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“Tbelow Is Nopoint Like A Nurse” (#58, 3×10)Originally Broadcast: Tuesday, November 19th, 1974Written by Larry GelbartDirected by Hy Averback

Capsule Summary: The registered nurses of the 4077th are evacuated due to the danger of attack, leaving Hawkeye, Trapper and the various other males lonely and also bored.

For an episode via just one genuine storyline, this episode has a lot going on. It attributes the second of 3 appearances by troubadour-surgeon Captain Calvin Spalding via 2 original songs composed and percreated by singer Loudon Wainwbest III. It also features a home movie of Frank’s wedding, which Larry Gelbart later referred to as among his “favorite sequences” from M*A*S*H. Plus, the rerevolve of 5 O’Clock Charlie. And it contains a number of unusual cinematic techniques: an extreme close-up, disfix transitions and also a split display.

Captain Spalding first appeared in “Rainbow Bridge” (originally aired September 17th, 1974) and complying with this episode showed up for the 3rd and also final time in “Big Mac” (originally aired February 2fifth, 1975). I’ve constantly thought “It’s Funny How We Miss Them” was the best of Spalding’s songs. For the record, the other song in this episode, first heard near the beginning with Hawkeye and also Trapper singing alengthy, is titled “Unrequited to the Nth Degree.”

The house movie of Frank’s wedding are hilarious but additionally sad. Frank really is a pathetic character both in the Army and in civilian life. In a March 2001 post to the Newsgroup, Larry Gelbart had this to say about the wedding film:

Remember mostly how much fun it was shooting Frank’s wedding movie. A good chance to watch Frank in a civilian setting, check out what a fool he was tright here, also. And what a nice break it afforded us to acquire ameans from the battle for awhile.

All in all, among my favorite sequences.

I don’t know exactly how I feel around the excessive close-up of Margaret’s mouth throughout her conversation with Henry around Nurse Baker. I don’t recall offhand also any type of other examples of too much close-ups. Was Henry, due to his hangover, zoned out and also seeing her talk without listening? I turned the laugh track on and also there’s laughter in the time of the close-up but it doesn’t seem specifically funny.

The flashbacks seen while Spalding was singing “It’s Funny How We Miss Them” in the Officers’ Club, finish via disfix transitions to show they’re flashbacks, seem a little unvital. Between the lyrics and also the looks on Hawkeye and also Trapper’s deals with, I think we obtain the concept. That said, it was a nice reusage of the “running nurses” from the opening credits.

On the various other hand also, the separation display screen offered throughout parts of the telephone conversation between Frank and also Margaret was incredibly effective bereason it allowed viewers to see the contrasting facial expressions. Aobtain, I don’t remember any other offers of a separation display on the series.


As for the plot of the episode, other than the minor detour involving Frank’s wedding movie, it was all around the affect of the registered nurses on the 4077th, both by their existence and their absence. Would Hawkeye, Trapper and the various other males really have nothing to perform only hrs after the registered nurses left? Probably not.

I execute wish tright here had actually been some resolution to the Nurse Baker plot suggest. Did Margaret actually go over Henry’s head? Was Baker forced to sit on the edge of her bed for a month? I wonder if the lack of clocertain was Gelbart’s intent once he composed the manuscript or if tright here were added scenes reduced from the episode. It might be that we’re expected to assume that after being evacuated, Margaret had second thoughts and also made a decision to let Baker slide.

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It’s amazing that the actress that depicted Baker in this episode isn’t attributed, despite having actually a number of lines. It’s certainly not Bobbie Mitchell, that is attributed as Nurse Able.

Great episode. There’s one line I never before construed though. On the club Trap mentions the reel under franks bed and also then Hawkeye claims it’s more than likely a video clip of Frank’s paleas being told that he died at birth. What did he mean (Hawk)?

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