A California prospector found an 18-ounce gold nugacquire valued at around $70,000 at a gold mining camp. Oscar Espinoza plans to save the steak-sized nugget locked in a safe till he is able to find a buyer. Display capture/KCRA/Inform Inc.

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Odd News // 14 hrs ago
Man collects $100,000 lottery prize after winning $1M twice
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A North Carolina man had actually his 3rd brush via lottery luck as soon as he scored a $100,000 jackpot after formerly winning $1 million -- twice.

Odd News // 14 hours ago
Wildlife officials rescue badger trapped in Coloraperform home window well
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- Wildlife officials in Coloraexecute said they were dubbed out for an inexplicable rescue as soon as a badger ended up being stranded in a home"s home window well.

Odd News // 14 hrs ago
Hawaii male through metal detector recovers heirloom ring lost in the ocean
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A Hawaii male bearing a metal detector had the ability to recover an heirimpend wedding ring someday after its owner dropped it right into the ocean.

Odd News // 15 hrs ago
Fallen tree reasons numerous bees to swarm at Florida house
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A Florida sheriff"s deputy, who also is a beekeeper, involved the rescue when a tree fell on a Florida residence, bring about thousands of bees to swarm.
Odd News // 17 hrs ago
Company looks for candidate to make $1,300 by watching 13 horror movies
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A agency is seeking a horror fan to gain passist $1,300 to watch 13 creepy classics and also monitor their heart price to compare the are afraid components of high- and low-budacquire films.
Odd News // 17 hours ago
Virginia man reels in record-breaking, 23-pound longnose gar
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- Wildlife officials in Virginia shelp an angler damaged a state document as soon as he reeled in a 4-foot, 6-inch longnose gar that weighed 23 pounds.
Odd News // 19 hours ago
Texas park earns Guinness document via 24,459 painted pebbles
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A Texas park"s rock art trail featuring 24,459 painted stones was awarded the Guinness World Record for biggest screen of painted pebbles.
Odd News // 19 hours ago
Firefighters wrangle loose bull on North Carolina highway
Sept. 9 (steustatiushistory.org) -- Firefighters in North Carolina responded to a stretch of highmeans to rerelocate an unusual traffic risk -- an escaped bull.
Odd News // 1 day ago
Florida male opens up brand-new business, wins $1M lottery jackpot on exact same day
Sept. 8 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A Florida male that opened his own auto shop received an unsupposed cash injection on his first day of service when he won a $1 million lottery jackpot.

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Odd News // 1 day ago
Lost dog rejoined through owner after taking solo ride on city bus
Sept. 8 (steustatiushistory.org) -- A shed dog in England was reunited with his owner after climbing aboard a city bus, wright here passengers shortly realized the canine was riding solo.

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Company kind of seeks candidate to make $1,300 by watching 13 horror movies
Lost dog rejoined via owner after taking solo ride on city bus
Florida male opens up new company, wins $1M lottery jackpot on very same day

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