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Comment by KimBo

Wooah, damn. This is rocking so difficult. Just loving it.... on my 3rd listen, so far

Comment by 1234567890

‘Be much ‘bliged mister if you and also them tright here fellas ‘d be so sort regarding let me have yer UK tour dates. Yessir.

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Comment by Riff Beach

Full Band also Sound is entirely Glory Bound!

Comment by Riff Beach

This is a actual Hooky wonderful tune from you and Phillip. Many took pleasure in via another listen, Tony! Solid songwriting and love the means Phillip brings these to Music, too.

Comment by The Gobi Desert Canoe Club

Great nation music, love it.

Comment by project Gorganize Radio

Enjoying the ride :)

Comment by BluesmanRick

Great execution. Nicely done!!

Comment by SUNNIDAYZ

listening aacquire..oh awesome track!!!!!!!! smiling

Comment by Daniels & Durgy

Just spot on rock n' roll guys! Perfect! Durge

Comment by Nat Daniels

Oh yeah!!!!........Im rocking in my chair fellas!!

Comment by Talkala

so so nice to walk in a street complete of civilization and hear this! relaxing and also bringing joy!

Comment by Lizzy, Suzy & Me

cool song

Comment by Dan Lockhart

Such a vey fun song

Comment by Owen & Hill

this one drives alengthy so well!

Comment by Karin-Maria Brunner


Comment by Anattracted Borderick

Great song.

Comment by Peter Wheeler

Excellent vocals. Clear & distinctive sound.

Comment by Peter Wheeler

My ears are spinning.

Comment by Peter Wheeler

Oh Yeah! Loving this..

Comment by Lammbone

Such an excellent song Tony. A glimpse of the wholesome life and Philip is super. Brought a smile.

Comment by Tony's Lyrics

matt-hoffman-523285821: Thank you exceptionally much from every one of us, Matt.

Comment by Mind Watching Your Elbow

Comment by warfydave

Nice catchy tune - Great performance and also manufacturing.

Comment by Tony's Lyrics

gene-jumper-6: We all thank you for taking the moment to listen, Gene.

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Comment by - MONU -

happy new year :)

Comment by Dominique Briand

Amazing song!! Excellent country sound, superb vocals and also instrumentation!

Comment by Karlit-O-Kay (K-O-K): Reposts and also Playlists

So amazingly forwaddriving Country-Sound

Comment by SUNNIDAYZ

she can make a freight train take a dirt road! Tony, I think that's the best line you've ever before penned!!! all Phillip you sound excellent wonderful this is a fine track! I love it! Happy New Year to the totality crew I love this song Tony!!!

Comment by spanishlilies

Top job-related males America's finest. Top class composing Tony, that chorus line is classical.

Comment by Daniele Turani

Thanks for letting me add some tools to this masterpiece song Tony! I love it, such a great melody with beautiful lyrics!

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