My present team is composed of Scarlett Witch, Hulk, Psylocke and Wolverine. I’m playing Scarlett Witch as the main.

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The major trouble I have is staggering bosses, I’m not certain the finest way to execute it as all her strikes seem weak versus staggering. I’ve just been spamming her hefty strike until staggered, then synergising via psylocke to stun.

Then the basic rotation is to spam her spheres ability until you run low on power, then spam light strike to construct even more energy.

Any advice is a lot appreciated.


If you're playing solo, SW has actually 2 damaging abilities with weak stagger. She is dps support. Lay dvery own the slow-moving area then switch Psylocke or Wolv to gain to stagger faster.

Psylocke first ability is good for stagger. Check the ability rank for stagger, B or A will certainly tear the bar up. After a stagger, do one synergy to stun.

Once staggered stun switch to SW and lay down the HP damage.

If co-op, assistance with the sluggish field and healing aura till stagger stun.

Also counts on your ISO-8 setup. If you're going to hefty spam, boosting the hefty attack damages may stagger it much faster, but at the cost of weak abilities.

She isn’t great for staggering, that simply isn’t her function. She is impressive for attacking mobs with hex bolts, and also her spheres do reputable damage versus any kind of targain, yet staggering need to be left to someone else. If you must execute it the spheres are the finest method.

Because you’re already utilizing Psylocke, have actually Psylocke stagger and also then switch to Scarlet Witch to damages the staggered boss.

You'll need to switch it up for meter breaking, or just accept that she won't be that excellent at it. The great news is the characters you are through all have excellent options for breaking meters (and also considering that charge+charge is a synergy, also better).

I ran her on my team and also is currently on playwith 3. She does ok DPS but most of her moves dont synergize however one. I store her for healing as soon as playing solo. Her role is more supportive then damages.

I basically usage her as a side char for when the remainder of the team is out of power and also can't synergize. Then I switch to her and spam her abilities solo to lay down 'cover fire' while the remainder of the team rebuild's their energy

If you max out the initially green hexagon, she staggers a lot, much simpler. Hold block and spam her hefty strike a couple of times, and obtain up close and also personal via the hex bolts. She has actually been my major given that day 1 and I have never before had actually an concern via her. That’s just my experience. I have likewise equipped a ton of ISO’s through double mastery and ISO’s through etheactual damages. I think she is pretty sick in the game.

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Use elepsychological characters, like Storm, Crystal, and Loki, and the ice assaults will amplify her disaster area and also cause them all to stagger if you use it as necessary. Be certain you max out the first green hexagon to gain the bonus.


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