We are victims of circumstance. We are commodities of our surroundings. We evolve based on our setting. Any of these phrases ring a bell? Farming up – many type of of us are told that our desires are too huge – that we’re aiming too high, that we simply can’t perform it and also our expectations must be lowered.

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Doubt is a common emotion within every one of us – we doubt our own potential for greatness and our ability to perform great and climb over. We’re in a constant battle with self-concern, doubt, and also confusion – the thoughts that seek to hold us ago and also limit our potential. What issues us and brings upon doubt within us? It’s the idea that we need to be unique in order to be effective. Your potential for greatness is unlimited once you realize that it’s not around being unique, it’s around being the ideal.

The blogging perspective

Think around it as a blogger. Look at me for instance. On Life Without Pants I’ve written around the topics of social media, work/life balance, and individual development – these topics aren’t anything new, we’ve all read differing perspectives on them from everywhere the web. But, what I (hope) I’ve done, and also what I strive for is to be better than other blogs, to present a fresh perspective. It might be somepoint you currently understand a lot around, somepoint you could already have a really strong opinion on. My goal is to take those thoughts and also opinions you’ve currently arisen and aid you mold them right into a more well-rounded, educated idea. Shedding brand-new light and making you think.

The company perspective

Take a look at it from a organization perspective. Think about a local coffee shop that you constant in your residence town. Do you make the pilgrimage tright here eexceptionally morning on your method to work bereason they’ve developed a brand-new coffee bean? No. Odds are, they’re making a much better latte than Starbucks for a couple of cents cheaper. When you go in, the staff is welcoming and accommodating – they recognize you by name, you’re favorite Radiohead CD is playing in the background, there’s a tiny booth in the edge that you love to sit at on the weekends to job-related on homeoccupational. Good coffee + cheaper price + friendly environment = much better experience. You keep going earlier and picking Joe’s Coffee Shop over Starbucks bereason not necessarily bereason they’re unique – however bereason they carry out what they execute much better than the competition.

Conventional wisdom holds that service providers should sell their customers something truly distinctive in order to win their company and loyalty. In fact, successful businesses sell them somepoint simpler but much even more important. – MIT Sloan Management Review

Everything’s been done prior to. Get over it.

You’re limiting yourself by saying ‘It’s already been done before’. Odds are, practically anypoint you can think of, someone has actually thought of already. That brilliant principle you have? Someone’s been tbelow and also done that. How many kind of times have actually had an impressive idea only to uncover there are 10 other world out tbelow already doing the very same thing? Sheight worrying about what others are doing and start concentrating on how to make your idea better than the remainder. Spfinish more time on marketing and also promoting. Go over and past and also really emphasis on connecting via your readers, fans, and/or customers. You may not be innovative in your ‘product’ but you have the right to always have actually an innovative technique.

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When someone opens their Google Reader – offer them a factor to click your blog first. When a business is deciding what consulting firm they should hire – provide them all the factors in the people why they must pick you over a large agency. Being the best isn’t around being ‘new’ – it’s not also about having actually the the majority of endure, it’s around being bold, standing out, rising above the mediocrity, and also going that additional step.

Your status and also riches doesn’t identify your success. Don’t let your circumstance dictate that you are. Have confidence in your capability to carry out impressive points and the sky’s the limit!