure in the band also Chingon playing as segments and matches transitioned. Gives LU also even more of a distinctive feel.

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– I looking forward to this Trios Tournament starting! That need to be fun. This was the initially week in a while wbelow a match for following week wasn’t advertised, however I’m guessing the Trios Tournament will certainly begin next week.