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This dark, midnight blue hair on a sleek bob that’s rounded at the earlier and goes blunt forward, giving you a mysterious and sophisticated vibe.

The darkest color of blue works finest on women through really dark hair.

Medium Length Dark Blueberry



This shade of dark blue hair looks amazing when you mix it with your natural black base! The outcome is a muted, subtle blue and also defined on lengthy wavy hair.

Brvery own to Dark Blue Ombre


If you have naturally dark hair then this brvery own to dark blue ombre is simply for you! This whole look is impressive on her hair.

Dark Blue on Brief Hair


Is this shade of blue dark or black? It’s a mix of both! A dark blue color on short hair transforms right into a magnificent bob! This sleek and high fashion blue-black hair is ideal for woguys that have actually the confidence and also elegance to wear it.

Dark Metallic Blue


A deep dark metallic blue is a color combicountry of midnight and navy. I’m obsessed with these marvelous thick waves. Stylist Tessarah tips that patience is an ingredient required to very own this job-related of art, as all great points take time!

Dark Neon Blue


This dark neon blue is a vivid color you’ll love. Get electrical via this chilly mermhelp ocean hair!

Black and also Dark Blue Highlights


Dark blue highlights on black hair provide an amazing look to tussle about.

This shade is a Cobalt Blue and was done using Joico colors of Sapphire Blue.

A beautiful darker blue color really enhances naturally black hair when given a one-size haircut to frame the challenge.

Wash your hair via a color-safe shampoo with cool water. This will certainly help to store the dark blue hair dye from fading.

Dark Sapphire Blue


This dark blue shade is perfect for those via very dark hair.

If you desire to dye your hair dark blue, then wash your hair as little bit as possible.

Dark Navy Blue


These navy dark blue locks have so much motion with the layered haircut.

If you desire to pull off this darker blue hairstyle, then usage a curling iron to produce these beachy waves.

When considering a black hair dye for a blue babsence hair shade favor this, pick a high-top quality coloring product prefer Joico.

Babsence to Blue Ombre


This stunning shade blue is a dark babsence to dark blue ombre.

The black hair shade was applied initially, then the shade blue was adding making use of the balayage strategy to give it the dark blue ends.

Dark Grey and also Blue


A smoessential dark blue balayage deserve to be gorgeous as soon as mixed with grey tones.

The coolest point around it is the dimension from the organic dark locks which comparison through darkened blue hair.

Dark Royal Blue


A dark royal blue all-over hair shade is a fresh hair dye that not eincredibly hairdresser can pull off.

So choose a colorist wisely to view their previous job-related through bold hair colors prefer dark blue hues.

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