Question: “How carry out I remove water stains from my babsence honed absolute granite counter tops?”


stains from granite countertops deserve to be both a challenge and a puzzle at the exact same time. In order to rerelocate a stain, you must ensure that it is indeed a stain and not damages to the rock. Next, you have to determine what resulted in the stain so that you can use the correct materials to rerelocate it. Here are guidelines for determining the difficulty and also the important procedures to resolve it.

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Stain or Damage?

Use these guidelines to recognize whether the spots you are seeing are in reality stains or if they are areas of damaged rock. If you are unsure, consult a professional prior to proceeding.


Discoloration from the stone taking in a staining agent (coffee, tea, oil, etc.)When the staining agent is rerelocated, the stain is gone.


A change in the natural chemical makeup of the stone.Not caused by the rock taking in an agent, however fairly led to by damage to the surconfront.Corrosion, typically caused by acids, leaving “rings” or “water spots” that cannot be rerelocated. Some examples of points that could cause these stains are toilet bowl cleaner or spilled white vinegar.You cannot rerelocate a “stain” that is actually damages as it requires repairing/removing the damaged area.It needs to be identified if the damage is to the stone or to the protective coating/sealant. (Some forms of granite do not call for sealants and also when they are applied, they become damaged and also look as though the location is stained.)

Removing Stains from Granite

Rerelocating stains needs the use of a poultice. A poultice is composed of 2 materials: 1) an absorbent product, such as Bounty or Viva record towels, talcum powder or diatomaceous earth and also 2) a chemical to rerelocate the stain. Tright here are five various categories of stains and each has its own designated chemical for the poultice.

*If your stain is caused by a soap bottle/dispenser, see our overview How to Rerelocate Dish Soap Rings from Granite Countertops.

Categories of Stain:

Stains: Organic (coffee, soda, mustard, gravy, tea, and so on.)Chemical: Hydrogen Peroxide (30%-40% by volume)Stains: Inorganic (ink, dyes, dirt, and so on.)Chemical: Rubbing Alcohol for ink; Hydrogen Peroxide (30%-40% by volume) for all othersStains: Oil (any type of form of food preparation oil, some mineral oils, butter, margarine, and so on.)Chemical: Pure Acetone (avoid utilizing nail polish remover as various brands have different ingredients)Stains: Biological (mold, mildew, etc.)Chemical: Bleach or MB-9Stains: Metal (rust, copper, etc.)Chemical: Iron-out (a white powder easily accessible at hardware stores)

The Removal Process:

Due to the nature of this removal process, you might desire to test a tiny, inconspicuous area of the stone to ensure tbelow are no adverse impacts.

Begin by mixing the poultice (ex: talc powder and also hydrogen peroxide). You will certainly desire to produce a thick paste. It must have the consistency of putty.Apply the mix to the stained location, maintaining it just on the stain. The layer of paste must be about one fourth of an inch thick and overlap the stain about a fifty percent an inch.Cover the location via plastic wrap and tape the edges dvery own. Allow it to set for 24 hrs.Remove the tape and plastic wrap only, leaving the poultice in area.Allow this to reprimary on the stain until it is totally dry. This can take anywhere from a couple of hrs to a couple of days.When the paste is completely dry, usage a plastic scraper to scrape ameans the paste.Wipe staying paste ameans with a clean cloth.Clean the area as normal and dry with one more clean towel.If the stain stays, you might have to repeat measures 2-6 several times, specifically for oily stains, each time removing even more of the stain.

Water Stains

Many water stains are only a short-lived difficulty. The granite might darken or lighten in color once the water is absorbed right into the rock. However before, when the water evapoprices, the shade of the rock need to go back to normal. To prevent this absorption from happening in the initially location, it is important to seal the surconfront of the granite with a high top quality sealer. This can be completed on your very own or by a experienced.

If hardwater stains occur, they have the right to be removed by applying vinegar to the location making use of the very same approaches as over.

Repairing Damage to Granite

It will certainly need expert assistance to repair damaged stone. You deserve to additionally consult the location wright here you purchased your stone for advice and business choices.

Other Stains

If you should rerelocate super glue from your granite, we have actually a guide detailing the procedure for that: How to Remove Super Glue from Granite.

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If you have actually dark stains that are just about the faucet, these are typically brought about by the oils in the plumber’s putty supplied to seal the faucet. We have a overview especially for this trouble as well: How to Rerelocate Plumber’s Putty Stains from Granite.