February for several people is a time to visit Florida! I have done so numerous years. However before, with the spread of COVID-19, it is not practical for me to take a trip this year.Tright here are many civilization who are playing a selection of card games through their neighbors and also friends and theyare enjoying their firm and taking the instance in the human being as a possibility to step back and gain a little bit of a sreduced pace.God is a loving Father who desires our happiness. Now is the moment to ask God to provide you an amazing andenjoyable life. Besides card playing, praying should be a big component of February. There is a lot to pray for. I hope that you might pray for the people here at Sharing Meadows!

As you purchase items with Amazon.com, please keep in mind the Amazon Smile routine. To order, please go to the website smile.amazon.com and also choose Share Foundation, Inc as your nonprofit of option. By doing so, Sharing Meadows receives a part of the profit from Amazon. Thank you!

If you require a receipt of your 2020 contributions to Share Foundation as you gather information to file your income taxes, please speak to the office at (219) 778-2585 and we will certainly be happy to send you one.

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Due to COVID-19, we have actually made a decision to rotate our Spring Luncheon right into a Fall Luncheon! Our present date iscollection for Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at the Halls of St. George in Schererville, IN. Stay tuned for moredetails regarding the luncheon later on this year. Thank you for your assistance of this event!

Cultivation up in Bristol, IN in the middle of the woods, I realized from a young age that once there is badweather in the forecast, you run house to fill your bath tub! If you lose power once you have actually a septic field and well water, you will not have actually running water to usage the restroom in your house. It was my project throughout a storm to fill the bath tub. I need to admit, tright here was a time I forgained to fill the tub and also let me tell you, I never forobtained again!At Sharing Meadows, we have the exact same trouble when we lose power. Right now, we have actually generators at ourSt. Timothy Center (Camp Building), Senior Center, and also Office. If our power is out for a far-ranging amount of time, our Villagers deserve to go to the Camp Building to shower, usage the restroom, and continue to be till the power comes earlier on bereason we have actually generator power. However, tbelow are difficulties through this plan. What happens once the Camp Building generator doesn’t work? This has occurred multiple times in the past. What happens once the camp is running at the Camp Building and Villagers execute not have actually almost everywhere to sleep via running water bereason the Camp Building is full? What happens once a retreat rental is going on? What happens as soon as we can’t drive to the Camp Building bereason the weather is bad? Potential problems aclimb and the list goes on and also on as soon as Sharing Meadows does not have power.We have started to add generators to each Village! So far, we have actually purchased one generator and have had actually 2 generators donated to us via Current Electric in Michigan City and anothergenerous donor! I have also added 2 even more generators to be purchased in 2021’s budget! This is an excitingtime for the Villagers and I am extremely excited to view their reactivity.The present arrangement is to have one generator in each village. Tright here is a basement under one home in each village and also in those basements are the water softeners, pumps, and so on Our setup is to install the generators at the housewith the basement so that, at the very leastern, the whole village will have running water! As time goes on, we will continue to add generators into our operating budacquire so that each house has actually a working generator to supply power to the homes. This method, no matter what the outside weather or instance, our Villagers and Campers will constantly have running water, unspoiled food in their refrigerators, and warmth to continue to be warm in the winter months.Our Villagers and also Campers deserve the absolute finest in life and that is what we are trying to carry out for them at Sharing Meadows. Thturbulent your generosity you are offering an remarkable quality of life to our friends. You are bringing them out of the dark and making their dwellings also safer! If you would certainly prefer to donate to the generatorjob, please create in the memo percent of your donation “Share Generators.” Thank you for your kindnessand for your support of our mission. The Villagers and also Campers say thanks to you!
Towards the finish of this month, you will be asked to renew your membership if Father Blaney’s Friends Club.This annual membership drive supports our occupational via other-abled individuals, andthey invite you to become their frifinish via the Friends Club.

When this indevelopment comes in the mail, please take a few minutes to look it over and also consider renewing or beginning a membership. Benefits to being a member include: receiving the monthly “Good News,” having your name gotten in right into a monthly drawing for one of 3 $100 gift certificates to your favorite restaurant (to gain a meal out via a team of friends) or, if you are the covert winner and inform the office, you will obtain a $40.00 check to cover the price of your membership. Thanks, Friends! HIDDEN WINNER: Linda Moran, Chesterton, IN 46304
God’s blessings come when needed! Last year, the camp routine was blessed throughout the pandemic. On March 15th, I gathered my office gives in a box to work from residence. I respeak to the voice of the Divine Spirit guiding me to go back into my office and fill up my camper’s photos to take them house. I didn’t understand also why at the moment, yet Jesus kbrand-new I’d need a reminder of their existence. I’ve checked out the office a couple of times in the last year. I’m functioning from residence and have actually been because that day. The camper’s photos are still on my refrigerator. We were unable to organize monthly mini-camps or summer camp in person, but we were able to accomplish via each various other and also fellowship in a unique means – virtually!

In March of 2020, we found out around Zoom – a currently extensively recognized technique of online video conference calling. We began off via a monthly Zoom speak to where we organized our value sessions. When the campers asked to fulfill even more often that spring we met a few times for tasks like virtual bingo nights, talent shows, hikes, and also museum visits. In May, the campers asked to accomplish as soon as a week for Value Sessions or Holy bible studies. I’ll never before forgain why they asked… They sindicate said, “We want to focus on God and His love for us once the people feels upside dvery own.” I required a reminder of God’s love, too. How can we proceed the camp routine into the summer through no staff? God sent out 4 counselors to us from Notre Dame College via the Center for Social Concerns Virtual Summer Service Corps. Thanks to this regime, we obtained staff funded by Notre Dame to work for us. Thanks to counselors “Gumbo”, “Isabella”, “ZigZag”, and “Hayley”, we were able to host a complimentary daily digital summer camp for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks, we traveled about the online human being, made cookies together, composed stories, crafted, and learned new sporting activities together. For the remainder of the year, we organized weekly Holy bible studies and also met throughout the week on Zoom calls. I was blessed to watch a few campers in person during socially far-off visits!

In January of 2021, Notre Dame University sent out us 2 even more counselors for a complimentary everyday online winter camp. Thanks to “Z” and “Lu” our numbers have grown to 10 campers each Zoom call! Notre Dame noticed the success of our camp routine and also invited me to sheight at the Center for Social Concern’s Bi-yearly Catholic Social Tradition Conference on a panel titled “Hearing the Gospel and Spreading the Good News” on Friday, March 26, 2021 from 4-5:15 pm ET through Zoom. I’ll be sharing the story of what carried me to Camp Sharing Meadows, exactly how the Gospels infuse our work-related, and also what distinction it renders in campers’ lives. If you’d choose to attend, there will certainly be totally free open registration and also indevelopment will certainly be updated on this website link: https://socialpertains to.nd.edu/justiceintheworld. We would certainly love for others to attend and participate in the discussions complying with the panels!

God has actually blessed us in 2020, and we deserve to view His hand on our campers’ stays in the time of 2021! For the future, we setup on having cost-free weekly digital Holy bible researches and also a monthly Saturday virtual mini-camp for a little fee. If you would prefer to join us or know someone who’d advantage from our camp program, please contact me at . Due to the fact that of human being choose you, we deserve to proceed our camp program! Let’s make certain we continue to thrive.

A exceptionally special give thanks to you to Integrity Trade Services for their generous donation to be named as a “ Foodand Essential Goods Sponsorship.” With their gift, all thirty of our Villagers’ were fed breakfast, lunch, anddinner for one totality month! God bless them and also God bless all of our donors!
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we have determined to cancel our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. We hope tocelebrate this particular day via you next year!
Many Merciful and Triune God,We concerned You in our weakness.We involved You in our fear.We come to You through trust.For You alone are our hope.We area before You the illness existing inour people.We revolve to You in our time of need.Bring wisdom to physicians.Give knowledge to scientists.Endow caregivers via compassion andgenerosity.Bring healing to those that are ill.Protect those that are many at hazard.Give comfort to those who have lost aloved one.Welcome those that have actually died right into YourEternal Home.Stabilize our neighborhoods.Unite us in our compassion.Rerelocate all are afraid from our hearts.Fill us with confidence in Your treatment.(cite your specific pertains to andprayers now)Jesus, I trust in You.Jesus, I trust in You.Jesus, I trust in You.

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In honor of Fred & Patricia Beckmale, int. AnonymousWishing a happy birthday andgreat health to my dear friendEvelyn Bevis, int. GerryIn honor of Jim & Theresa Caputo,int. Christine KlebesDel Gallagher, you are cherishedmore then you’ll ever know. MayGod continue to bmuch less you always.We love you a million muches! int.your FamilyGod’s blessings for Carol Johns,int. Emma & Dean EfantisIn honor of Shirley Ladendorf and theLadendorf family, int. Mary Ann HolandIn honor of Virginia Lenart, int.David & Karen LenarHonoring Michael & SharonMannion for their lovinggenerosity to the steustatiushistory.org household. I pray they beblessed via continued goodhealth and wellness and happiness in 2021.Love you Mom & Dad! int.Chrisanne MannionGod’s blessing for a Happy NewYear to Sharon & MichaelMannion, int. Tim MannionHappy Valentine’s Day to the“Wind beneath my wings”, myhusband also, my Mike. For 63 yearsand also counting, it’s always beenGod and family members initially, then himself.He’s never before refprovided a contact for assist,would give his last dime forsomeone in require. Thank youJesus, Your arrangement couldn’t havebeen more perfect. Life is great,God is excellent. Love you my Mike.Always in my mind, constantly in myheart. int. your Sharon (Mannion)A blessed happy New Year to – –firstly, our Children, Grandchildrenand Great Grandchildren.Secondly, to all our Friends andRelatives, close to and far, and also thirdlyto our Special Family at SharingMeadows. Let us remember“day-to-day starts a New Year!”Maybe it’s God’s way of a chanceto make amends for our mistakesfrom the day before. So if todayyou hear His voice, He’s providing youtomorrow to start a brand-new 365tomorrows, 365 brand-new years. God isGood. My Lord and also my God, welove You, we praise You, we thankYou, we trust in You, int. Mike andSharon MannionHappy 92nd birthday for a specialLady & frifinish Irene Oboy, int.Dominic & JoAnn NoceGood health and wellness & God’s blessings toBecky Pickett, int. Bonnie MuirGod’s blessings for my goodfrifinish Carol Presdorf, int. MaryJane WischlerGod’s blessings for PeterRomaniak, int. Tom & Barb KozlowskiGod’s blessings for theResidents of Sharing Meadows,int. Mary J. DooleyIn honor of Marge Scott, int. PegKiernanBirthday blessings to GrandpaWilliam Shaver Sr. int. Love,Lauren & Logan DumaresqIn honor of the Spradlin Family,int. Don SpradlinTo honor St. Rita, int. S. TomaszewskiGod’s blessings to Kathy & RichTheilman, int. Larry & Donna StradtnerGod’s blessings for Mike Urbanik,int. Terry McKennaIn appreciation for healing hugsfrom Keith Van Sickle, int.Florence B. StrongIn honor of my brother Richard,his wife Dorothy and kid Steve,int. Jack Wellman
In memory of Father DamianAdugu, int. Patricia L. HarleIn memory of Ed Ainsley, int. MaryBotnovcanIn loving memory of my mostwonderful and extremely special bestfriend, Virginia Andrews. Sheexpected so much to me and also I willmiss out on her friendship everyday. int.Maryann BuchlerIn loving memory of my cousinVirginia Andrews, int. Cindy &Dave HallowIn loving memory of my nieceVirginia Andrews, int. Love AuntieFrancie VanekIn memory of my beloved cousin,Virginia Andrews. Rest in tranquility.int. Mary Frances VanekIn loving memory of my beautifulcousin, Virginia Andrews.Thinking of you, int. Sheila VanekIn memory of Virginia CieslakAndrews, int. Tom & Susan AdamConnie BenoBob BradtkeGlenn & Jo Allyn (Meyer) ComstockTom DoolinRuth KergerSam & Marlin KirshenbaumKaren & Dan LargentRobert LauerDan & Judy MurphyMary Plesha BNI ClassmateHoward & Marge RichardsonRuth RobertsonRobert & Christine VanekEllen Meyer VermejanKaren WalskiWith cherimelted memories of ourmother and also grandma, Monica Arvay,on her 1fourth anniversary in heaven,February 20, 2007, int. Your children,grandyoungsters and great-grandchildrenIn memory of John & LeanoreBalousek, int. Jack & Kathi BalousekIn memory of Martin RobertBardoczi, Jr. int. Michael BrandtSigmund FrancisJohn MarkovichJosephine MarkovichMaryann MarkovichSteve Markovich, Sr.Steve Markovich, Jr.In memory of Nick Barone, int.Eileen & George GermekIn loving memory of Gerry BazantChristmas and also New Year, int. TheBazant ChildrenRemembering Steve Begala January7, 2021, and Mary Begala April 10,2020, int. Jerry Sutko and also DaughtersIn memory of William Berg, int.Berg FamilyIn memory of Msgr. PaulBogovich, int. Paul BogovichIn loving memory of Kathy Bolandwho peacecompletely rests in the armsof the Good Shepard, int. Barb &Mike KoliszIn loving memory of our mom,Genevieve Bolek who passedameans on our Dad’s birthdayDecember 1fifth. You Both are nowcelebrating together in heaven,int. Love, Kathy & JerryIn memory of Joseph Brach, int.John & Jennifer DrutisIn memory of Wtransform V. Bracich,boy though it has been 8 yearsbecause you were called home, ourbeloved son, 10 days after your46th birthday, it still appears likeyesterday that we shelp good—bye. May the Angels lead you toparadise. int. We love and miss out on youGuy. Mom & DadIn loving memory of GeorgeBrezene, int. Jack & Judy GasckoIn memory of my friend GeorgeBrezene, int. Rose GacskoIn memory of George Brezene, int.Leo & Carolyn RathertIn memory of Donald Brown, int.Julianne CollinsIn loving memory of my twodeceased husbands, Ted Buchlerand Earl Margraf. I could not havebeen any kind of even more blessed, as theyboth were very wonderful, lovingand caring individuals. I’mforever before grateful. int. MaryannIn memory of my dear sister-in-lawMarian Bugajski, int. Mike DomasicaIn memory of our sweet aunt MarianBugajski, int. Rick & Judy HuffIn memory of Dorothy Bundy, int.Ed BundyIn loving memory of my BelovedWife Janette Bundy, int. Ed BundyIn loving memory of LuAnn KleinBurns, int. Ray and also Anita KozlowskiIn memory of Luann Burns, int.Katherine GaskeyIn loving memory of my colleague andfriend Joe Burvan, int. Anita KozlowskiIn memory of Everette Cales, int.Greg & Aggie GrimmerIn memory of Roger Casey.Remembering you on your 91stbirthday 2/27, your second inheaven. We love you. We missyou. Rest in peace, int. Stephanieand also familyIn memory of John Chandler, int.Mr. James BohlenIn memory of John Cannon, int.Karen GalinowskiIn memory of Margaret Chidester,int. Mr. & Mrs. Paul FetchikChuck PenningtonElaine RuschakDiana WalterLovingly remembering JeanChiki, int. Paul ChikiIn remembrance of Louis Chiki,int. Paul ChikiIn memory of Vivian and also AnthonyChlebek, Elena & Chris ChlebekThinking of my dear andwonderful Valentine BobCirrincione and his heart of gold.Remembering my mother Katherine,on the 25th anniversary of herpassing. Loving and also lacking bothof you, so much. int. AngieIn memory of Robert EldonCoburn, int. John & Mary HampelIn memory of Deacon JoeCodespoti. Int. Theresa CodespotiIn loving memory of my cousinSusan Cole, int. Denise NowfelIn memory of Nancy Coleman, int.John & Adrienne GrabovacRoberta & Richard KaminskyRay & Karen KurcinkaTheresa Davies & Barbara SeketaDolly TuskanIn memory of Dr. Al Costello, int.Katie CostelloIn memory of Theresa Cox, int.George & Eileen GermekLovingly remembering RobertCroner on Feb. 25th, HappyBirthday Dad! Always thinking ofyou, int. Love, MaryIn loving memory of Lottie Dan, alife well lived. int. Margie LippieIn loving memory of Lottie Dan,int. Ray and Anita Kozlowski
In memory of Mr. Joseph Lebryk. int. On behalf of the Hammond Optimist Club

In memory of Joseph Lebryk, int. Dan & Judy Murphy

In memory of Ricdifficult Lenart, int. David & Karen Lenart

In memory of Frank & Evelyn Lisak Family, int. Love & Hugs Kathi (Lisak) Pridemore

In memory of William Lockhart, int. Elaine Bradach

In memory of Diane Stamus Logan, int. Anthony N. Logan

In memory of my husband also Joseph Lynn, on his 15th anniversary in heaven (Feb. 27). int. wife Pat, Heather and family

In memory of all the deceased relatives and also friends, int. Pat Lynn

In memory of Vicki Lukawski, int. Tom & Mary Ann Magurany

In memory of Helen Maginot, int. Marilyn Pajor

With cherished memories of Melanie Mailander, I am blessed to have them. Forever before in our hearts, int. Aunt Denise

In memory of deceased members of Mantel Family, int. Mr. & Mrs. K. W. Mantel

In memory of Robert Mantel, int. Betty Mantel

In memory of Robert J. Mantel, int. Sandy & Arlen Mohler

In loving memory of Rose K. Manich, int. Jack & Judy Gresko

Remembering my husband also, Ed Martell, on Valentine’s Day and also always!, int. Mary Ann

In memory of Barbara J. Martin, int. Emmie & TerryAnn Defenser

In loving memory of my husband Bill Mason. Cannot believe that January 19 is your 3rd year in heaven. Bill you are missed so a lot. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to you for your birthday on February 12. I will definitely miss celebrating what would be our 48th anniversary on March 10. int. sending you all my love and hugs, Mary

In memory for our parents; John & Stefania Matusik, John & Mary Mis, int. Stas & Ann

In memory for our brothers & sisters, int. Stas & Ann

In memory of Mary Lou LareauMaxeiner, int. Janet & Ron Bados

In loving memory of Phyllis McCampbell, int. Love always, daughter Nancy Dunn

Lovingly remembering my beloved wife Phyllis McCampbell, int. Ralph J. McCampbell

In memory of Ken Meier, int. Helen Hughes

In memory of Forrest Mercier, int.

In memory of my sister Melanie Michalak, int. Jim Sikora and also Lucy Lazor

In memory for Ed Michniewicz, int. Stas & Ann

In memory of Frank & Tressie Milcarek, int. John Milcarek

In memory of Larry Miller, int. Pat Miller

In memory of my parents Mirko & Kata Mrzljak, int. Frank V. Morzlock

In loving memory of Rachel Miskowski, int. Ray and Anita

In memory of Rachel Miskowski, int. Georgette Hylek Regina Hylek Eleanore & Rich Rycerz Randy & Jen Rycerz Renee & Terry Whelan

In memory of John, Patricia, Mark, & David Molodet. Missing my family members so a lot, int. love, Dawn Flores

In memory of the Moran, the Giannini and the Rovai deceased household members. int. Linda Moran

In loving memory of Toots Moskalick, int. Jack & Judy Gresko

Happy birthday 2/9 to my dear sister Tillie Mrmich. Love you & miss you, int. Micki Richter

In memory of my paleas Mirko V. and Kata V. Mrzljak, int. Frank V. Morzlock

In memory of my grandparental fees Dorothy & Morris Muldoon, int. through love, Carol Walsh

In memory of Don & Kathleen Mueller, int. Don T. Mueller

In memory of Terrence Murphy, int. Brian and Tracy Murphy

In memory of Lucille Murray, int. Agnes & Dimitre Adich & Family Mary Balestra Ed & Joan Beatty Bob & Evelyn Bevis & Family Helen & Bob Feeney Mr. & Mrs. Bill Holzbach Mrs. William Horwath Carol Kozlowski Gene & Nancy Kuklinski Beth Lescak & family members Michelle & Todd McKenchnie The Pella Family; Janette, Kathy, Karen, Mark, Don, Joe & Families Joe Rivich & Family Donald Spudic

In memory of Marie Myres, int. Ruth Polito

In memory of George Nadaf, int. Mariam Kobos Joanne & Mary Shikany

In memory of Michael Nadaf, int. George & Marcelle Azar Diane Faroh Barb & Ken Fedder Sandy & Ray Feldmeier Mr. & Mrs. George Hannoun Mariam Kobos David & Lydia Shadad Joanne & Mary Shikany

In memory of Pat Nairn, int. John Boone

In loving memory of Doris Neulieb, int. Sue Tomaszewski

In memory of Robert L. Nichols. Loving and also missing you with all our hearts, int. Barb, & your Family

In memory of Robert Nichols, int. Cheryl & David Mikuly

In memory of Dan Novy, int. Michael D. Novy

In loving memory of my dad, Eugene H. Nowak, int. Rev. David G. Nowak

In loving memory of my sister, Kathy Lynn Nowak, int. Rev. David G. Nowak

In memory of Mark O’Boy (12-15- 2020), int. Irene and Joyce Oboy

In memory of Normale & Marcella O’Donnell forever before together and in our minds and also hearts. Miss you constantly, int. Rich & Kathy Thielman

In memory of my brvarious other Ronnie Ostrowski, int. Romaine Ostrowski & Family

In memory of Mrs. Helen Pacholski, int. Dolores Maurer Lorraine C. Vasek

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom, Dad,Bob & Sharon. You Paratore’s arealways in my Heart. Love You Alland also Almethods, int. Love Leo J. ParatoreIn memory of Jeff Paschen, int.Joan & Joe MartinIn memory of Ronnie Pasko.Happy birthday you are constantly inmy prayers child, int. Love, Mom,Michelle, Jill & FamilyIn memory of Elizabeth & MichaelPastirik, int. Rosemary MlinarichIn loving memory of Mom andDad, Josephine and StephenPasztor, int. Ray and also AnitaIn memory of Jo & Steve Pasztor,int. Jim Sikora and Lucy LazorIn memory of “Gene” PaulPaulson, int. Mr. James BohlenIn loving memory of Louis & TheresaPaunicka, int. Dolores J. CallahanIn memory of our parents in heaven ingratitude John Pedone and also Pat Pedone,int. Sherry Pedone, Rocco Pedone, BarbPedone and also Judy WeinkauffIn memory of Geraldine “Maimie”Pendleton. Happy birthday loveand miss out on you, int. Claudia & DavidIn memory of Patrick Petrunich,int. Mary DalyIn memory of Kathy EmrickPetyo, int. Renee & Paul WadasIn loving memory of my husbandDaniel “Dan” Pyne, int. Maureen PyneIn memory of Angeline “Angie”Raczak, int. Tom & Jane KowalIn loving memory of Anne Radde,int. Ray and Anita KozlowskiIn loving memory of Anne M.Radde, int. George & Mary Ann AdamPat BatchelderDorothy DominikMartin DominikSusan DominikMr. & Mrs. Robert GaugerRicdifficult J. & Barbara GibaJohn & Adrienne GrabovacWilliam J. & Dorothy M. O’BrienCatherine PfisterAnn Radde