Are you confused around what to spfinish your diamonds on in Magikarp Jump? Its actually not your fault, its rather normal for any player to obtain confused after looking at so many kind of various kinds of items in the diamonds shop. Tright here are so many type of assorted support pokemon, decorations and also items that you have the right to buy making use of your diamonds. However it will certainly be a waphase of your diamonds if you just blindly spfinish them. So in this article we will show you the best way to spfinish diamonds in magikarp jump.

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What To Spfinish Diamonds On In Magikarp Jump

First of all let us tell you that tbelow is not a universal step to spend your diamonds in this game which have to be adhered to by eextremely player. Each player’s needs are different and also that is why eextremely player will certainly need to select the items which will certainly be most beneficial to them. For example if you feel that you constantly face shortage of coins then you must buy items which might carry out you more coins. Similarly, if you desire to level up your magikarp faster then you have to focus on unlocking items that might carry out you even more JP.

However before, in this guide we will certainly point out about some specific items which are a Must Have for all players and it is recommended to spfinish your diamonds on these items initially because it might be the best use of diamonds for you. Below you have the right to find these items which are certainly worth spending diamonds on.

1. Exeggutor Palm – This is a decoration item which offers you 12% additional coins from each league victory. The best point is that it prices simply 150 diamonds and it will certainly save providing your even more coins forever before. So its very recommended to have actually this palm in your pond.


If you follow a basic ascendancy then you should spfinish your diamonds on the above pointed out items. However before in case of friendship items, tright here is one more point that you must store in mind while unlocking any type of of them.

In friendship items you will certainly find that many type of pokemon will be giving almost the very same benefits yet at assorted costs. For instance, if we look at Snorlax, Greninja and also Litten, every one of these give you JP (although Snorlax gives you food but that food provides you JP). They expense 500, 500 and 250 diamonds respectively. Now, a lot of players will certainly look at prices of these pokemon prior to unlocking any type of of them, however we recommfinish you that rather of looking at their unlock cost, you need to look at exactly how commonly carry out you open up this application throughout the day. This is bereason if you open up the app just when or twice a day then what is the allude of purchasing Litten that recovers eincredibly 3 and also a fifty percent hours? Why not collect more diamonds to unlock Greninja whose recovery time is 5 hrs and also he gives you even more JP? On the various other hand also if you open the app fairly commonly then you would certainly unlock Snorlax instead of Litten because Snorlax’s recoincredibly time is just 50 minutes and he offers you several food.

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So this is just how you can make the ideal use of diamonds in magikarp jump. Hope this overview will offer you a much better principle of what to spend your diamonds on. Thanks for analysis this guide and please don’t forgain to share this short article with your friends utilizing the social media butlots below.

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