In this song, Washington tells Hamilton what the display he’s starring in is all about. During this scene, Washington hands Hamilton a sword, a symbol of his promovement to his… Read More 

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I was younger than you are nowWhen I was given my initially commandI led my males straight into a massacreI experienced their deaths firsthandI made eexceptionally mistakeAnd felt the shame increase in meAnd even now I lie awakeKnowing history has actually its eyes on me (Whoa…)Whoa…Whoa…YeahHistory has actually its eyes on me (Whoa…)Whoa…Whoa…YeahLet me tell you what I wish I’d knownWhen I was young and also dreamed of glory:You have actually no control:
Who resides, that dies, that tells your storyI know that we have the right to winI know that greatness lies in youBut remember from below on inHistory has itsEyes on youWhoa…Whoa…Whoa…History has actually its eyes on you
Embed“History Has Its Eyes on You” by Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Initial Broadmeans Cast of "Hamilton" on
In this song, Washington tells Hamilton what the present he’s starring in is all around. Throughout this scene, Washington hands Hamilton a sword, a symbol of his proactivity to his command. The song ends through a shared salute.

Sure, this song is a minute and a half long, but here’s a salso minute talk through Ron Chercurrently and around the partnership between Washington and also Hamilton:

He just can’t help bringing up Hamilton either, watch 1:33:

Have you viewed the show yet? This is actually very central to the show bereason Lin-Manuel Miranda asked me “Would Washington have actually watched Hamilton as a younger version of himself?” and also I shelp, “Yes, their individualities were so unfavor, however there was something around their cases that would certainly have actually seemed familiar to Washington.”


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History Has Its Eyes on You (Instrumental) by Original Broadmeans Cast of Hamilton & History Has Its Eyes On You (2014 Workshop) by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Ft. Isaiah Johnson)