WWE Raw begins with a recap of Triple H attacking Romale Reigns last week. Out comes Triple H. He is interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose obstacles Triple H for the WWE Championship. Triple H says he’ll have a response by the finish of the night. He then tells Ambrose he hregarding fight Alberto Del Rio and also the League Of Nations will be at ringside.

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Charlotte comes out to ringside alongside Ric Flair. Becky is out initially. Out comes Sasha following. The crowd is separated for both Divas. They go back and also forth. Sasha Banks goes for a power bomb off the corner. Both Divas go dvery own. The ref counts to 3 as both Divas shoulders are dvery own. The ref claims that all 4 shoulders were dvery own for the pinautumn as an outcome his match is a draw.
The Miz beats Dolph Ziggler with a quick school boy. This rivalry looks to be for who will certainly be the next #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.
Stephanie McMahon is out next looking to accept her award again. The crowd chants for Shane. She says Shane is not below tonight. She cuts her own pipe bomb saying that Shane was never tbelow. That he betrayed his whole family and also that The Undertaker will certainly demolish him at Wrestlemania. She stands tall holding her award.
Sin Cara and also Kalisto are fighting against Rusev and Sheamus. The Lucha Dragons get a lot of offense in the time of this enhance. But the LON are also leading. Del Rio reasons the distraction and Rusev gets the win. Del Rio assaults Kalisto after the enhance.
The Social Outcasts are at ringside. The crowd cheers “Goldberg” for a lot of of the match. Ryback dominates every one of the enhance. He gets the win and walks to the ago instantly.
They recap Kofi Kingston kicking Chris Jericho in the confront last week on Smackdvery own. Jericho says he took one for the team. He wants to come to be Tag Team Champions through AJ Styles. Kofi and also Big E will certainly fight for the New Day. Looks choose they are going via the name “Y2AJ”. The complement goes earlier and also forth. Finally, Jericho puts Kofi in the walls of Jericho and Kofi taps. After the enhance, Y2AJ difficulties the New Day for a tag team championship match next week on RAW.
Vince McMahon comes out the ring following. He says he loves Shane. He loves him sufficient that he will teach him a leskid with his “Instrument of Destruction” The Undertaker. The lights go out and also below comes the Undertaker. The Deadman puts his hands on Vince and tells him “The blood of his son will certainly be on Vince’s hands, not on his”. Undertaker leaves the ring. Vince ends the segment by saying that after Wrestlemania, Shane will certainly no longer be his boy in his heart.
Jimmy Uso and Devon are both ringside. Devon pulls out a table and also distracts Jey. Jimmy tries to help his brvarious other yet Devon hits him through the table. Bubba Ray hits The Bubba Bomb and gets the victory.
Goldust and also R-Truth segment. Goldust is still trying to convince Truth to be his tag team partner. Truth ain’t having actually it. He tells Goldust he’s worn down of him and is done. Goldust walks off sad.
Big Sjust how gets many offense in this complement. Kevin Owens goes to the top rope. Big mirrors recovers and also tries to go for a chokeslam. He then throws Owens to the ropes. Owens lands on the optimal rope and also falls to the outside of the ring. He can’t recover and also loses using count out.
Brie Bella gets interviewed by Rene Young. She gets asked about Daniel Bryan and Nikki. She claims they’re both doing good. Continues however gets interrupted by Lana. She cuts a promo saying her marriage will end unprefer hers through Rusev. Brie gets the last word and walks away.
The enhance goes ago and forth. Tamina interferes a lot. Finally Naomi provides Brie tap. Lana comes out and also stands in the entrance means. Stares Brie dvery own as we go to commercial break.
Sasha and Becky argue in the earlier as to who won the complement previously. Charlotte claims they gain an additional possibility this Thursday on Smackdown. The Winner encounters Charlotte at Wrestlemania for the Divas Championship.

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The Organization Of Nations are at ringside. Del Rio controls a lot of of the match. Ambclimbed is still hurt from the beatdown from Brock Lesnar last week. Del Rio beats up Dean on the outside of the ring. Ambincreased ultimately renders a comeago and takes out the totality Organization of Nations. Triple H music hits and out comes the champ. He walks toward the ring and also distracts Ambclimbed. The LON strike Dean aacquire. Triple H shakes their hand as they leave the ring. Triple H tells Dean he will never before beat The Authority. Ambclimbed slaps him and also Triple H counters through a pedigree. He tells Ambrose he’s got his Championship match and leaves. Ambincreased mocks The Champ by saying Thanks. Triple H retransforms to the ring and beats Ambrose up. He tosses him to the exterior and also proceeds to assault Ambclimbed some even more. Officials are out and also try to speak The Champ. Triple H finally stops and also heads to the ago as the show ends.

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