Meet the Angara - and prove yourself to them by staging a daring rescue. Hell, solve all their problems while you"re doing chores.

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A Trail of Hope: Contents

Objectives and mission flow

Boss: Cardinal

Key option and story branch

Ayan additional quests

Hvarl second quests

Voeld secondary quests

Loyalty and crew missions

After activating the vault on Eos and also founding your initially outshort article, forget all around Eos and also continue through the main storyline. Not only is side content more properly sought later, but Eos itself becomes a lot even more fun after you development the story a small, allowing the radiation to clear.

Our next stop in the Heleus Cluster is not actually wbelow we intended to end up, yet that"s okay - we make some new friends and open up stacks of brand-new things to see and execute on the way.

Mass Effect Andromeda really embraces the non-direct thing right here, so quite than guide you through every little thing minute by moment, we"re going to give you a checklist of every little thing you have to see and perform as you make your very own means with this segment of the game.

The important mission path is heating up, however this latest quest is a multi-phase, multi-planet doozy. Before you dive right into it, we recommend checking back in via your squadmates on the Tempest as well as taking a tour of the Nexus. In both areas you"ll discover new side content, brand-new conversations and also new side quests that can be prompted. It"s additionally a good chance to offpack any type of junk in your inventory in exchange for credits that you deserve to usage to pick up consumables and brand-new gear. Shops on the Nexus also readjust their stock up in tune through your major story mission progress, so you can uncover new, much better stuff tbelow currently. It"s a great concept to carry out this in between each of the major priority ops, although we recommend not pursuing and yet neighborhood side pursuits just yet; you deserve to save the majority of bracktracking by knocking all of these over in the direction of the finish of the game.

Shortly after start A Trail of Hope you"ll unlock many kind of brand-new systems to check out on the Galaxy Map see. Be sure to check in with each, scanning each system in full, if you"re aiming for full completion.

A Trail of Hope has actually an unusual structure. Shortly after making first contact with the Angara you"ll be offered 2 main searches, Helping Havarl"s Scientists and also Meet the Resistance. You just need to do one of these to obtain the trust of the Angara and also fulfil the mission"s main objective, however you have the right to do both if you like, and also the said mission flow below shows this.

Find more tips, tricks and explanations in our Mass Effect Andromeda overview and also walkthrough.

A large number of second searches are available in the time of A Trail of Hope, and we"ve provided them all by area below. It"s an exhaustive, long list, however it"s worth noting that some sidequests on both Hvarl and also Voeld will not end up being easily accessible till you have spoken to Addiboy on the vidcon in the Tempest after completing one or both of the two Angara trust goals that Efvra and Jaal provide you. Making this speak to does not cshed off any kind of mission threads, so we imply acquiring that out of the method as soon as possible to open yourself approximately as many type of quests as possible.


A Trail of Hope missions and said goals flow

Eos Radiation

Note: Completing either of the missions to gain the trust of the Angara will certainly clear the Eos radiation, if you desire to go earlier and tick off content there. We"ve acquired a full list of the new sidepursuits on Eos on our Eos guide page.

This is our argued route with A Trail of Hope. It has multiple optional tips to go roughly hoovering up side quests after particular turning points, and also have to enable you to gain absolutely whatever accessible done prior to you proceed to the fourth priority op.

As questioned above, this quest branches and you deserve to complete either of 2 searches to obtain the trust of the Angara, or go for them both. Our said path takes in both, which indicates you obtain to visit 2 new planets rather than just one. In a game all around expedition that seems prefer the ideal choice, we reckon.

In either instance, the mission joins back together after you call Evfra for the second time and also start a mission to rescue the Moshae. Feel complimentary to perform simply one objective and crack on via the major search if you like.

Optional: visit the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest to upday conversations and side questsTravel to the Onaon mechanism and also land on AyaMeet via EvfraOptional: Collect Aya sidesearches (check out list below)Complete Helping Havarl’s ScientistsTravel to HavarlSheight to Kiiran DalsSolve the monolith to totally free the Angaran prisonersReturn to Kiiran DalsOptional: collect Havarl side searches (see list below)Return to the Tempest and also stop with Addiboy on the vidconComplete the Meet the Resistance mission chainTravel to VoeldFollow the heat lamps to the rebel campStop to Anjik Do Xeel and also Beniska to begin Eyes on the Ground/On the FrontlinesPlace a forward terminal and also summon the Nomad, then follow the routes to Hjara StationStop to Skeot to begin Stage a RescueTravel to the Kett base to rescue NilijMeet through Evfra at Resistance HQOptional: collect Voeld side quests (view list below)Optional: visit the Nexus, Hyperion and also Tempest to update conversations and side questsOptional: sdeserve to all new planets and systemsTalk to Commander Heckt at the docks on AyaRescue the MoshaeInfiltrate the Kett BaseSoptimal to Commander HecktFight through the Kett baseSdeserve to the stasis podsUse the consoleFight through the KettSoptimal to JaalDefeat the CardinalStop to the Moshae Protect the MoshaeBoard the shuttleOptional: visit the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest to update conversations and side questsReturn to AyaOptional: collect Aya sidepursuits (view list below)Meet with the Moshae and Evfra at Resistence HQ


A Trail of Hope Boss: Defeating the Cardinal

Towards the end of the "A Trail of Hope" mission to rescue the Moshae you"ll challenge off versus the Cardinal - a brand-new opponent form that you"re going to fulfill a few times throughout your adendeavor. This is a tougher and also more long lasting class of Kett who ominously floats off the ground and also has an orb that protects him.

In order to take down the Cardinal you should assault the orb that floats about him; when it explodes, the cardinal himself will certainly be vulnerable. That"s the moment to pile on the damages. Due to the fact that the orb floats about in and out of your line of fire area of impact assaults such as singularity or flamethrower are especially useful right here.

The orb will certainly eventually regeneprice, so you"ll desire to lay on as much damage as you have the right to while the Cardinal is exposed. To this end be sure to equip some great consumable ammo such as inferno or cryo ammo to up the damages dealt in a short level of time and straight your squadmates to assault directly.

The Cardinal spawns with a number of allies, but it"s finest to take them dvery own first and focus on the Cardinal last. If you check out the cardinal charging up a big bevery one of oselection energy be prepared to usage your increase jets to dodge out of the way - even cover will not conserve you from this shield-busting attack.

Vanguards and other in-your-challenge players have to beware of the Cardinal"s grab attack; it"s an instant-kill unless a squadmate maneras a powerful enough attack to interrupt it, and also that"s ... unlikely.

A Trail of Hope story branch: Save the Angara or Destroy the Facility

At the finish of the mission to rescue the Moshae you"ll get a major choice: you can either ruin the exultation facility or leave it standing and give the Cardinal, the character who runs it, a chance. This is a gut-wrenching, no-win decision - leaving the facility standing implies there"s a possibility it could be supplied again, however ruining it dooms many kind of Angara to fatality.

Destroying it will kill many Angara presently reserved for exultation, yet the Moshae, whose aid you need, begs you to ruin it neverthemuch less. Jaal is less keen on the concept of the facility"s damage. Thus this choice branches the story somewhat:

If you enable the facility to remain standing the Moshae will certainly be angry and also the facility survives. In return you get some extra support from the Angaran Resistance throughout a late-game mission thanks to the reality you rescue their human being from the facility by conserving it, however who knows if the act of leaving the facility standing will have effects in a future game.


Aya second quests

The complying with sidequests end up being accessible on Aya during A Trail of Hope, after you stop via Evfra for the first time, or upon your return after rescuing the Moshae. Pick them up as you go, however do not feel obliged to do these now; as ever, we recommend conserving side content for cshed to endgame to conserve time running back and also forth.

Trading FavorsSoptimal to Sohkaa Esof at the docks on Aya on your first visit.Task: Laws and also CustomsSheight to any type of of the Arbiters while trying out Aya after rescuing the Moshae.Task: Local CuisineShave the right to any type of fruit you check out in Aya after rescuing the Moshae.Task: Messages to the NexusSpeak to the staff in the Governor"s office after rescuing the Moshae.Task: Test SubjectWalk via the industries of Aya until your are informed that you are being scanned after rescuing the Moshae.Liam Kosta: Day Out on AyaSpeak to Liam on the Tempest after rescuing the Moshae and also viewing the Aya Vault scene.Foracquired HistorySoptimal to Avela Kjar at the museum after completing Respanning the Past and also rescuing the Moshae.


Hvarl secondary quests

The following sidequests are accessible on Hvarl in the time of A Trail of Hope. Many sidepursuits branch from or are dependent on A Dying Planet, Hvarl"s significant additional search. Pick them up as you go, but do not feel obliged to execute these now; as ever before, we recommfinish conserving side content for close to endgame to conserve time running earlier and forth.

A Dying PlanetSoptimal to Kiiran Dals in the study terminal near the spawn suggest.A Lost SisterStop to Sage Amurd at the peak of Mithrava throughout A Dying Planet.UnearthedStop to Fleera at the height of Mithrava in the time of A Dying Planet.Task: Roekaar ManifestosCollect the datapad at the camp across the bridge, which becomes obtainable partmethod with A Dying Planet.OvergrownSpeak to Dr. Tassana Rilar at the research terminal close to the spawn point after completing A Dying Planet.Cross-Cultural AlliancesCheck your email after completing A Dying Planet.Forgotten StarsStop to Raashel Vier in the research study terminal close to the generate point.Turian Ark: Not Dead YetSoptimal to Kiiran Dals in the research terminal near the generate point, after completing Helping Havarl"s Scientists - or ssuggest discover the encmapment.Task: Turian SalvageStop to Drusa after completing both Helping Havarl"s Scientists and also Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet.


Voeld secondary quests

The following sidesearches are available on Voeld during A Trail of Hope. Pick them up as you go, but do not feel obliged to carry out these now; as ever, we recommend saving side content for close to endgame to conserve time running ago and also forth.

InterceptedAccess a terminal at the Resistance Base.Medical CachesSheight to Dr Harihn at the Resistance Base.Task: Nomad Shield CraftingTalk to the mechanic at the Resistance Base.The Lost ScoutTalk to Haana at the Resistance Base.ReformationSpeak to the Angaran Priestess at the Resistance base.Meet The FamilyUnlocks after completion of Stage a Rescue.Remove the HeartUnlocks after completion of Meet the Family.FrequencyFind a strange meteorite, or soptimal to the irritated researcher at Hjara terminal.Brmust LightSheight to Rjoek in Techiix.Fact or FictionSpeak to Ari Vesjek at Techiix, or access a console in the Kett base.Bridge SabotageLocate the damaged bridge southwest of Techiix.The Lost SongSoptimal to the biologist standing on the lake outside Techiix.White DeathLook for a lone sniper external Techiix.Restoring a WorldReactivate a monolith on Voeld.Missing Science CrewSoptimal to Priya Blake after placing an outshort article on Voeld.End of WatchFind one of three datapads at fight sites approximately Voeld.SubjugationDestroy a Kett device in a random enrespond to.Task: Catch and ReleaseScan an Angaran corpse in a random enrespond to.Task: Clearing the AirHack a Kett terminal in a random enrespond to.Task: Gone DarkShave the right to an Angaran console in a random encounter.The VanishedSearch for an audio recording in a cave in the north of the map.

Crew and loyalty missions

The following side searches end up being obtainable once you begin A Trail of Hope, or at various milestones throughout. Check in regularly at your email terminal, as well as in conversations on the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest, to encertain you obtain them all. Pick them up as you go, yet do not feel obliged to carry out these now; as ever before, we recommfinish conserving side content for close to endgame to conserve time running back and forth.

Nakmor Drack: Krogan BetrayalStop to Drack on the Tempest.Cora Harper: Asari ArkRead an e-mail from Cora and also stop to her on the Tempest, after landing on Aya. Completion of this mission is necessary to gaining the game"s best finishing.Liam Kosta: Armor DiplomacyVisit Aya, exhaust Liam"s dialogue on the Tempest, leave the Tempest and also return to speak to Liam aget.Jaal Ama Darva: Friend or Foe?Sheight to Jaal after you chat through Evfra by means of Vidcon.Peebee: Secret ProjectCheck your email.Gill Brodie:A Video Game of PokerCheck your email.Excess BaggageExhaust Suvi"s dialogue, after landing on Aya.Kcurrently your EnemyRead your email, after speaking with Evfra.Movie Night: Getting startedExhaust all Liam"s dialogue after landing on Aya, then sheight to him aacquire.

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With Trail of Hope behind you and also a stack of sidepursuits in your journal, it"s off to the following significant multi-phase mission - Hunting the Archon.