L>Coolidge Papers. McNary-Haugen Bill, 1923-28.Coolidge Papers. McNary-Haugen Bill, 1923-28.Letters as well as reports, write-ups, and editorials from newsfiles and farm magazines such as The Iowa Homestead expush sentiment for and also versus McNary-Haugen farm relief law. OregonRepublihave the right to Senator Charles McNary sponsored the regulation in the Senate, while Iowa RepublicanCongressguy Gilbert N. Haugen funded it in the House of Representatives. Several of the opplace iboy the grounds that consumers would endure price increases. Counter proposals include thepromovement of farmers" marketing cooperatives. The file consists of a March 28, 1924, pro-McNary-Haugenreport, "Ehigh quality for Agriculture as Provided by the McNary-Haugen Bill," all set and also publiburned bythe Amerihave the right to Farm Bureau Federation, the Amerihave the right to Livestock Association, the National LivestockAssociation, the American Wwarmth Growers Associated, and the Indiana Wwarmth Growers Association. AWashington Posteditorial of May 14, 1924, suggests that farmers, specifically wwarmth growers, shouldreduced manufacturing dvery own to the dimension of the home industry. More selections from the situation file include2 minority views in opposition to the second bill, both from the House of Representatives, datedApril 6, 1928, and April 11, 1928; a House/Senate Conference Report, dated May 12, 1928, from theCongressional Record, on a Housage amendment to the Federal Farm Board provisions of the SurplusControl Bill; and a May 22, 1928, typescript variation of President Coolidge"s May 23, 1928, vetomessage. Selections redeveloped as facsimile web page images: 250 of 700 pages. Schosen Document List | Page Imagesno dateArticleApril 10, 1924ArticleApril 10, 1924ArticleApril 17, 1924ArticleApril 30, 1924Letter from A.O. Anderchild to William D. BoiesApril 30, 1924Letter from illegible to William D. Boiesno dateReportMarch 27, 1924ArticleMarch 8, 1924Letter from Julius H. Barnes to Calvin CoolidgeApril 17, 1924ArticleApril 30, 1924NotesMarch 20, 1924ArticleMarch 13, 1924Articleno dateArticleApril 9, 1924Letter from Nelchild B. Updike to Calvin CoolidgeApril 7, 1924Letter from Nelkid B. Updike to Calvin CoolidgeMarch 31, 1925Reportno dateNotesMarch 24, 1924Telegram from C.W. Cross to Calvin CoolidgeFebruary 28, 1924Letter from Sydney Anderchild to C.G. SelvigApril 29, 1924Letter from Mr Wallace to C. Bascom Slempno dateTelegram from C. Bascom Slemp to C.W. CrossAugust 8, 1927Letter from P.P. Campbell to Calvin CoolidgeApril 6, 1928Letter from Calvin Coolidge to Andrew W. MellonFebruary 12, 1927Telegram from B. B. Miller to Calvin CoolidgeFebruary 28, 1927Letter from Charles F. Scott to Calvin CoolidgeFebruary 21, 1927Letter from Everett Sanders to B.B. LipscombFebruary 21, 1927Letter from B.N. Timmons to Everett Sandersno dateMessage from Ballard DunnFebruary 22, 1927Letter from Julian N. Friant to Dwight DavisFebruary 12, 1927Letter to Calvin CoolidgeMarch 1, 1927Telegram from P. Stenchoel to Kund WefaldFebruary 10, 1927Letter from A.M. Jones to Calvin CoolidgeAugust 5, 1927ArticleNovember 15, 1927Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Everett SandersNovember 15, 1927Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Everett SandersNovember 9, 1927Letter from B.F. Yoakum to George DaviesMarch 6, 1928Federal Publication from Mr McNaryMarch 8, 1928Letter from Everett Sanders to W.M. Jardineno dateIndex CardApril 6, 1928Letter from Everett Sanders to W.M. JardineFebruary 23, 1927Press ReleaseMay 4, 1926Index CardApril 28, 1924Letter from Ellis Sones to William D. Boiesno dateLetter from L.W.D. to S.D. ?May 3, 1924Letter from Thomas Bragg to Calvin CoolidgeMay 16, 1924Letter from John W. Summers to C. Bascom SlempOctober 6, 1925Letter from Francis Rawle to Calvin CoolidgeOctober 25, 1925Letter from G. N. Clark to Francis RawleJanuary 30, 1926Letter from Robert N. CarsonFebruary 12, 1927Telegram from W.S. Macgregor to Calvin Coolidgeno dateArticleFebruary 25, 1925Letter from George N. Peek to Calvin CoolidgeMay 15, 1926Letter from James R. Crystal to Calvin CoolidgeJune 17, 1926Letter from Peter Norbeck to Calvin CoolidgeJune 14, 1926Letter from Harry Curtis to Peter NorbeckJune 18, 1926Letter from Calvin Coolidge to Harry CurtisSeptember 28, 1926Letter from AW. Campbell to Calvin CoolidgeJanuary 29, 1927Letter from Elmer T. Peterchild to Calvin CoolidgeFebruary 10, 1927Letter from D.W. Pierce to Calvin CoolidgeFebruary 9, 1927Letter from C.W. Pugsley to Calvin CoolidgeJanuary 25, 1926Letter from Robert N. Carsonno dateMemorandumApril 10, 1928Letter from John D. Clarke to Calvin CoolidgeDecember 18, 1928Letter from Everett Sanders to W.M. JardineDecember 6, 1928Letter from Calvin Coolidge to Julius Klein1928Report from Calvin Coolidgeno dateArticleno dateListMay 22, 1928Memorandum from Julius Klein to Everett Sandersno dateMay 21, 1928Letter from F.M. Rusmarket to E.T. Clarkno dateMemorandum from Andrew W. MellonMay 12, 1928Letter from B.F. Yoakum to John D. ClarkMay 14, 1928Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Everett SandersApril 23, 1928Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Gilbert N. HaugenApril 16, 1928Letter from Franklin W. Ft to Everett SandersApril 6, 1928Federal Publication from Mr ClarkMay 19, 1928Letter from Anattracted W. Mellon to Calvin CoolidgeMay 25, 1928Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Calvin CoolidgeApril 7, 1928TypescriptApril 25, 1928Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Everett SandersApril 23, 1928Letter from B.F. Yoakum to Gilbert N.

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HaugenMay 29, 1928Letter from George M. More to Calvin CoolidgeMay 12, 1928Federal Publicationno dateArticleMay 12, 1928MemorandumApril 11, 1928Federal Publication