About Love Will Keep Us Together

"Love Will Keep Us Together" is a song created by Neil Sedaka and also Howard Greenfield. It was first tape-recorded by Sedaka in 1973. Amerideserve to pop duo Captain & Tennille extended the song in 1975, via crucial backing practically completely by “Captain” Daryl Dragon, via the exemption of drums played by Hal Blaine; their version became a global hit.

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LoveLove will keep us togetherThink of me babe, wheneverSome sweet-talking girl comes alengthy, singing her songDon"t mess about, you"ve just acquired to be strong, just stop"Causage I really love you, stopI"ll be reasoning of youLook in my heart and also let love save us togetherYouYou belong to me nowAin"t gonna collection you cost-free nowWhen those girl start hanging approximately talking me downHear via your heart and also you will not hear a sound, just soptimal (stop)"Cause I really love you, stop (stop)I"ll be thinking of youLook in my heart and also let love save us togetherWhateverYoung and beautifulBut sooner or later your looks will be goneWhen the others turn you offWho"ll be turning you on?I will certainly, I will certainly, I willI will be tbelow to share foreverLove will certainly store us togetherI sassist it prior to and I"ll say it aacquire while others pretendI require you currently and I"ll require you then, simply stop (stop)"Cause I really love you, speak (stop)I"ll be reasoning of youLook in my heart and let love save us togetherWhatever, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, whateverI will, I will, I will certainly, I willYou better stop"Cause I really love you, speak (stop)I"ll be reasoning of youLook in my heart and let love save us togetherWhatever before, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, whateverI will, I will, I will, I will

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Captain & Tennille The Captain & Tennille are Amerihave the right to pop music recording artists that achieved chart success as a recording duo and also were previously famed as backup musicians for Elton John and Neil Sedaka. The duo consists of husband and wife, "Captain" Daryl Dragon (born August 27, 1942) and Cathryn Antoinette "Toni" Tennille (born May 8, 1940).

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They have actually 5 albums that are certified either gold or platinum, and are best known for their singles which topped the charts in the mid-1970s and beforehand 1980s, "Love Will Keep Us Together" and also "Do That to Me One More Time." Their tv selection series appeared on the ABC network-related in the 1976–77 seaboy. They proceed to perform occasionally with popular appeal in the Lake Tahoe rekind location and also reap the complying with of huge … more »