A Texas mother is under examination for a video clip that shows her forcing her young son to leave house because he voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at his elementary institution.

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The shocking cellphone video mirrors the mother shooing the sobbing boy out the front door via a suitsituation that she told him she had packed for him.

“Since you voted for Donald Trump, you deserve to acquire your s— and get out,” she says in the video, which has been mutual commonly on social media considering that the woman posted it online. “The suitinstance is packed by the door — been packed given that this morning. Bye.”

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office exterior Houston called the video “disturbing” and “disgusting” and also said in a statement that it was investigating to determine whether the mommy can face criminal charges.

The womale, who has actually not been publicly established by authorities, told detectives the video was intended to be a joke, the sheriff’s department sassist.

“The Fort Bfinish County Sheriff’s Office does not check out this as a joke and we are taking the matter seriously,” the statement shelp.

In the video, the mother is seen handing her kid a sign that reads, “My mommy kicked me out bereason I voted for Donald Trump.” She tells him he’ll have actually to hold the authorize up outside so passersby will understand why he was kicked out of his residence.

“You’ve obtained school tomorrow? You need to have actually thought about that. Bye,” she says. “This is wright here you going to be at from now on.”

When his mommy asks why he voted for Trump during the mock election, the boy claims he has checked out the Republideserve to businessman a lot on TV.

“Well, I hope you find one more TV to view him on — ’cause this is going to be your new house,” she says. “You can’t come ago here. Bye.”

“I can’t believe a mom would go versus her child like that and also put her child with that a lot trauma,” Mike Terry, the neighbor, told the news station.

Nehls, the Fort Bend County sheriff, wrote Saturday on Facebook that he was mindful of the video and also was handling the instance.

“As a parent, I find the video appalling,” he wrote. “As your Sheriff, I have ensured the kid is safe. Detectives visited through him last night. My office, CPS, the DA’s Office, and also FBISD PD are all functioning together to ensure he continues to be safe. This is an active examination so we will certainly not comment additionally on it.”

But, he added: “We all agree the video is absolutely disgusting and also that son need to not have actually been based on such awful behavior by his Mvarious other.”

If authorities discover that the woguy violated any type of legislations, Nehls said Monday, “I will certainly personally arremainder her myself.”

Wesley Wittig, executive assistant district attorney, shelp the case is under investigation through neighborhood legislation enforcement and that no charges have actually been filed through the prosecutor’s office.

Tiffani Butler, a spokeswoguy for the Texas Department of Family and also Protective Services, sassist that the firm is additionally investigating the instance. The boy is safe, she sassist, and is still with his family.

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